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WATCH: Climate Change Loons Storm Field During Congressional Baseball Game

Meme screenshot

The climate change loons are spoilsports. They delight in destroying artwork, disrupting events, and creating havoc in the name of bringing 'awareness' to climate change.


But what they're really doing is what all communists do -- tearing down the beauty and good things others created, because they themselves cannot create.

Nearly six years after the shooting of Congressional reps during practice for the Congressional baseball game, you'd also think they'd think twice about storming this particular field.

Guess not.



Not normal at all.

The woke always eat their own. Always.

Because they're commies and disruption and destruction is all they've got.


They'll never face consequences for this. NEVER.

Or the phones and laptops they used to organize this little soirée.


Exactly what we said.

Nailed it.

'Republicans pounce' will be the headlines.


They'll be let go and charges dropped by the weekend.

We did. Yikes.


They solved the problem.



We hope they face consequences, but we're doubtful they will.

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