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California Department of Corrections Forces Female Guards to Strip 'Trans-Identified Males' or Be Fired


Gavin Newsom likes to talk about how he's pro-woman. He even released a comically bad commercial about abortion, claiming red states would force women to take pregnancy tests at the state line to stop them procuring abortions elsewhere. It's laughable, but what's happening at the California Department of Corrections under his watch is not funny.


At all.

Let's go through this thread:

There was a time when being pressured to frisk a male was considered sexual harassment in the workplace.

What's changed?

They're not women simply because they say so.

No more than this writer is a unicorn simply if she says so.


This is so wrong.

It's incredible how the established rules -- in this case, that a female guard strip searching a male inmate was considered 'rape' -- have now changed on a dime.

No difference.

He's still a man.


Then the Left can whine about how there are too many men working as prison guards.

Just incredibly sad, sick stuff, and the state of California is mandating it. Mandating the abuse and trauma of female employees for the sake of delusional men who think they're women.



They're nothing if not good little Maoists.

Just a hunch.

And this leads to nothing good down the road.

Nevermind the gutting of Title IX.

Women are now second class citizens, thanks to the Democratic party.

The Left used to scream about the patriarchy; now they've codified it at the state and federal level.


There aren't nearly enough lawsuits filed to address this.

Nothing at all.

And it's only going to get worse, unless things change.


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