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Bill Kristol Gets Jump on 2024 Election Denial, Says If Trump Wins It's Putin's 'Geostrategic Coup'

Townhall Media

Bill Kristol is ridiculous. We remember when he used to be a serious conservative thinker, until he let Trump break his brain. For all Kristol's bloviating about democracy, he sure seems opposed to people voting in ways he might not like.


Wowza, Bill.

He's quoting a Bulwark article that only briefly mentions Trump and Putin, but that's what Bill focuses on.

Because Orange Man Bad. Or something.


We remember that.

Because Trump is Putin's puppet. Or something.

It'll be the democracy Bill loves so much.


That's all they've got right now.

That's exactly what he's saying.

If Bill told us the sky was blue, we'd go look for ourselves.

Everything old is new again.



A very good point.

Yep. We thought election denial was a bad thing.

And the economy, the open borders, rising crime.

It's the only card they've got left to play.

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