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When They Tell You Who They Are, Believe Them: Harvard Lefty Loons Replace U.S. Flag With Palestinian One

AP Photo/David Goldman

We all know what the goal(s) of the nationwide campus 'protests' (we use the quotes because those aren't protests -- riots, trespassing, mobs, but not protests) are, and it has less to do with ending war and 'genocide' and everything to do with hating Jews and the United States.


The 'protesters' are a bunch of rich, spoiled left-wing bullies who despise the country that has made them rich and spoiled. And there isn't an anti-American or antisemitic cause for which they won't jump on the bandwagon.

But when they do stuff like this, it tells us everything we need to know:

These college students will be tomorrow's politicians and lawyers. This should terrify you.

They have no idea what Palestine and Hamas would actually do to them.

Yeah, it should scare all of us.

Harvard has no shame.

And live stream it.

But they'll gladly take our money to pay off their student loans.


We all know why.

Haven't been for a long time.


That's precisely what they mean.

That's a good start.

Yes. This is the fruit, and it is rotten to the core.

It's evil.

Too bad.


If they are, heaven help us all.

Because we were told we couldn't hurt anyone's feelings.

Solid advice.

There's also this little video from George Washington University

'Socialist reconstruction.'

When they tell you who they are, believe them.


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