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WATCH: Mike Huckabee Sums Up Just HOW BAD Bidenomics Is for the Average Family

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

No matter how much gaslighting the Biden administration and the fawning media do about the economy, the reality Americans face doesn't change. So when guys like Jonathan Chait and Paul Krugman say everything is fine, it smacks of arrogance and privilege. For guys like them -- insular, coddled, rich -- maybe Bidenomics is working.


For normal Americans? Well, watch Mike Huckabee put things into perspective:

Build back better!

Best economy ever, Jack!

Pardon us while we go vomit.

Just brutal.

Elections have major consequences.

It's an election year, so they've got to lie. Gotta win those votes.

21% might be low, actually.

When you massage the numbers and ignore things like food, housing, and gas you can lie about inflation like this.

Imagine where we'll be in four more years if he wins again.



And on illegal immigrants and giving it away in student loan forgiveness.

Can't you just feel how much better things are?

Families with budgets are struggling.

Yep. We're all paying for it. Through the nose.

And then things get really interesting.

We all know it's not 3.5% like they keep telling us.


It'll keep going up until spending stops.

Fair enough. But Biden is the president now. His administration lies about this and is doing nothing to address it. 

They always put Americans last.

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