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'Nixon Singularity': Bizarre Presidential Racism Chart Gets All the Mockery It Deserves

This chart of 'presidential racism' is making the rounds on Twitter/X, and it's a real head-scratcher that's got everyone talking. And it might fit the definition of 'engagement farming' that'll get you suspended, but let's have fun with it while we can.


It's a sight to behold. Abraham Lincoln -- white supremacist and anti-racist.

And it's apparently from Wikipedia, which explains:

Professors Hanes Walton Jr. and Robert Smith conducted a poll in 2002 for their book American Politics and the African American Quest for Universal Freedom, where 44 African-American political scientists and historians ranked presidents for their personal and institutional racism against their policies to counter racial subordination. The polls have been updated for subsequent editions of the book. The results (through Donald Trump) were as follows. "White supremacist" refers to personal belief; the other categories refer to policy.

Ah. There's the rub. 'White supremacist' is a personal belief, but the rest are policy. Only professors would come up with such nonsense.



Again, professors.

LBJ was about as anti-racist as this writer is the Queen of England.

Only in one's imagination.

Don't ask them to make sense of this.

It's like they've never opened a history book.

But they were apparently the right kind of racist. Or something.

Laughed out loud.

Aside: 'Nixon Singularity' would also make a great band name.

Dude is putting it mildly.

Guess they forgot that little historical fact.


It's hysterical.

It's adorable they think this.


A bold strategy.



Love it.


Thanos would approve. Perfectly balanced.

Coolidge. This writer's favorite President.

Yes it is. 

Good time to remind you all that the new CEO of NPR used to work for Wikipedia, where she admitted to re-writing history because it 'favored' white people too much. She'd probably approve of this chart.

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