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Google Employee and Hamas Rape Apologist Fired After Protests Whines 'McCarthyism Is Alive and Well'

Yesterday, we told you about Google employees who were forcibly removed from Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian's office after staging a 'protest' demanding the company end business with Israel.


One of those employees had an interesting take on Israeli women who said they were raped by the terrorists (and the many witnesses who said the same):

Just so we're clear, she's equated the Israeli victims of Hamas to the accuser of Emmitt Till.

Also, check out what her degree is in:

Our irony meters just broke.

She also works on the Google child safety team.

Well, worked.

She was one of several employees fired following the protests.


You hate to see it. But more than that, you love to see it.

Twitter/X users were united in the solidarity of mocking her without mercy.

Yes, it is.

As of writing this, she hasn't.

An excellent option.

Only she would be shocked by this.

She'll have lots of time to do that now.

Well, see, she thinks October 7th was a bunch of people lying, so in her world it's perfectly normal.

Emphasis on was.


Not really, though.

A very good decision.

It's not.

On one hand, she's probably shocked because the Left has faced almost no consequences for their actions for a very, very long time. They can protest, riot, vandalize, harass, and bully and they don't get as much as a slap on the wrist. So to get fired for her behavior (which was the correct response) is probably not the outcome she expected.

That being said, remember the Left have zero qualms about getting you fired for things you say and do outside of work. While they protest during their work hours, and then say any disciplinary action is 'McCarthyism'. It's not, and we all know this. Long past time for the Left to live by the rules they force on everyone else.

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