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Infanticide: The Musical! Cringe Reproductive Rights Song Shows the Left Are Abortion Extremists

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

First, I want to apologize on behalf of your ears and good taste. But if had to listen to this garbage, then so do you.


The 'new national anthem'? Puh-leeze. This song is a joke, and so is anyone who takes it seriously.

Fine, you don't want to be a mom. I get it. Probably the best choice, really, given your behavior in this song. 

But I digress.

She does have a right to choose -- a right to choose who she has sex with, and what kinds of birth control she uses. That is her choice and she's free to do as she pleases.

Her right to 'choose' stops when there's a baby involved.

True? If this is 'true', we have very different definitions of the word.

'Soon birth control will be a crime'? That's a lie. A lie the Left loves to repeat. Frequently.

No one is banning birth control, except in whatever collective fever dream the Left is engaging in today.

As I wrote earlier, this is the reality we face in a post-Roe America. The Left has no problem painting the Right as extremists, while the Left are the actual extremists.

I argued in that previous piece, and I want to reiterate and reinforce that here: the work of ending abortion after the Dobbs ruling is the tough part. It took us 40-plus years to overturn Roe, and it may take us that long -- if not longer -- to win over hearts and minds. That is the only way to end abortion permanently.

I oppose abortion for all reasons, including incest and rape. We don't execute rapists or those guilty of incest, but we will sacrifice their unborn children for the crimes of their fathers? It makes zero moral and ethical sense. 

But -- and this is not an either-or proposition, but a yes-and proposition -- until we are in a position to and have persuaded people to think the same way I do on abortion in cases of rape and incest, we have to realize those exceptions are politically popular. They are still morally wrong, but here's the rub: I'd rather we save the lives of as many babies as possible (which we'd do with laws concerning rape and incest exceptions) than try to get everything we want right now, and lose. Because losing means the Democrats get to set abortion policy -- and it will be for any reason, at any time throughout pregnancy.

I know which one is preferable to me, even if not ideal. Take the win today, and resume the fight tomorrow.

The Left are the extremists on abortion, and the Right does a terrible job articulating that, and an even worse job taking wins where we can get them now in order to make gains in the future.

It's easy to mock women who make cringe songs about abortion on TikTok. It's literally what I'm doing. But they do it because it works. They lie because it works. Even the Vice President lies about abortion -- dangerous lies about miscarriage that will actually harm women. Because it works.

The only way we counter that is by telling the truth, and by not infighting about abortion, not taking our ball and going home because we can't get total bans on abortion right now. Total abortion bans are the end goal, not the current battle. 

And it's imperative to win the current battle before you try to claim victory in the war.


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