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WaPo laments 'misinformation' shaping how the world views Israel, Hamas

Journalism meme

Poor, poor WaPo. Today, they're lamenting how 'misinformation' is changing how the world is viewing the war in Israel.


They write:

Across the country, Israelis raced to the banks and to the grocery stores, anticipating another attack. But the message, the army clarified hours later on X, turned out to be a falsehood.

One week into the war between Israel and Gaza, social media is inducing a fog of war surpassing previous clashes in the region — one that’s shaping how panicked citizens and a global public view the conflict.

Social media has long played a critical role in battles in the area. During the 11-day war between Israel and Hamas in 2021, posts of carnage in Gaza rallied the public to the Palestinian cause. Researchers say increased internet access and the spread of smartphones enabled a watershed moment, revealing how tech platforms could show the horror and human toll of such events.


It's social media that's the problem here.

If only WaPo was in a position to share other news relevant to the war in Israel. Maybe they could help counter the misinformation on social media.

There's nothing they can do, apparently.


WaPo has been one of the biggest spreaders of misinformation we've ever seen.

Less than a week ago, they were posting things like this:


Let's look at some of the other stuff WaPo has said:


Twitter/X was having none of their nonsense:

Yes they do. See above.

Hamas. As a credible source.

Exactly. Citizen journalists are the future, even Elon Musk said so.

Yes it does.

And start by avoiding WaPo.


Fixed it.

A never-ending deluge of misinformation.

Yes. It helps shed light on things the media would rather you not see.

But 'democracy dies in darkness' or something.

We're glad we're not the only ones who see what WaPo is up to here.

85% seems low. We are all mentally tired.


But some people agree 'misinformation' is the problem.


Yeah, no. That's not happening. Because it's places like WaPo who would do the scrutinizing.

All the media has to do is report the facts: plainly, clearly, without bias. That's literally their job. Instead, they carry water for Biden, or Hamas, or whatever leftwing cause du jour they need to push. And then they wonder why people turn to social media and citizen journalists for info.

'Misinformation' isn't the problem here. Media malfeasance is.


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