Framingham, MA Democratic Committee Chair Michael Hugo expressed his concern that accessibility to crisis pregnancy centers could lead to the misdiagnosis of birth defects, which will cause a “strain” on the school system:

From the Fox News article:

Michael Hugo, the chair of the Framingham Democratic Committee, made the remarks during a city council meeting when discussing a proclamation about access to abortion and crisis pregnancy centers in the city. He said crisis pregnancy centers could misdiagnose a defect in a baby in the womb, leading to them being born and becoming a strain on a school budget. He issued a public apology after 10 days of backlash from members of his own party and parents of special needs children.

“I saw what Michael had said as a personal attack against my own children,” said Sheryl Goldstein, the chair of the Framingham Disabilities Commission. “That my children who had special needs were not worth the expense in the school system.”

More from the article:

“Our fear is that if an unqualified sonographer misdiagnoses a heart defect, an organ defect, spina bifida or an encephalopathic defect that becomes a very local issue because our school budget will have to absorb the cost of a child in special education, supplying lots and lots of special services to children, who were born with the defect,” Hugo said at the Feb. 7 meeting.

“Absorb the cost of a child in special education”.

Aren’t Democrats the party of love and inclusion? Inclusion? Tolerance? Champions of the downtrodden and the marginalized? Apparently, that only applies when those groups aren’t a so-called burden to the public school system that they constantly tout as such a sacred institution.

Here he is, saying it right out loud:

Oops, indeed.

This peek behind the mask should horrify everyone, no matter their political affiliation.



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