Failed presidential candidate and long-time senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders has a book coming out, and he wants you to spend your money on it to learn about why capitalism is bad:

The unmitigated hypocrisy of a man who owns three houses (that we know of) talking about being angry at the economic system he’s benefiting from was not lost on people:

Spoiler alert: you don’t. Those houses aren’t going to pay for themselves!

Thirty bucks? You could get almost three dozen eggs for that price!

Oh look, it’s on sale already! And yes, if you can’t laugh at the utter absurdity of a man who claims to be anti-capitalist while he’s shilling his book, then you are indeed probably beyond help. We already can’t wait for the Amazon reviews.

CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan actually asked Bernie if he was benefiting from capitalism while benefiting from it and the answer was classic Bernie:

Meh, what can you do, right?

The icing on this hypocritical cake? As of this writing, here’s the header image on Bernie’s Twitter account:

What struggle would that be, Bernie?


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