In a Daily Mail exclusive, former President Donald Trump pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth ll:

From the Daily Mail:

As monarch, Her Majesty the Queen was the personal embodiment of nearly a century of British history.

Every Prime Minister from Winston Churchill onward served under her.

When I asked her who was her favorite, she told me she liked them all.


She saw her country through the Blitz of London, the Cold War, the Falklands conflict, the coal miners’ strikes, Brexit, COVID, and so much more.

No matter what challenges came, she was always there for her people—resolute and unflappable, stabilizing and reassuring by her very presence.

In the face of all adversity, she embodied the uniquely British attribute of a firm and quiet resolve.

The qualities that served Queen Elizabeth so well as monarch also endeared her to the hearts of countless people all over the world.

The entire piece is well worth a read, as the former President shares his personal insights into the Queen’s extraordinary life and character.

It truly was lovely and heartfelt.

“God bless the Queen. God bless her family. God bless the United Kingdom.”