The hashtag #BoycottCNN is trending on Twitter as their previously loyal viewers complain that the network is turning into right-wing propaganda.

Yes, you read that correctly.

CNN, per some viewers, is now right-wing propaganda.

We’re sorry this is happening to you, Jon.

But hey, CNN’s loss is MSNBC’s gain!

A former CNN staffer weighed in as well:

Horrifying seems like a rather strong word to describe the “new editorial direction” of a media outlet that still employs notorious conservative Jake Tapper, but then again, we stopped taking any of the major “news” networks seriously a long time ago, and we’re certainly not as emotionally invested in any of them as the #BoycottCNN folks seem to be.

Speaking of Tapper, he certainly caught his share of grief for … pushing the MAGA agenda?


We’re not sure which Jake Tapper and Don Lemon this tweeter has been watching but we’re pretty sure it’s not the same ones we’re familiar with.

The peace sign is a nice touch.


There it is.


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