Christina Pushaw has a message for liberal journalists whining about not being invited to this weekends Sunshine Summit:

It all started on Thursday when it came to Pushaw’s attention that some folks were less than happy about being denied credentials to cover the convention.

“And write the same hit piece you were gonna write anyway” is perfection,  because it’s true. With access or without, there’s no way any of the liberal media outlets would cover this event in anything other than an unfavorable light.

Case in point:

Yes they are and yes it is a different event and unless we’re confused about how inside versus outside works, even people without credentials can cover things happening outside a venue. Not to mention that every movement has it’s fringes so Bennett is actually proving Pushaw’s point here by pointing out what the liberal media will focus on. Nice try, though!

As always, Pushaw had fun with it:

We’re laughing too. They just seriously don’t get it.

But Pushaw does:

She knows the liberal media are only there to misrepresent, so there’s no point in letting them attend. Why let the enemy through the gates when they’ve been so blatantly clear about their intentions?

Well done Florida GOP and well done Christina Pushaw.

As for the liberal media? They can go pound sand.