If it’s a day ending in ‘y’, you can be sure Bette Midler has something absolutely nonsensical to say. Throw in a cause that’s near and dear to lefty hearts and she’ll amp up the crazy even more.

We’re not entirely sure why she chose to phrase it this way. Of course we get her point but the wording seems a bit ominous.

We’re also not entirely sure where this idea that overturning Roe vs. Wade would lead to a ban on gay marriage came from, but it seems to stem from the separately written opinion of Justice Clarence Thomas.

From the article:

Make of all that what you will—but don’t fall for the widespread panic porn about how this decision means other rights, like the Obergefell v. Hodges case enshrining gay marriage nationwide, are on the chopping block next.

It is true that one justice, Clarence Thomas, specifically calls for the legal basis of Obergefell to be revisited. It’s complicated, but it seems likely that Thomas would probably support overturning gay marriage.

But Thomas is alone in this call, not joined by any of the other justices. In fact, several others are quick to distance themselves from this rhetoric.

Now, we know Bette isn’t actually going to take the time to read this analysis, but if she genuinely believes the court will try to overturn gay marriage it would help alleviate her fears. What fun would that be, though?

Naturally her tweet received a ton of support but there was also some push back on the tone of the tweet itself.

Honestly, it does sound like a bit of a threat.

Phrasing, Miss M.