Some people still feel the need to mask up in an effort to avoid catching COVID, and that’s okay. As conservatives have said over and over, it’s important to respect people’s individual health choices when it comes to the virus.

And then there’s whatever is going on here:

Unnecessarily confrontational tone aside, we’re curious as to why Stephanie is even daring to venture forth if she feels this unsafe. To be honest we thought this was a joke at first but nope, she appears to be quite serious.

She tweeted the same pic with a different caption in response to a tweeter who was wondering if anyone else is still masking:

You sure about that?

We were wondering the same thing.

Again, it’s fine to do whatever you feel you need to do to protect yourself and the more vulnerable among us. Maybe slow your roll on the virtue signalling, though?

Ha, we hadn’t seen that one before but are definitely filing it away for future use.

We’re not sure what Stephanie hoped to accomplish with her insinuation that it’s the people who are done with the masks who are the crazy ones, but we are sure of this:

Well said. We couldn’t agree more.