Some things have to be seen to be believed, and this campaign ad by Rebecca Parson, congressional candidate for WA-06, is one of them.

We’re not sure where to start with this. Is it the over-the-top dialogue? The dramatic lighting? The working electricity in a foreclosed house? The fact that this person keeps bolt cutters in their car?

That’s all interesting for sure, but actually it’s probably the unabashed call for breaking-and-entering that’s the real issue here.

That’s … quite the platform.

Yes. And yes.

People are naturally curious as to how such a policy would work.

These are good questions. We wouldn’t hold our breaths waiting on the answers, though.

Some have suggested possible alternatives to this “solution”.

It is funny how politicians who suggest these things don’t exactly seem to be too eager to invite strangers to live in their own homes.

There’s a word for people who believe they have the right to property that other people have worked hard for.

Ah, yes, that’s the one!

Why is it that progressives think that every problem can be fixed by throwing “free” stuff at it? Has this ever worked?

There is a light at the end of this particularly odd tunnel:

Good news indeed.