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Matt Walsh Reveals More of the Nashville Transgender Shooter’s ‘Manifesto’ (LANGUAGE WARNING)


The other day, we talked about how the Daily Mail had gotten a copy of at least some Audrey Hale’s (a.k.a. the Nashville Transgender Shooter) so called manifesto. And, today, Matt Walsh has more of it.


Except before we dig in, we think we have to correct the record. What this actually seems to be is writings in a diary, as opposed to a well-thought-out document that tells you specifically why she did this. Such a document can give you a strong idea why she did it, it’s not the same thing as a document that says “this is why I am going to shoot up this school.”

Also, this all comes with a LANGUAGE WARNING. Besides using a lot of curse words, she also talks about doing some things that are not safe for work. 

With stuffed animals. 

For hours.

So … totally normal stuff.

But with that aside, here’s the thread where Walsh revealed what he had:

We have seen a lot of people on the left try to argue that “animals do X, therefore there is nothing wrong with humans doing X” as a form of logic. Reasoning from animal behavior seems like the opposite of good morality. For instance, many animals will eat their young. Does it follow that it is right for humans to eat their young?

Then again, maybe we don’t want to hear a leftist’s answer to that question.


The bit about giving her stuffed dolls fake genitals recalls this bit from the Daily Mail’s article about parts of these writings:

Tony was her 'stuffed boy doll' which she wrote 'is like the boy I am in another form.'

She simulated intercourse between Tony and another soft toy over the course of hours, she wrote.

She even took photos of the scene and lost track of time.

'God, I am such a pervert.' Hale wrote, 'I waste too much time in my fantasies.'

Honestly, how does a person spend hours doing this sort of thing? And this is a 28-year-old woman.


The active investigations line seems particularly lame. Hey, FBI, we think we know who did the shooting!


Of course, these documents strongly suggest that she was motivated by transgender ideology/hatred of Christianity. But for the left, that will only confirm how correct transgender ideology is. They will say this person is so oppressed by our intolerance that it drove them to murder. Expect statements such as 'sure, what she did was wrong, but...' When the left agrees with a cause, anything is justified, even the murder of children.

But bluntly, if somehow Hale had survived the shooting, we think it would be appropriate to charge her with having committed hate crime. At this point, it is almost impossible to see this shooting as anything other than that.

Finally, it is past time for all of the documents to be revealed. We won’t say that there is no possibility of a valid redaction, but they should be few and far between, and each redaction should be justified in writing, each time, and in detail.


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