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WATCH the Video That the House the Sergeant at Arms Wants to Fine Rep. Massie for Sharing


You might remember the other day how, when they passed a nearly $100 billion spending package on the security of many counties other than America, that we reported that many Congresscritters were flying Ukrainian flags. One person sharing video of that event was Rep. Thomas Massie:


This author isn’t inherently offended by someone flying the flag of another country. We could imagine some Americans (including Congresspersons) waiving British flags during World War II as a sign of friendship and solidarity even before we entered the war, and many friends have been flying the Israeli flag, particularly since October 7, 2023.

But this author has yet to hear someone rationally explain why we should care so much about Ukraine. It is no longer a republic versus a dictatorship, as it was at the start of the war. It has devolved into deciding which dictator rules Ukraine: Putin or Zelenskyy. We find it hard to care about that question. We suppose we prefer Zelenskyy but not enough to go further into debt over it. Many say this will weaken Putin, as if our bigger problem isn’t China. Putin isn’t trying to tell us what movies we can watch, but China is and they are taking other steps to actively subvert our Republic. And don't even get us started when they unleashed a plague that screwed up most of the world. All things being equal, we would rather ally with Putin against China, rather than drive Putin into China’s arms.

But whatever you think of the display, We the People have a right to see it and evaluate it for ourselves, right? The people who vote for these people have a right to decide if this is appropriate behavior for a Congresscritter and vote according to their views.


However, Massie posted that the House Sergeant at Arms threatened to fine Massie for informing the American people of the display they put on:

Elon Musk had a good question:

Massie answered:

The cut off text reads:

There is a fine in the rules for taking pictures/videos on the House floor, but they don’t know if I taped this, and democrats post from the floor frequently (example attached).

I believe to be fined, they have to serve you notice on the floor while it’s happening (that’s how I was fined for not wearing a mask).

Seems a bit creepy that the Sergeant at Arms would be on my X account three days later looking for an infraction. And how would deleting the video undo my alleged infraction of filming on the House floor? (It wouldn’t)

The uniparty is big mad at me for exposing them on several votes and for asking the Speaker to resign. The Speaker, his staff, or one of his allies in our conference is probably directing the Sergeant at Arms to do this.


Speaker Johnson, perhaps sensing the coming of a Streisand Effect, apparently responded and backed down:

Massie took notice.

In any case, it is good they backed off, because it could have been awkward:

We admit his profile pic, with Robocop given Trump’s signature scowl and hairdo is pretty funny.

The cut off text reads:

I've already downloaded it for posterity - so no worries, no regrets - and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We were tempted to download it ourselves, but the feature seemed to have been turned off.

Still, this is not something you can stop once it is out. All you do is call more attention to the thing you are attempting to suppress. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, the genie back in the bottle, or whatever metaphor you want to use.


Exactly. This is supposed to be our government. Our House.

The cut off text reads:

Covering for Dems.

Punishing Republicans.

Not what I expected from the GOP majority.

While we have argued that we really need to stop Biden (or just about any Democrat who might be nominated in his place), the Republicans need to make a case that voting for them matters. They can't just take conservative voters for granted.


It would be a total shame. It’s good that Johnson backed down, but we need to get rid of this concept that our Congresspersons have less freedom of expression in Congress than other Americans.

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