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Stephen Miller (the other one) drags Phillip Bump like only he can and ROFL

Yesterday, we told you about how Philip Bump wrote an absolutely shameful piece in the Washington Post attempting to shield the Chinese Communist Party from criticism. Just look at this thing:


Sure, the Chinese Communists have been responsible for the murder of millions of Chinese people. They are tyrants who routinely suppress basic human rights. They have forced women to have abortions, which should anger both pro-lifers (because it is abortion) and pro-choicers (because it is force), but mostly only the pro-lifers are principled enough to be angry about it. They are currently running a concentration camp for Uighurs.

They use their economic muscle to terrorize our country’s filmmakers into self-censorship.

Not to mention that whole Wuhan Flu thing:

What’s not to like?

It’s honestly so gross that you have to wonder what Bump’s actual agenda is. Make no mistake. Praising or even defending the Chinese Communists should be seen as being exactly as horrible as giving a nazi a standing ovation in the Canadian Parliament. What is so broken here that Bump is willing to do it? Is it maybe that Jeff Bezos wants to make nice with China to help his Amazon business in that country? Or does Bump actually like socialism or communism and therefore is sympathetic to the regime—maybe even blind or indifferent to its excesses? We are at a loss how anyone can pretend China is not an evil empire, at least as dangerous as the Soviet Union was in its heyday.


But Stephen Miller has a theory. Not the Stephen Miller who served in the Trump administration. The other one who is actually entertaining to follow on Twitter. You know, @redsteeze. And we’re going to put a huge language warning on the rest of this post for a lot of f-bombs, but he made a really funny discovery last night:

That's right his wife's first name is China (we are censoring her last name).

Now, we are going to stop for a moment and say that we don’t condone any attacks on Bump’s wife. As far as we know, she stays out of the limelight. We don’t know her and we have nothing bad to say about her. We are always very reluctant to criticize the families of political/media figures if we can avoid it. We don’t interpret any of the jokes in this piece as being any knock on her. Indeed, we interpret all of these as just jokes. We don’t think any of these people really think Bump’s slavish column defending the butchers of the Chinese Communist Party had anything to do with his wife being named China. But it is a hilarious coincidence, and Miller and his fans have a lot of fun with it.

Indeed, there’s no good reason to think she is ethnically Chinese—in case you are wondering if Bump feels some kind of affection for Chinese people in general. Ideally, we should love all ethnicities and races equally, but not everyone lives up to that ideal. We have censored her last name out of the picture of Miller's post, but a little quick Googling tells us that her last name is Indian. And of course, first names are terrible indicators of heritage. India Arie is not from India. The band Asia was filled with white guys. Chyna the wrestler is reportedly of European descent. And Blac Chyna is actually black but not actually Chinese, according to reports. Frankly, we tend to think most people don’t name their children after their ethnic group and/or familial nation of origin.


Still, if we can be completely unserious for a moment, we can still have fun with this coincidence:

Everything is problematic.

We have literally burst out laughing several times writing this piece.

Yeah, that part was weird, too.


And to get serious again:

And there is this, too:

Maybe that is the agenda. Maybe Bump is such a partisan hack he will side with Chinese butchers to defend Joe Biden. But ‘defending mass murderers to own the Cons’ isn’t really a good look any more than ‘praising an actual Nazi to own the Russians’ was in Canada. We keep going back to that metaphor, because we think maybe it was born out of a similar impulse to believe that the enemy of your enemy is automatically your friend. They praised a Nazi in Canada because he fought the Russians, too! Maybe Bump defends the Chinese Communists because the Republicans hate them and he’s worked himself up into thinking that anything the Republicans hate must be good.

We have said before that we think the truth is the Democrats have, at least in private, decided that in 2024 we should ‘vote for the crook. It’s important.’ They have worked themselves up into thinking that Donald Trump is such a danger to the Republic that they believe it is better to vote for the crook (Biden).


But if that is their motivation, can they at least level with us about it? Can’t they just say something like

Yeah, look … we can see what you are talking about with the impeachment inquiry. It’s not 100% proven but every sophisticated person knows the score and knows Biden was on the take. They’d pay Hunter, Joe would get a percentage, and then Joe would do them favors. But Biden is the best chance to beat Trump in 2024 we have right now, and we are willing to vote for a demented, corrupt racist if it will keep Trump out of the White House, because we think he is a threat to the Republic and here’s why.

Let’s have that debate. Let’s talk about whether Trump is a threat to the Republic. And as we have explained before, Democrats pose their own threat to the Republic and it is much greater than Trump. Even if you believe Trump is dangerous, he is one guy, compared to the threat posed by the entire leadership of the Democratic Party.

But instead, people like Bump don’t want to talk about that. Some people say that the Washington Post’s slogan ‘Democracy dies in darkness’ is a warning. But these days it seems more like how-to advice.


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