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Governor Grisham's anti-gun order has one fan ... but we don’t think she will appreciate the support

Are we the baddies meme

It has been a strange couple of days. Last night, Governor Michelle Grisham of New Mexico issued a pretty flagrantly unconstitutional order suspending the entirety of the right to bear arms in public in two New Mexican cities for thirty days. We expected the usual suspects to cheer and claim that this is totally in line with the Second Amendment, and then Ted Lieu and David Hogg … came out against it? Are we reading this right?!


Even the Bad Constitutional Takes account was confused:

We are all confused.

But now we find out that actual Nazi Richard Spencer supports Governor Grisham:

The rest of the message says:

Of course, the second-amendment people have no desire to actually solve or engage with a social problem. They would prefer to live in a dysfunctional, chaotic society so long as their ‘God-given rights’ aren’t infringed upon. 

Or so they say… The Governor is *not* infringing upon law-abiding citizens’ right to defend their homes. She’s infringing on criminals’ ‘right’ to terrorize communities.

Do we have to explain all the ways he is going wrong?

First, putting aside the typo, notice he thinks ‘flagrantly carrying’ a gun is bad. It isn’t. While we support concealed carry, we think that people should be allowed to open carry as well—as long as they can otherwise legally carry. Different people in different situations might prefer to do either one. For instance, a person who has no specific concern for violence might prefer to let any potential criminals wonder if he is armed, so that the deterrence has a maximum effect and a criminal wouldn’t know who to attack first. On the other hand, a woman concerned that she might be attacked by a specific man who has been stalking her might want to open carry so that this specific man might be deterred by the sight of her carrying a gun.


Second, he claims ‘the second-amendment people have no desire to actually solve or engage with a social problem.’ But, of course we do. You don’t get control of crime by disarming law-abiding citizens. You get control of crime by actually enforcing the criminal law—and allowing law-abiding citizens to be armed actually discourages criminal conduct. That is the solution to the social problem, not making it harder for good people to defend themselves.

Third, he argues that we will still be allowed to defend our homes. Now, maybe Mr. Spencer largely lives in a parents’ basement—we wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case—but the rest of us have jobs we need to get to, so we are going to need to protect ourselves in public, not just at home. That’s why the Constitution not only protects the right to keep arms, but the right to bear arms.

Needless to say, Spencer got dragged:

Scanning for sarcasm …  sarcasm detected … 


We guess we stand with David Hogg and Ted Lieu?

Good lord, that feels weird to say.

To be fair, about a hundred and fifty years ago, Democrats believed in disarming all minorities. Since then, they have evolved to believing we should disarm everyone. Progress!!!

He’s just invoking that older tradition.

To be fair, most of what he says is an L for him. But this time it is also an L for Governor Grisham. 

A number of people have been accusing him of being a Federal agent, but we are skeptical. Would a federal agent pretending to be a Nazi endorse Joe Biden? Yes, Spencer did this.


And we don't believe an undercover Federal agent would actually harm Biden this way. But we are open to being proven wrong.

We didn’t know he was on Twitter. And we don’t want him to leave. Let’s all see what a dummy he is for ourselves in real time. He's one of the best arguments against his own ideology.

Maybe because he isn’t a voice a reason? We suppose sooner or later he might say something that isn't wrong, like "puppies are cute." But we tend to think that is the exception, rather than the rule.


Well, he is a national socialist, after all.


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