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Is there a Twitter purge in progress? Dom Lucre and others suspended

For the last week or so we have seen one inexplicable suspension after another, and, we admit our sample is biased, but they always seem to be conservatives.

For instance, @ProjectVirginia, which is a major political account here in Virginia was suspended with no explanation. We have reached out to them and this is what they wrote:


Here's their excuse. An appeal was turned down without further elaboration or explanation. As this looks like a rather blatant pretext for election interference, it will certainly be a topic for my next conversation with the Virginia Attorney General's office.

The writer included this picture:

Do we have to explain that advocating that a person be tried in a court of law and face a death sentence is not advocacy of illegal violence? Seriously, if we said ‘if they found Hitler alive in Argentina we should give him a trial and execute him’ would that violate Twitter’s rules? Yes, we doubt that Hillary Clinton actually has committed one of the narrow categories of acts that count as treason under the Constitution, but that doesn't change the fact that this person is advocating for legal action, not criminal conduct.

One of our editors also reported on another strange suspension:

We have spoken to a person claiming to run her backup account. We asked her what the offending Tweet was and she sent us this screenshot:

From context, it looked like she was talking sarcastically about abortion, and she verified she was. So, she was sarcastically criticizing abortion and this got her suspended?

Today, we find out that they suspended @RantyAmyCurtis (who in a case of false advertisement, is not very ranty at all). Once again, we found another person who claimed to run her backup, and we asked the same question: Did they tell her what triggered it? She claimed it was this.


In context, we were pretty sure what she was talking about and she verified that we were right. We have been meaning to cover this, but the other day video emerged of those Stop Oil freaks blocking a woman from bringing her newborn child to the hospital:

And for the record, in American law force might even be justified legally under the doctrine of necessity—depending on how serious the child’s condition is. Check your local laws, but it might be legal to just drive forward.

It is grossly irresponsible for officials to just let this happen. If the government doesn’t get things under control, violence will happen. For the safety of everyone, they need to remove these freaks from the roads.

As for Curtis, she says that the most insulting thing is that they said she would still have to cancel her Twitter Blue subscription for the account separately—meaning they actually would have the b*lls to try to take payment on a suspended account.

She was not the only one suspended in response to such a comment, if this person is to be believed:


But by far the most shocking was the suspension of Twitchy all-star @Dom_Lucre. We have been told that this is the tweet that got him suspended:

We would agree, Twitchy should do an article. 

Jokes aside, if that is the trigger, that is uniquely inexcusable. Even if every word in that Tweet is a lie, the way to address it isn’t a suspension, but rather by others telling the truth.

But Lucre is pretty openly running a backup account:

And this suggests that the issue is copyright:

We have looked into the account in the screenshot. The person claims that they are an employee of Twitter (or X if you really insist) and is gloating a lot. But we can't verify he really is their employee.

Still, most social media platforms allow for multiple strikes before kicking someone off. For instance, this is what Twitter says on the subject:

If multiple copyright complaints are received about an account, or other evidence suggests a pattern of repeat infringement, Twitter may suspend that account in accordance with our Repeat Infringer Policy.

So, what was the multiple infringements? If that is even the issue.


He also claims that he has not gotten an official reason:

Of course, one might suspect the real reason is ‘conservativing while black.’ Nothing angers a leftist more than a black conservative.

He also claims there are some other accounts falsely imitating him.

Naturally, Lucre's suspension got the most responses:

That is genuinely excellent.

That is the concern … that post-Musk Twitter will become just like the old Twitter. It seems at the very least that conservatives are on a very short leash and we don’t see anything similar happening to liberals. For instance, last night we reported on this alleged legislator’s Tweet:


And there is no sign he is suspended and the Tweet hasn’t even been removed. So there is an obvious double standard, here.

And please do whatever you can to bring this to Musk’s attention. We do not believe this is Musk’s wishes. We believe that other elements in the company are doing this. So there is the real possibility that if he learns of this, he will put a stop to this.


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