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The shackles are off of Matt Walsh’s ‘What is a Woman'! (update)

Update: The Daily Wire has extended the deadline to watch ‘What is a Woman?’ for free through the weekend.


The rest of this post will remain the same, so you can see we totally advocated for something like this. So, we’re taking credit for the extension. So there.

(Yes, we are joking. We are pretty sure they made the decision on their own.)


We will keep this as a quick update of our discussion of how Twitter suppressed Matt Walsh’s documentary ‘What is a woman,’ and probably the biggest news is this:

What is newsworthy is the mere fact that this time we can actually embed the Tweet. As you might recall last night, you couldn’t Retweet it, Quote Tweet it, or share it by any other means (including Dm’ing a copy), which meant that rather than embedding it as we usually do, we had to resort to a screenshot. But now those shackles are off, as they are for Matt Walsh on his Twitter account.

Elon Musk explained the fix to Walsh himself:

We also noted yesterday that when Elon Musk wrote this …


… he was responding to a Tweet containing the same movie which was also suppressed the same way. We are happy to report that this is no longer the case. Still, we are not going to embed that Tweet because, dear reader, we are concerned about melting down your computers if we embed two Tweets containing movies that last over 90 minutes in one article. Hopefully the one won’t cause too many problems.

Additionally, we speculated yesterday that all of this is happened because of ‘‘dead enders’ at Twitter who still love censorship with the heat of a thousand suns’ and that ‘this seems to have brought at least some of them into the open in sort of a kamikaze run to try to stop you from seeing this movie.’ We don’t have 100% verification of that theory, but we can note a few things on that front.

First, we pointed out that Ella Erwin had resigned yesterday:

But she wasn’t the only one. According to Rebel News, Maie Aiyed also left:


From the article: ‘One of the employees in question, Maie Aiyed … served as the company’s program manager for brand safety[.]’ As you probably know, ‘safety’ is usually a euphemism for censorship, because to some people even hearing a viewpoint they disagree with—however peaceful the expression is—is like literal violence or something!

Is this related? Well, Musk was asked this question directly and Musk gave a ‘director’ answer. No, director is not a typo, but rather us goofing on what Musk said. ‘FilmLadd’ asked Matt Walsh this question:

And Musk responded to ‘FilmLadd,’ writing:

Yeah, we’re a little confused, too, dear reader. ‘FilmLadd’ agrees with us that this is probably a typo and Musk meant to write ‘directly related.’ However, that’s just an educated guess and you can make up your own mind.

But probably the most dramatic turnaround is we went from Twitter suppressing ‘What is a woman?’ to Twitter’s owner actively promoting it:

And not for nothing, but our own ‘for you’ tab included the Daily Wire Tweet containing the movie, so their algorithms are pushing the movie to at least some people.


Musk also argued for a pretty standard libertarian philosophy when it comes to transitioning:

And, incidentally, this brought out a person who thinks children can totally consent to gender transition. (And maybe under the right conditions, sex?)

Here’s the tweet quoted:

The quoted tweet reads reads (minus an emoji and censoring a curse word):

we have statutory rape laws because in the vast majority of cases, a minor in some sex thing w older people is in some kind of f–ked up power relationship — that isn’t their idea.

with trans:

– the person transitioning is driving it

– there are standards of care that require approval and monitoring from parents and professionals, over time

– the kids are not in a coercive relationship where they’re being forced to do anything

– the adults around it aren’[t] getting anything out of it, except for, hopefully, their child is happy


First, statutory rape laws are partially about the concern about power dynamics, but its also BECAUSE CHILDREN CAN’T CONSENT TO SEX. She seems to think that under the right circumstances, they can.

Second, ‘kids are not in a coercive relationship where they’re being forced to do anything’? Is she under the impression there is no coercion in child-parent relationships? Because we are pretty sure no chores are ever done without at least some coercion. And we don’t say that as a criticism. Good parenting requires a lot of coercion when they are babies, and slowly transitioning into less and less coercion until they become adults and make their own decisions—at least, that is how we see it.

Third, ‘the person transitioning is driving it’ is willfully naïve when discussing children. Good parents wouldn’t push their children down this path, but not all parents are good.

Fourth, ‘there are standards of care that require approval and monitoring from parents and professionals, over time’ is hard to believe when hospitals deny even doing the procedure. And as for parental approval, we know of too many situations where children were transitioned over the objections of one or more parents.

Fifth, ‘the adults around it aren’[t] getting anything out of it, except for, hopefully, their child is happy’? Except we all know that often parents and other adults use children to try to affirm their worldview regardless of the facts.


Really, this person is either startlingly naïve or being willfully dishonest in her argument.

Returning to the movie, Walsh for his part seems far less frustrated than yesterday:

As you will note from the beginning of this piece, the Tweet from the Daily Wire putting out the movie said it was free on Twitter for twenty-four hours, starting at about 8:13 p.m., yesterday. If you were thinking of watching it but were on the fence, you can’t beat the price right now.

That being said, if anyone in the Daily Wire team is reading this, let us suggest an extension on that twenty-four-hour period. Maybe give it one more day, given the suppression of the movie by Twitter. Naturally, dear reader, we have no idea if they will listen so your safest bet is to watch it before 8:13 p.m., today, if you are inclined. In fact, since the movie is just over 95 minutes long, you should probably start at around 6:30 at the absolute latest (to give you time for a break if needed), because we are not sure what would happen if the Daily Wire took down the video while you were watching it.


And as we said last night, this is particularly useful to any person who is on the fence about gender ideology. Less so, if you have made up your mind against it as we have, but it still kept us amused.

Exit question: Are we the only ones to think that this puts the problems Ron DeSantis had when he tried to launch his presidential campaign on Twitter into new perspective? Could it have been woke sabotage? We suspect we might never know.


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