Well, it looks like the Left still hasn’t quite learned its lessons about creating hashtags. Planned Parenthood sent that tweet out not long ago, and it produced an earnest response:


But that was pretty much it. As was the case with #ILikeObamacare and #Gen44, Twitter conservatives quickly seized the opportunity to make #ObamaCaresAboutMe their own.














  • http://usamericanfreedom.wordpress.com Sarah Roman

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  • Carterthewriter

    This administration is flooding the television screen with ads. I like the one asking people to report Medicare fraud. Turns neighbor against neighbor; sound familiar!

    • Michael Blackburn

      Classic case of Obama Derangement Syndrome: Obama’s against it, so I must be for it! I thought conservatives were arguing to reduce the deficit through eliminating waste, fraud & abuse. Now because the Obama Administration is taking action against it, you want to condone freeloaders & thieves? 

      Principled, my butt.

      • Marshall_Will

         Nice try Michael.  A nation needn’t pass radical, unconstitutional and sweeping reforms, THEN reign in fraud.  But hey, I love a good straw argument as much as the next guy!

        • Michael Blackburn

          That’s not actually my argument. Try your “reading-WITH-comprehension” glasses. On the plus side, you really beat the crap out of that scarecrow! Good Job!

          • Marshall_Will

             No… actually conservatives argument all along has been centered on defeating Progressive “investments” like Solyndra and ‘free’ healthcare to BEGIN with.  Thusly, pure straw.  Further, even if virtually -all- fraud were eliminated from Medi it couldn’t backfill 10% of the blackhole O’Care created.   

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GGQZIXE7MV35GBOFHDPZ5ECJ5A Rulz

             Uh-oh! He must be running out of replies if he’s got to go with the READING COMPREHENSION card….and scarecrow…(laughs)

            Yay, Marshall!

          • Marshall_Will


            “I thought conservatives were arguing to reduce the deficit through eliminating waste, fraud & abuse.”

            Yes, we say that daily..?  We’ll gloss over the Soft Coup and instead focus on forensic accounting?

      • Joseph Parent

        Oh, so you’re against fraud and abuse?  So you’re for voter photo id laws, right?  Yeah, thought so.

        • Michael Blackburn

          Yes, actually. I am. We’re not all partisan hacks you know.

  • Marshall_Will

    ObamaCaresAboutGettingRe-lected.  And not much else.  He’ll let the MSM do the water carrying FOR him on this one.  Too toxic for Him to touch directly.  

  • Terika

    ObamacaresAboutMe so much, he invited me to dinner at Bill & Bernardine’s cuz Tony Rezko needed a date.
    But, Blago had sold my seat.

  • Terika


    If you are not represented by or members of the above…
    STFU !!!!!!!

    • Michael Blackburn

      I’m not in any of those organizations, may I speak? Thanks so much!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GGQZIXE7MV35GBOFHDPZ5ECJ5A Rulz

         Then Obama doesn’t care about you. So if you get sick , just shut up and take an aspirin.

        After all, we’ve all got to make sacrifices for the great utopia.

    • Marshall_Will

       Fab run!  Only that I’d add if your Dem-owned GM dealership didn’t pony up enough payola, you can pound sand too.  Sorry the date thing didn’t work out, don’t suppose I’ll be in attendance either…