Conservatives take over #ILikeObamacare

For some reason liberals keep coming up with new hashtags despite the long history of conservatives hijacking their hashtags in order to mock them. Today’s misguided attempt to establish a liberal hashtag came from President Obama himself. Apparently he wants people to tweet out why they like Obamacare.

Conservatives obliged and have completely taken over the hashtag. The vast majority of tweets being tagged with #ILikeObamacare are actually people mocking the program. Here are the best.!/AGuyWithNoLife/status/183276084962398208!/MattCover/status/183289654701858816

Uh oh! Looks like conservatives mocking of #ILikeObamacare has been mockingly submitted to @AttackWatch!

We will keep updating this post with the best #ILikeObamacare tweets so check back early and often!

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