Conservatives mock #Gen44, Obama’s youth outreach

Obama did it again. Conservatives hijacked it again.

We aren’t sure why, but for some reason President Obama and the Democrats keep creating and promoting hashtags despite the fact that conservatives inevitably take over the hashtags in order to mock them. This time the hashtag is #Gen44, and was meant to be a place where young Obama supporters expressed their admiration for him. Instead conservatives are dominating the hashtag with tweets that criticize the President and some of his most naive supporters.

Here are the best #Gen44 tweets.!/adamsbaldwin/status/183708784449961984

  • Dandapani

    #Gen44 so I can get a cool job with the government!

  • Righting Our Consent

    #Gen44 Because your future earnings won’t be sucked dry by all the debt he already created in your name now.

  • dochunter

    I’m still waiting for my Vietnam Bonus but the Dems spent it before I got it.  

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    #gen44 The peace dividend can be spent ten fold on bankrupt car and energy corporations.

  • Mark

    #gen44 Because I demand the right to be kissed by the government while it’s screwing me.

    • CrypticSound

      What? No reach around?

  • Sarah Roman

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  • St Obama of Assisi

    Priceless. I love these clever minds at work… ( :

  • Tex

    It’s just more DEMOCRATIC “money laundering”/ buying votes with student loans which we are now being subsidized with all our tax dollars.

  • rbeccah

    #Gen44 because this is the most ridiculous administration in history and I’m really getting a kick out of laughing at them.

  • Bob

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  • lfox

    #Gen44 Because they’ll be 44 before they’re off their parents’ handouts