The man’s got his priorities.

Meanwhile: President Obama has yet to acknowledge death of American hero Chris Kyle


Ha! Tweeters suggest Obama deserves Oscar for the role of president

Oh, snap! Coming soon: Obama composite Oscar best picture nominees

  • Guest

    Wait, what? Barry posted a picture that didn’t have him in it? Ooops, hold on…I see the empty chair. His record of always posting a picture that includes him remains intact.

    • Joe W.

      What do you mean??? That’s him…front row—center….right next to the Wookie…

  • HARP2

    Those glasses must make the debt look smaller.

  • nc

    Focused like a laser.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    Why didn’t this Kenyan hut jumping Ghetto Cracker Tweet his Secretary of State when Benghazi was under attack and Americans were being killed…
    The Mulatto Princess is all about the Hollywoody crowd and could care the less about the major malfunction he has forced upon the backs of Americans and gawd could I easily strangle a few Obama voters right now….

  • Steve_J

    He finally found something that’s not above his pay grade.

  • $4880059

    Tweets about the Oscars, yet not one phone call in 8 hours to ask about the attack on our men in Benghazi.