Oh, snap! Coming soon: Obama composite Oscar best picture nominees?


Zing! As Twitchy reported, the Oscar nominations were announced today. While Seth MacFarlane was busily making Hitler jokes, Twitter users brought actual funny. Coming soon: Obama composites, now with more movies! As Twitchy readers know, the White House is fond of inserting President Obama into other people’s biographies and into historical events. President Forrest Gump at your service! Will insertion in Oscar nod films be next? What else may be looming on the horizon?







Oh, Twitter. Don’t ever change.


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  • donttreadonme53

    Surprise!!! After all the promotion by Leftist Politicians-Lincoln the movie is nominated.

    They are loving their Fiscal-Cliff-Tax-Exemption-Extensions. Payback for those $30K a plate Campaign Dinners.

  • http://twitter.com/mglala2006 mg

    Acters and actresses and singers are the most awarded people in society that provide absolutely nothing of usefulness like obama to our society and are over raited i can cut the pocekets out on jean and have all the entertainment for a day i need while singing to my self much like biden

  • rinodino

    Walks in and sings to Twitchy and fans “Playa Hater!”

    • Hello Jerry (D)


    • Catchance

      Liberal troll spewing. Eeuww… he splatters.

    • SpinMeNot

      You don’t really expect to get a treat from your handlers for lame attempts like this do you? We’ve seen this episode 100 times already …

  • michael s

    Poor GOP losers. Take some pain meds for your 3rd trimester pregnant woman bellyaching. You’ll feel better.

    • Hello Jerry (D)


    • Catchance

      I should probably just take some Troll-B-Gone.

    • disqus_qG4wzO74LR

      3rd trimester? Oh, that’s right. That’s when you libtards like to slaughter the unborn. Have fun in your party of death.

  • RIChris

    It’s surprising that Oscar is still around. It seemed certain Hollywood would have remolded the statuette and renamed it Barack.

  • RIChris

    It’s surprising that Oscar is still around. It seemed certain Hollywood would have remolded the statuette and renamed it Barack.