Fox News’ Brit Hume posed that question to Twitter liberals. You see, as Twitchy has reported, Wendy Davis has grossly attained hero status in the alleged minds of many liberals. Why? For a filibuster to kill a bill that would protect unborn babies from being killed in the womb after 20 weeks. Morally bankrupt much?

Hume snarkily wondered why her filibuster was totally hunky-dory (Hint: Because abortion). Enter trolls!

Oh man. You stepped in it now, dude. No one can take on Twitter trolls with as much aplomb as Mr. Hume can.

Read. And learn!

Silly is one (awesome) way to put it.



Facts are hard to the Left.

Sigh. The tired and lame Fox News slam appears, natch.


Well, to be fair, that’s because you were confusing him with pesky facts and logic and such, Mr. Hume. Also, you totally took him to the woodshed as only you can.

Hume then points out a particularly nasty piece of Twitter work.

The Twitter user deleted the horrible tweet, but others captured it in all its foul glory before the account was suspended:

A tapeworm.

As Brit Hume himself would say, “this is where the culture of abortion can lead.

Never change, Mr. Hume.


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  • Don Truscott

    Brit sir, you are the MAN !!

  • Fire and Adjust!

    An unwanted zygote lives inside of a woman using her nutrients to grow against her will. It’s essentially a tapeworm.” W.T.F.—
    Maegan Escamilla (@maeganrenee8) June 27, 2013

    Hmmmm……….. “An unwanted illegal alien lives inside our country using our resources and financial assests to reside here against our will. It’s essentially a tapeworm.”

    Your original comment doesn’t appear so appealing anymore does it now Ms. Escamilla?……………… or would you support aborting these types of “humans” as well?

    • rambler

      Looking for logic in a lib’s mind? Won’t find it.

      Nice tank!

      • Fire and Adjust!

        Thanks……….wish I could say it was all mine, unfortunately it belongs to the tax payers…………

        Nice Tiger!

    • Marvin Nelson

      OUCH. Big SNAP. Great post!!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Two SNAPS! And a twirl!

    • DV S1EOG

      Actually, Ms. Escamilla was not the original tweeter, @mishellie30 was. Ms. Escamilla only retweeted the vile statement after the other person’s account was shut down.

    • TugboatPhil

      That analogy was possibly one of the best ever! I may carve that into a board and hang it out by the road.

      • Pendog

        May just have coined a new term for “illegals”. Tapeworms.

        • TugboatPhil

          I second the nomination!

        • Damien Johnson

          well since calling them “illegal” is no longer PC enough for the AP…

    • lainer51

      BING, BANG, BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lisa Dean


    • Garth Haycock

      Out of curiosity, I looked at her twitter feed and this is the text of her most recent tweet:

      “He is the most precious child? I love my Eli.”

      She then provided a link to instagram with a video of her playing with her 6-8 month old son.

      So I responded to her with this: “So, some tapeworms are more desirable than others?”

      • Fire and Adjust!


      • mickeyco

        A real live mother said that???

        • Garth Haycock

          Hard to believe, isn’t it?

      • MissJames

        Wait—- was it Meagan or Mishelle30 that you twittered? Are you sure the picture wasn’t a prop-child? Or maybe she only thinks other people’s children are the same as tapeworms in utero? I can’t even wrap my brain around this person being allowed around children . What she said was evil.

        • Garth Haycock

          It was Mishelle30. I should have clarified that.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        It’s almost like she thinks she should be able to choose whether or not to give birth or something.

    • Squirrel!

      Yes, that tweet was truly disgustinge, but I REALLY appreciate your comparison with the illegal alien. That’s good stuff and makes so much sense!!

    • MissJames


    • Steve Criscuoli

      And now Ms Escamilla’s entire account is gone …. how brave …

    • Catchance


  • Marcy Cook

    Oooooh, the teach got schooled.

  • V the K

    So, is Dan Kennedy saying the editorial board of the NYTimes are fringe leftists who are out of the mainstream of liberal activism?

    • MmeBB

      that’s the way I read it.

    • mickeyco

      After the first tweet, it was pretty apparent Kennedy didn’t have a clue what he was saying.

  • Meech204

    I wish I were related to you Mr. Hume!

  • keyboard jockey


  • Garrett Gripling

    Not beautiful, Britiful.

  • Right Wired

    Brit for Prez


    Brit needs to go on the Jim Rome SMACK OFF…..Awesome Brit

  • John Taznar

    [email protected]: An unwanted zygote lives inside of a woman using her nutrients to grow against her will. It’s essentially a tapeworm.”

    1st Thought: Then don’t let a man infect you with tapeworms. That’s where you had a choice to make.

    2nd Thought: Is a breastfeeding baby, also living off a woman’s nutrients, also just like a tapeworm.

  • Red Fred

    You know, generally Tea Party and Conservative protesters are organized, not unruly, and respectful, but of late I have noticed it’s the squeaky wheel getting the grease, so maybe we should get a little louder.

  • lildebrarae

    Thank you Brit for once again exposing the Liberal Hypocrisy as pertaining to the filabuster. Here they are trying to take the filabuster out of the senate, when ‘they’ used it to block Bush appointees. And now they whine because you called out davis for using it.

  • descolada9

    A zygote does not magically appear, it does not come from walking barefoot through the lawn, it comes through a conscientious action on the part of the woman and man.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Yes. You should lose your rights to control your body as soon as you agree to have that horrible, evil, sinful sex, amirite?

      • descolada9

        So it better to abrogate responsibility, amirite? And it is you who bring in “horrible, evil, sinful sex”, especially as I never brought religion into the matter.

  • thetawake

    Life begins at conception, therefore abortion is murder. I’d find the fact that there are folks who think it’s debateable kinda silly and cute if it weren’t so tragic.

    • MissJames

      Tragic and horrific.

  • christopher swift

    “A zygote does not magically appear” – descolada9
    Well said. I don’t approach this issue from a religious standpoint, although I value that perspective. For me, it seems even a liberal atheist should be able to see the value of the life created – whatever they chose to call it – particularly since the same crowd finds dignity and meaning in every humble facet of the natural environment. Or claims to.
    These people are doing a superhuman amount of averting their eyes from the truth in service of the progressive agenda.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Sperm are just as alive as zygotes. Do you recognize their rights too?

  • nc

    It wasn’t the filibuster, it was the MOB.

    Oh yeah, and the obscene cause.

  • Laurel

    “Sigh. The tired and lame Fox News slam appears, natch.”

    You left out that any opposition to the left on any issue is also labeled as ‘fringe’. soon ‘fringe’ will be yet another word in the lexicon that has no value.

  • Jeremy

    Brit Hume takes another liberal behind the wood shed and beats the crap out of them.

  • zj sky

    mental note – never twitter troll Brit Hume. Ever

  • AdoEdem

    Oh man I saw the “a baby is liek totes a tapeworm” drama unfold. And by drama I mean it was a bit conflicted. On the one hand, the rather obvious psychopathic dementia and narcissism of that “woman” was truly disturbing. (Partly because the pro-abortion set is pretty much psychopathy and narcissism elevated to a political platform, anyway)

    But on the other, @redsteeze and many others were just tearing into her like Michael Moore at a 24-hour Golden Corral. I suspect that S.M. was the main reason why the tweet was baleeted. Funny how that particular abortion didn’t take 20 weeks.

  • MnVoiceofReason

    Longest fillibusters in U.S. history:

    U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond (Dem); 24 hr 18 min – 1957

    U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato (Rep); 23 hr 30 min – 1986

    3. U.S. Sen. Wayne Morse (Ind); 22 hr 26 min – 1953

    U.S. Sen. Robert La Follette Sr. (Dem) 18 hr 23 min – 1908

    U.S. Sen. William Proxmire (Dem) 16 hr
    12 min – 1981

  • Clete Torres

    Brit Hume.


  • KayGee

    Rand Paul and Wendy Davis both have the right cajones on the Filibuster: meaning they actually STAND UP and filibuster instead of simply threaten a filibuster without putting themselves on the floor to speak

  • Lisa Dean

    @mishellie30 – If an unwanted fetus is basically a tape worm, then what is that sperm that swam up and said Hello to your egg? And, during the heat of passion, did you really want that sperm to swim up and greet your egg? If not then why aren’t you blaming the icky guy with cuties (aka sperm) who got you pregnant?

  • MissJames

    Well that post referring to babies as basically tapeworms,says a lot about mishellie30 (who’s page no longer exists ,LOL ) . “When people show you who they are,believe them ” Dr. Phil .
    Guess Mishellie30 is a tapeworm sucking out the lifeblood of humanity.

    • mickeyco

      Sometimes, you just have to wonder if we’re all the same species, don’t you?

      • WisconsinPatriot

        Mutation among cultivars.

        • mickeyco

          Are those bees on your avatar?

  • NCRelite

    Don’t take on Mr. Hume unless you want to look like a fool. I have tons of respect for the guy.

  • Bui van vat

    Well, no, it’s not a tapeworm. But sometimes it grows up to be a tapeworm.

    • Biff Wellington

      or worse – a liberal.

      • Bui van vat

        …like I said.

  • fivegreatkids

    mishellie30 is a sad, sad person. A baby is like a tapeworm? Seriously? With an attitude like that I would suggest she stay away from pregnancy, babysitting, preschool and teaching. She really sounds like she could use some professional help imho.

    • mickeyco

      She should stay away from men.

  • Janice LEE

    Is this so called woman sorry she birthed her own baby?

  • 912er

    How about we make a law that after 24 weeks,if the woman wants to get rid of her tapeworm,she must have it surgically removed and if the tapeworm survives the tapeworm will be allowed to live.

    • Biff Wellington

      I would propose, regardless of term, the mother has to cook and eat the little tapeworm…

  • Damien Johnson

    Always with the Fox. Wow.

    Yes, Fox sucks. MSNBC sucks worse. Way worse. That’s why I’m here and not at huffington post. at huffington post my eyeballs would fall out of my sockets.

  • cajun_2

    All Hail Wendy Davis! All Hail killing of human babies! All Hail LIBERALISM. KILLING BABIES IS A RIGHT! . GOPers are evil to force women to have a baby just because they were screwing around. Big deal, Everybody does it.
    ALL HAIL Margaret Sanger. Kill all those black and poor babies. ALL HAIL LIBERALISM
    Liberalism is a mental illness. Useful idiots in the media are psychotic asylum escapees .

  • robert anthony

    Funny, a baby is a ‘parasite’…but not career politicians, illegal aliens, or the bulk of the yearly budget going to ‘entitlements’. we didn’t even get the brief enjoyment of sexual pleasure to inherit those tapeworms.

  • robert anthony

    My biology teacher got it all wrong….mishellie developed from a tapeworm, A worm with fingers and a Twitter account…interesting. Who knew one could have a child by eating under-cooked pork?

  • thunderstrikes

    I wish more political arguments were conducted the Hume does it. No insults, just facts. However, liberals wouldn’t have a chance.

    • mickeyco

      Isn’t a joy to listen to or watch?

  • VetOnFire

    I am more interested in researching this “Maegan Escamilla” person.
    Is that a name of Latin dissent?
    I will find you Maegan/Meagan.
    I will post your pic, show your mother what a Tapeworm she produced.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    That’s why he’s Brit Hume.

  • Blargette

    Brit Hume. Keeps it classy while schooling the fools.

  • mickeyco

    Someone posted on fb today, a picture of just the tiny little finger of a non-viable 19 wk old fetus being held by Mommy & Daddy’s fingers. I cried for the loss of the parents who’d wanted this baby so badly and were willing to do anything to have it. God took him home with Him instead. And then some viper refers to a baby the same size as a tapeworm. I’m glad I just saw the fb post now instead of earlier today. But some days, I just don’t like some people much.

  • Neil Leininger

    @mishellie30 – She should be 1st in line to get a tubal ligation, to ensure she never gets one of those pesky tape worms.

    PP should be in the tubal ligation business instead of the abortion business.

  • Kaya Hund

    Mr. Hume should be teaching a graduate-level Twitter course.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Brit Hume you are good.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    The amt of hate that comes from the liberals is just unbelievable. What is wrong with people. Calling a baby a tapeworm is the lowest of low. I pray that this woman finds God and is able to understand just how special life is since it is evident that she doesn’t have a clue at the moment.

  • Pat R.

    Hume is the master of the Twitter smackdown.

  • Desert Rat

    Mrs. Zygote Escamilla certainly seems to be a future model parent that exudes nurturing love and character building for the Zygote she decides to carry full term… And she’s infecting University of Oklahoma currently… I would say the Liberalism is an infectious virus infecting the country as a whole, much like a tapeworm sucks the life out of it’s host….

  • Stephanie Warren

    Unwanted? Well if you don’t want it deary, maybe you shouldn’t have done the deed that makes it. :3

  • rm1evo

    That was fun.

  • rm1evo

    That was fun.

  • anthonybgonzalez

    that inconsiderate fetus…it should’ve asked for consent before daring to “use” someone’s body that isn’t their own.