No, it wasn’t your imagination. As Twitchy reported last night, the White House-Hollywood industrial complex jumped the shark when Michelle Obama appeared to announce the best picture winner at the Oscars. Press secretary Carney proudly tweeted out a photo today.

Notice anything? Twitter users did.

Yep, they do. Everything is just a photo op to them, and using people, including children, as props is standard shameful operating procedure.

Laura Ingraham asks a key question.

Asked, and answered.

That’s right. She didn’t even thank them:

She declared of the Best Picture nominees, “They reminded us that we can overcome any obstacle if we dig deep enough and fight hard enough and find the courage within ourselves.” Alas, none of the films nor her aides reminded her to mention the military, not those personnel behind her nor those serving overseas, an odd omission for the White House that nevertheless was pleased to have them arrayed behind her like, well, set decoration.

The disgust and outragre rightly continue.

Amen. Our men and women in uniform deserve unending gratitude, not  to be used as props for someone else’s gain.

This Twitter user puts it in a sad nutshell.


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  • Bill Denny

    I was all excited about the #Sequester when I thought they were talking about Michelle! #Oscars

  • Red Fred

    The military add that regal touch. Still upset Barack didn’t receive Oscar for “best actor.”

    • Turtledove

      Maybe if they had an award for Best Reader of a Teleprompter…

      • George Murrey

        all talk, no action; that’s him

      • leftwingthom


        • mike_in_kosovo


          And only 0bama can’t finish a sentence without one.


          Bush’s SOTU addresses averaged at the 10th grade level… 0bama’s at the 9.2 grade level. Guess that’s why 0bama sounds like a kindergartner.

      • F. De Moraes

        Especially with his ill fitting dentures! For crying out loud get some Polygrip or latex caulk to stop those annoying whistles.

    • John L Gill

      you mean best liar don’t you

  • Fire and Adjust!

    ETS’d in 2006……… in retrospect, my timing was great!

  • Wells Farr

    Hope they were under a direct order to be there. If it was voluntary, they need their head (and their career) examined.

    • lizzie893833

      I’m betting everyone of the military on that stage are part of the new homosexual military squad

      • Roto

        ^^ close…. the WH orchestra…. but they are Marines

      • Mudbug Mama

        why are they all white?

        • SFCPat

          There was one Black he was on the front right side

      • leftwingthom

        What’s wrong with that?

  • GTJessop

    You know, during my 6 years of active duty I never once saw a tuxedo uniform, let alone wear one.

    • Roto

      ^^ you’d have to be a Marine and join the WH (President’s Own) orchestra :-)

      • Tessa

        Yup and the toad disarmed them for the Inauguration.

        • Roto

          Still a sketchy story, but the rifle bolts were definately removed in the video captures. It’s a wonder he didn’t disarm the USMC band with their deadly sousaphone blowguns….

    • Reggie Massey

      they do have them, but it is still a shame that these oficers were used as props for Mooooooooschelle Ordramabama.

  • digitalPimple

    I heard she first tried to get a group of people that benefited from her “eat more broccoli” campaign. No one showed.

  • LL1885

    White House Dossier reports that she made that little shameless photo op from the Diplomatic Room.

  • TocksNedlog

    Is there a Best Choreography In A Photo-Op award?

  • Jack Deth

    And I thought it was the height of disgusting tackiness to use high ranking military officers (O-4 through O-6) as kitchen and serving staff at White House diplomatic affairs while Clinton was in office.

    This present administration embarrasses and disgusts me!

    • Jennifer Bishop Mason

      I have never heard about this, do you have a website link I can read about it?

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Jennifer:

        Look for Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson’s book, ‘Dereliction of Duty’. Lt. Col. Patterson was a Clinton aide who carried “The Football” (Nuclear Attack Codes) for then president Clinton.

        Lots of interesting information inside.

        • Jennifer Bishop Mason

          Thank you :)

          • Jack Deth

            You’re welcome, Jennifer.

        • pen44

          Just downloaded it from iBooks, Jack! Thanks! Clinton was the prez that turned me from associating myself in any way with the Dem Party. They caused me to become a hardcore Independent…though I never was a card-carrier for either Party.

          • lainer51

            you mean you aren’t “into” sex with interns?
            Glad you saw the light.

          • Jack Deth

            Hi, Penny:

            I purchased the hardcover edition through Amazon during its first edition. Still have it.

            LBJ did it for me.Voted for Nixon on an absentee ballot. Solid Republican since.

      • Corey Dennison

        “Dereliction of Duty” by Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert “Buzz” Patterson — former WH military aide to Clinton. Available on Amazon =)

    • Harry Stolzy

      That’s exactly who these folks are they were working the Governors Ball. I heard it on the news.

  • ratizbad

    The Kenyan needs the military on there side,before he can take over America,Of course we see that will never happen Mrs. Kenyan All this for the American flag.

    What Rush Limbaugh said holds true.. I am ashamed of my country and millions of American AGREE!!

    • $24698634

      So sorry, more Americans disagree with you than agree. Try winning an election.

      • ratizbad

        That is why we are in the shape now,with stupid idiots like you.Grow up and wear a pair fool.

        • Nancy Dudding Clay

          The people that take up for Obama ae totally lost..Have no clue as to where they are heading..They won’t like it when they “grow” up.

          • ratizbad


        • leftwingthom

          Blame us for your shortcomings, that’s good. You could have beaten Obama, if you hadn’t wasted your time alienating the Hispanic community and preaching outdated ideas that only old people from middle America agree with anymore. But who cares right? Who cares what minorities think?

          • SturJen

            Well they didn’t alienate this Hispanic woman, nor her family. We can see a fake messiah from miles away. How come YOU didn’t?

            But what I DO Find really darkly hysterical is that old mantra that Republicans are only ‘rich, old white guys.’ so you insist that ‘they’re bad’. BUT…………you’ll let a rich black guy and his rich old white guy handler (Darth Soros) lead you around like lemmings on a death march! So, is it the color of his skin that gets you all tingled up? Because they’re both rich and guys….

          • SFCPat

            I can think of a couple of minorites that I really don’t care what they think and a whole bunch of libs also. Hope you live in a city and are on a drive by route. We know that Obama’s house in Chicage is on a street that they are getting closer to EVERY day!

          • 1CatEye

            Yeah, those old people from middle America are the ones you should be on your knees thanking for this great country. What have you contributed, besides pooping on cop cars and economic stupidity? What have you accomplished? Pssst! Sticking your hand out for freebies doesn’t count.

        • $24698634

          I’m in pretty good shape, thank you, comfortably retired.  So stupid or foolish would be someone else, maybe you?

          • SFCPat

            nope – I’m one of those trashy redneck, gun owning, Bible thumpers that won a lottery. That’s a check with a double bunch of 000000000’s on it.

      • Lala_33

        because the foolish masses were taken in by a man of no substance does not mean more Americans disagree with those of us who do not claim blind obedience to the POTUS. The liberal machine orchestrated his meteoric rise from nothingness, and they will reap what they have sown soon enough. Too bad out country is a flaming craphole of lazy good for nothing handout mongers now. We all have to suffer for it.

      • kobrien674

        kellyslane… You seem to be on here for the sole purpose of policing comments that are negative to your ideology. It’s time for you to shut up and listen a little. If you disagree with one or two particular words then ignore them and just let the concept get through that thick liberal skull.

      • Joe Squid

        “He who casts the votes decides nothing. He who COUNTS the votes, decides everything!” Guess who has been counting the votes lately? :-(

        • $24698634

          Depends what state you’re talking about.

      • Corey Dennison

        Hmmm…1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, 2004, not to mention the last midterms. Like that?

        Fail, F-

        • $24698634

          That’s my point.  Elections have consequences when the other side wins too.  Your side seems to have forgotten that.

      • lainer51

        we did in 2000 and 2004; now the tide has turned, as it always has throughout history. But if you think we have to agree with the Barry, think again! Diversity of opinion is what makes this country great.

        • leftwingthom

          It’s also the reason why we’re behind most countries in like, everything.

          • Corey Dennison

            In, like, proper English you mean?

          • Silenttype78

            So, in your opinion diversity is a bad thing?
            The United States would lead the way ….if only we all believed the same way? Is that really what you are saying here?

            The difference between Conservatives and lib-progs ;
            Conservatives understand that not everyone will see every issue the same way and encourage different ideas.
            Lib-progs are afraid of different opinions and seek to squash any opposing ideas.

          • Adam Baumb

            This is almost the most laughable comment made by a libtard in this thread….almost. America leads the world in so many important categories, only liberals dredge up the fact we fall behind some socialist ditch water outfit in the number of kids in school uniforms, or maybe the number of kids that can actually do math, read, or understand actual history. America leads the world in ideologues in academia and mass media — liberal morons with no concern over facts, only appeasing liberal vanity. The fact we trail other socialist nations in kowtowing to wholesale liberal fraud is a blessing future generations of Americans will forever thank us.

        • $24698634

          I’m fine with disagreement and diversity of opinion.  I think a line is crossed when you get into the realm of disrespect and cries of illegitimacy, where some have gone.  The tide will turn again, but I doubt extremism will be the catalyst.

          • Adam Baumb

            What a complete idiot you are proving to be. Did you miss the eight years of insults and disrespect leveled at President Bush? How about the Palin family? Condoleeza Rice? I’d go on, but your mom probably blocks the web sites where this information is readily available. Liberals — pond scum they are — reached into the deepest sewers to find ways to insult President Bush. Legitimate Americans and conservatives need only point out the reality of the fraud that is this carnival huckster to make their points. Meanwhile, libtards like this kellyslane can’t hammer a pencil up their rectums squawking about “disrespect”. The junior senator from Illinois couldn’t carry George W. Bush’s dirty laundry across the street. Further, that communist diva impersonating a First Lady should be doing President Bush’s laundry.

      • $36544368

        You mean stealing, don’t you?

      • JeannieJ

        More Americans did NOT disagree…but those who did voted more times. The voter fraud will probably never be truly investigated nor revealed, but it’s awfully funny how the numbers didn’t stack up, and how comfortable some demographics feel–no shame or shyness about admitting to having voted more than once.

      • 1CatEye

        You are the LIV we fear. You know nothing, you understand nothing. Your whole view of the world is bumper sticker platitudes you mastered while studying for your transgender uptwinkles degree. Good luck with that.

      • Adam Baumb

        That’s the thing, liberal moron. We win elections — fair and square. Libtards steal elections. Proven fact. I’ll bet a steak dinner you idiots don’t realize the carnival huckster didn’t win a single state that has functional voter ID laws in place. Not one. When eligible voters are required to prove they are who they say they are, Democrats lose, and lose big. Where rampant fraud and abuse occurs, you’ll find the Democrats win by margins so unrealistic, even the Democratic pollsters are at a loss to explain how the margins were so tilted. They know the truth — so do we. Scum, the whole Democratic Party — and the lickspittle, low information morons comprising the base.

  • Maxx

    A not so subtle reminder from the First Narcissist, er……I meant First Lady, that if sequestration occurs, the White House will have less military officers available for props and they’ll be “forced” to bring back the six-year-olds.

    • JeannieJ

      Yannow, I can’t bring myself to refer to MO as FLOTUS or the First Lady, I just can’t. First Female is as close as I can come…and usually, I just refer to her as BO’s baby mama. And will the six-year-olds just be props, or will they be serving dinner as well?

  • Garym

    Lipstick on a pig……..

    • Shawn

      Problem is that this pig is ugly…doesn’t matter what you put on her

  • TJay229

    Ha Ha Ha…!

    All you bitter, sad & dejected (name4femaledog)s Still mad Ann and her MS, wasn’t standing there (which she may or may not have been able to stand or open the envelope w/o shaking like a leaf on a tree).

    You cant see beyond your bitterness to imagine that maybe some of those men & women ENJOYED being on live TV participating in that. You cant do anything but attack attack attack. Well THANK GOD Ann Romney won’t be living in the WH (or visiting it/unless it’s part of the tour) but hey, You BB’s are welcome to go see her and her husband (and RSantorum, NGingrich, MLove, AWest & SPalin) on “The Losers Tour 2013 aka CPAC.


    • Silenttype78

      Regardless of how you feel about Ann Romney it is very inappropriate to mock MS.

      It is odd, perhaps even ironic that you criticized Conservatives for being bitter in your angry and hateful tirade.

      Lib-progs are pityful.

    • grais

      Ah, MS jokes…lovely.

    • 364NKL

      You must be so proud of the ghetto trash residing in the White House. I hope you enjoy the next 4 years of misery that these derelicts have brought to us. Outrageous gas and food prices will continue to climb, and with Obamacare contributing to skyrocketing health care costs, our country will not survive you welfare rats.

      • $24698634

        Hilarious! Loving it! Better watch that blood pressure.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          People needing to watch their blood pressure are all the idiot libs (but I repeat myself) bitching about their hours being cut and their SS taxes and tax returns (for those that actually work).

          Me? I’m looking “Forward” to 4 years of sweet, delicious schadenfruede at the expense of idiots like you.

    • 364NKL

      Beautiful???? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Now, that’s funny. Moochelle, the first ghetto lady.

    • J. Cox

      Because making fun of MS is the new cool lib joke.Thanks again for showing which party is the hate filled ignorant toads.(just because your a lib..I will spell it for you..DEMOCRAT)

    • Barbara Buffing

      Can you see behind the smoke….there is reality and there are phonies and guess what she’s and her husband are phonies. This Country has NEVER been in the mess it is and why? Photo ops FUCK THAT!

    • sacha

      Typical Obama butt kisser no class.

    • lainer51

      Since you didn’t graduate from English 101, I am going to help you out – CANT is not a word, if you mean – cannot – that would be – can’t. .

      Also, it’s – attack (COMMA), attack (COMMA), attack

      You are welcome..

  • $41341954

    Not to be difficult, if someone asked me to stand in the background when FLOTUS gave out (via satellite) the best picture Oscar, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Not only would I do it, I’d tell my grandchildren years later that I gave it out.

    • Cambria

      Do you really think your grandchildren are going to care about that years from now? They’ll be struggling to survive the aftermath of Obama’s reign.

      • $41341954

        We survived colonial rule, a civil war, a world war, the great depression, a second world war, a losing war effort, Jimmy Carter, the dot com bubble, terrorist attacks, an indefinite war and the great recession. Keep your head up. This should be a walk in the park.

        • Cambria

          That is true :) But Obama seems to have his heart set on ruining this beautiful nation and it’s hard not to be discouraged when I picture what life is going to be like for my toddler when she’s my age. You are right though, we do need to keep our heads up and continue pushing back against the people who want to ruin us.

    • BlueStateRepub

      So you’re saying you would be proud to be an apparatchik, used by Dear Leader for propaganda purposes. Yeah, you “give it out” all right. But not in the way you intended.

      • $41341954

        You realize that, by association, you’re calling members of our military apparatchiks, right? Let them enjoy their 2 minutes on national television before they go and fight for our freedoms.

        • Guest

          Please don’t deign to speak for me of any that I have served with, m’kay?

        • Corey Dennison

          Please don’t deign to speak for me or those that I have served with. M’kay?

    • MikeDugas

      I too would say yes if he were an Honorable President. Unfortunately he is not and as a vet and as an American I cannot support him or his administration. I find his and his wifes behavior disgusting and I don’t mean this whole Oscar debacle. He is pissing on my Constitution and tearing apart my country.

    • Corey Dennison

      Have you ever actually worn a military uniform?

    • lainer51

      Poor pathetic soul.

  • linnicy

    So, is MO finally proud of her country? Those Obamas will take on all the trappings of Imperial Czars, while spewing Marxism to their minions. This was the height oh hypocracy.

  • dadavis65

    She really is a sad sad woman, who like her husband doesn’t understand the office.Some older man told me when they were first inserted into the WH that all they were, were big partiers. I guess he was right. That is all they do. I don’t know which I dislike more. Her or him. They both make me sick to my stomach. My TV may no make it another 4yrs.

    • V the K

      Sociopaths always see other people as props.

    • SFCPat

      Ms Debbie – I keep a trash basket next to my chair where I put all the scrap paper. Then when I get angry at the ‘poor’ tv I just ball one up and let it fly. Works off the stress faster if you scream along with it.

  • israelp

    I am surprised none were holding signs saying “I am Hispanic” or “I am a lesbian.”

    • Candy Conservative

      How do you know they didn’t? :-)

    • Orlando Cee

      If you wait long enough…

    • 1CatEye

      Would that be a “white” Hispanic?

  • Wing_attack_Plan_R

    WOW! that’s more security than Amb Christopher Stevens got

    • GW

      Winner winner winner!

    • BlueGood

      Watch this revealing vid about Stalin, and you will see, as I did last night, the remarkable similarities in the M.O. of your current administration….

      Control and steal the message of the masses, insert yourself into every facet of their lives, and you can do what ever the hell you want….

      Uploaded Feb. 2012.

      • CH

        So true, reading a bio about A. Solzenitsym. It was like reading a chapter out of b.o.’s play book.
        Attack the “rich”, then the church, make it fruitful to be part of the revolution, marginalize anyone who opposes it…eventually arresting, killing & torture follow. Propagandise everything. History repeats itself out of ignorance & complacency.
        Rome is burning and we are eating, drinking & partying. WAKE UP!

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      *Golf Clap*

    • lainer51

      best post of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • V the K

      The real irony: M’Chel Obama giving the Oscar to a movie about *rescuing* hostages from an Embassy.

      • Vennoye

        And people think God doesn’t have a sense of humor!!

      • BlueGood


        As Jimmy Carter told CNN prior to the Oscars, while “90% of the
        contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was
        Canadian,” the film “gives almost full credit to the American CIA.

        “The main hero,” said Carter, “was Ken Taylor, who was the Canadian
        ambassador who orchestrated the entire (rescue) process.” But, hey,
        that’s show business, right?

    • Douglas White

      Truly, a classic post filled with truth :)

  • pete pochkowski

    she thinks, walks, talks and acts like Evita Peron…..I do not and did not watch the Oscars last night, nor do I care about them, but seeing this “Oscar moment” and the way she disrespected our military by using human props makes me sick, period.

    • $24698634

      “Oh, good for you!” (Christian Bale).

      • kobrien674

        Christian Bale? WTF?

  • reneehaigh

    they use the military for their own selfish needs:they use EVERYBODY! they rewarded boobamas wife with the winner is: because Hollywood was rewarded with millions in tax cuts and he is going to acting school to learn how to play the part of a president because up until now him and her are complete flops in playing the distinctive roles of their office in washington. she is NO first lady: Laura Bush: Nancy Reagan: even hillary was a better first lady: all she wants is to be a glorified nanny of the nation! she should clean her own house before she disgraces ours!

  • RIChris

    It may just be a harbinger of things to come. The Obamas will control everything and everyone, with the aid of martial law. Weinstein and friends would do well to remember that in cases like this, there ARE NO protected classes.

    • Greg

      Can you be more specific as to how the Obamas are going to “control everything”? I’m very interested, as my nuclear fallout shelter is far from completed.

    • leftwingthom

      Even though it’s the GOP that’s trying to rig the electoral college.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Funny, I seem to recall the Dems doing the same thing during the Bush years.

      • Adam Baumb

        Rigging the electoral college is liberal code for voter ID laws. Here’s the hard part for you left wing morons — the carnival huckster did not win a single state that has functional voter ID laws on the books. Not one — and not even close. Speaks volumes about the constituency of the Democratic Party and the sycophants comprising it.

  • ldwaddell

    Why is her ass wider than her shoulders?

    • Shawn


    • $36544368

      She’s not eating her broccoli.

  • Hat Whit

    Someone over at Weasel Zippers has pointed out that at least some of those military folk are the same who stood behind the Prez for his sequester tirade.

  • lazypadawan

    Oh looky, Stephanie Cutter (yes, THAT Stephanie Cutter) was hired by Harvey Weinstein to promote “Silver Linings Playbook”:
    The Obamazation of Hollywood is complete.

  • James

    How ’bout someone ask the “props” if they were happy to be on Live TV, on the Oscars, with the First Lady? …Pretty sure they were all thrilled to do it, morons.

    • rosetta_stoned

      Which I suppose – according to you – that makes it A-OK to pimp out members of our military for M.O.’s personal gain.

    • lainer51

      only if they were the morons.

  • SineWaveII


  • poljunkie♪

    How far away are we from the Government running the television?

    • stellatruman

      Pretty sure we are already there with mainstream media already

  • Greg

    Yeah, nothing like Bush using an entire aircraft carrier and hundreds of soldiers for his “Mission Accomplished” party. Or, the Republican party using Herman Cain as a prop for “Hey, we like minorities too….as long as they’re millionaires!”.

    • Corey Dennison

      1. Sailors are found on USN ships…not soldiers.
      2. The sailors put up the sign to commemorate their return from a long deployment…not the WH
      3. Bush was the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. You know what that entails, right? He wasn’t chillin’ with Hollywood actors for a frickin’ award show.
      4. Herman Cain wasn’t a prop. He was the #1 prospect until the Dem media took him out. But thank you for showing us how libs think.

      • Greg

        Do you have amnesia? It was a scheduled, written, televised speech to announce that major combat operations in Iraq were coming to an end (keep in mind this is 2003). It was George W. Bush’s idea to do a speech in front of a “Mission Accomplished” sign in the middle of two wars, it doesn’t matter who put it up. And Obama isn’t “chillin’ with Hollywood actors for a frickin’ award show.” And yes I do know what COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF entails, when it comes to Obama, it means finally capturing and killing the most wanted man in the world, while Bush was chillin’ on his ranch in Texas watching the middle east burn. Also, if you honestly think the Republican party had any intention of choosing Herman Cain for the Republican ticket, you guys are crazier than I thought. It wasn’t the Dems who nailed that coffin, it was the fact he had no idea what the Arab spring was while it was happening.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Nice set of Soros talking points…you really earned your nickel on that post!

          • Greg

            Well if that’s the case, I could say this whole thread is FOX News talking points, at least I get my facts straight.

        • Corey Dennison


          Okay boy…since you dodged the facts and skipped right to some more talking points, we’ll consider your post a concession. But let’s take down your favorite new one: “But Obama got bin Laden”

          Question: What policy change from Bush’s did Obama implement that actually lead to locating/killing bin Laden?
          Answer: None…in fact, it was Bush’s policies (specifically waterboarding) that yielded the information on his whereabouts.

          Thank you Seal Team Six and President George W Bush!

          — Why did it take 16 hours for pResident Scooter to make a decision to go or no go?
          — Why did he have to be pulled off the golf course after Panetta actually made the decision himself?
          — Why did Obammy insist on a memo being drawn up that would place the Blame on the Admirial in charge should anything go wrong with the mission?
          — Why does he still take all the credit?
          — Why didn’t he get ANY boost in his approval ratings from this? (Could it be that Americans could see through this idiot, and didn’t enjoy him spiking the football conatantly?)

          You have some Homework boy…better get to it.

  • seriouslysickntired

    Not really sure if these are military personnel props or white house wait staff props.

  • AFV

    It sure beats getting shot at in Afghanistan wouldn’t they agree?

  • CPOSharkey

    Best Line in Argo was when one of the CIA characters said Carter was shitting enough brick to build a house and all I could think of was at least he cared enough, as incompetent as he was, to shit some bricks. Our current president apparently rolled over and went to sleep while folks were actually being killed on his watch.


    #POTUS – #FLOTUS – remind me of the #Gatecrasher #Salahis No more no less #LNYHBT #WHOISCHRISSTEVENS #BENGHAZIGATE

  • *✿*Blueburb*✿*

    Mo, nobody wants to look at your greasy skin.
    Try to have just a little respect for the position you hold.
    You are a stain on American history

  • Marty Luther

    Silly people. We are all Obama props.

  • catholic_citizen

    It is not the ‘audacity of hope’ . It is – and always has been – the ‘audacity of hubris’. Glad America is starting to catch on…too bad they didn’t start thinking until after the election. Mrs. Romney wouldn’t have been so crass. Actually, Hollywood wouldn’t have asked the First Lady if Mr. Romney had won the election.

    • ItalicizedMalice

      Mrs Romney would not have done what Michelle (and Laura) did by going on the Oscars?

      (spoiler alert, Reagan did it too)

      • Corey Dennison

        Reagan actually had personal ties: Reagan was once President of the SAG, was once Governor of CA, where Hollywood is found, and was also personally acquainted with many of the people in the room.

        Nice try.

        • ItalicizedMalice

          so it was different because…’murika


          • Corey Dennison

            So you’re not shy about ignoring facts in front of everyone and showing your ignorance. And you have no real answer.


          • ItalicizedMalice

            asinine premise worthy of nothing but mockery

            obviously producers of the show wanted her on, no different from Ronnie

          • ItalicizedMalice

            she was invited to participate just like St Ronnie and Laura Bush

            there is no difference (other than you don’t like her)

      • catholic_citizen

        And Mrs. Bush read the best picture with a backdrop of pentagon armchair hussars? I think not.

        Please stalk someone else.

  • DANEgerus

    Michelle gave out Oscar to a movie about our Embassy being overrun by Jihadists during Carter(D)’s Democrat administration while Obama covers up lapses that let to Jihadists overrunning our Embassy during his Democrat administration while using soldiers her husband didn’t leave to die amongst ass-raping Jihadists… yet.

  • DANEgerus

    Hanoi Jane(D) as a presenter and Jeffrey Katzenberg(D-Obama) getting an honorary Oscar were icing on the cake…

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Trying to look as though the military supports our boy Obama…fat chance.

  • Cyberquill

    The latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition also sparked disgust for having used members of minority as background props against the bikini models. So which is worse?

  • william warbington

    Her and her husband need to be put in jail for what they are doing, I bet it was over a 3 Mil. dollar night for her.

  • Candy Conservative

    What was she doing there in the first place? They both pretend to be something that they are not, nor will they ever be. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Did I say sow? Oh well.

  • Alan Herrera

    Does FLOTUS stand for “failed leadership of the United States of America”?

    • Greg

      What do you have against Michelle? What has she done to you? And, if you were to meet her, would you say that to her face? Thanks.

      • stellatruman

        I’ll answer that one for you..what I have against her today in particular is her shameless spending of American tax dollars while she goes on her pop culture tour and talk show circuit. It is disgraceful for her to show up and present and a hollywood awards ceremony , wasting security personel ( more than was there for Ambassador Stevens ) while the people in this country are struggling to pay their mortgages, insurance, losing jobs, sequestration looming in a matter of is absolutely disgusting , in your face dispaly of wasted tax dollars.
        That’s just today…I am reasonably certain the two occupiers of the WH will piss me off tomorrow and until their sorry asses vacate

        • Greg

          ….you do realize that the numbers generated for the first family’s vacations are grossly inaccurate right? They’re all generated by right wing “news” sources. The Obama’s expenditure for travel is no more than past presidents. All of these “talking tours” are paid for by the money she gets for actually talking. I’ll ask again, without using false claims about the first family, what problems do you have with them? Also, why do suspend judgement about past presidents expenditure for security and travel? If you look at vacation time spent, George W. Bush has FAR more days than Obama will ever have. He spent so many, that he started calling his trips to the Ranch “business meetings” to divert attention. The facts can’t be disputed, just look up the numbers regarding vacation days.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            They’re all generated by right wing ‘news’ sources…

            Like Huffing-glue Post? Like MSN?

  • Batang Makati

    we have a sorry ass leader, who got elected because his Black,,..and now we get this ugly woman using and abusing her authority every chance she gets….while ignoring the 4 dead americans that was killed by obamas islamic people..

  • disgusted

    If you think about it, she had every right to be there….she’s been “acting” for years! I’m just glad no one nominated her for an award for it. Unless it was a Darwin award, then, yes, she should get one! But this pic also made me wonder if the “props” were actors as well? No military personnel I know would be caught dead anywhere near her!

  • DisgustedinTexas04

    He uses children as props.She uses our military. NO shame there,sadly.

  • Lawson Lamar

    FLOTUS and POTUS can do things like this because they’re black. And if you criticize them you’re racist. Get it through your thick crania people. This is the NWO.

  • Deryl Willis

    It Sucks

  • Deryl Willis

    Kelly you make the internet sick with your sucking up to the bummers.

  • Chip

    Argo, six embassy employees come home. Benghazi, not so much….

  • Tarantula2

    No class whatsoever…

  • George Murrey

    At first, I thought the flotus would have these young Marines singing. What a appointment.There was no reason to have them there, but as well all know, politicians love props. This was in poor taste and no use for them. Or is it that she, like hubby, is so insecure she needs some kind of back up?

  • disqus_oC9tynGEBY

    Oh the irony!! FLOTUS presents an award for Best Picture Argo……Argo a movie about rescuing embassy personnel…….like POTUS did in Benghazi???

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Simple mistake… she misread the brief and thought the title was “EGO” and that it was about her and Zero.

  • demsaredelusional

    Let me get this straight she presents the award for a movie about the dramatic rescue of diplomats from violent radical muslim extremists. Yet her husband did nothing to rescue a diplomat from radical muslim extremist. I get it.

  • Bill Richardson

    MY Guess: They were part of an Army Band or Army Chorus entertaining at the WH, and they were asked to stand behind the First Lady while she read her script. No blame to the Army- they are not in a position to say “no” and the NCOIC or Officer in Charge wouldn’t turn down the request either. Is it the right thing for her to request? Of course not.

    • Guest

      that’s probably the USMC “President’s Own” orchestra….

    • Christopher Hayes

      I like your answer but I’m not 100% in agreement, I don’t think anyone gets near the Obamas without signing an oath of loyalty. Those folks know they are not loved by everyone.

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    I guess they couldn’t find columns to place around the FLOTUS so they got some stools instead.

  • no good deed

    Yes, military personnel around the world got dolled up in their mess dress to honor Hollywood. After all, making a movie about a war is soooo much riskier than actually fighting one.

  • stillinthe60s

    Everyone sees military props. I see white military props with emphasis on white. Could it be payback for all the times they feel minorities were used as props? Or is it Mrs BO’s way of signaling to whitey who’s got the power now? Just asking.

  • Adam Baumb

    You all need to remember who watches this load of horse manure in the first place. No rational American watches the Academy Awards unless there is absolutely nothing else to do anywhere on the planet. Secondly, the wife of the carnival huckster plays to the morons that voted for them — commonly known as a low information voter. Hollywood is a cesspool and the wife of the carnival huckster sanctions every bit of the slime coming out of it. Those service personnel should be ashamed — disciplined for allowing such a despicably patronizing gesture.

  • jensensah

    I don’t watch the Hollyweirdo love fest! It disgusts me. But when you have your so called first lady, and our half assed so called POTUS constantly partaking in these disgusting love fest….it only solidifies the fact, that Obummer and Mooochele, think they hit the lottery. This is nothing but one big disgusting GAME, to them. I am so sick of their narcissism. I could scream. Just think we have another 4 years of seeing their hateful, arrogant, mugs plastered everywhere! God help us all!

  • pen44

    The Bamstas, he & she, are such low class poseurs!! This is disgusting!

    Thank the Kennedys for this continued fawning over Hollyweird. Also, please note, that Repubs are much less dependent on the industry that has done so much to destroy American families & culture. They spread their depravity & misinformation with every movie the make.

  • Joe Dutra

    Looks like FLOTUS borrowed Kim Kardashian’s rear.

  • Mary

    They look more like groupies then military personal.

    • Roto

      From FLOTUS Office: “The first lady’s office said Monday night that the service members were White House military social aides who worked at the Governor’s Dinner earlier in the evening.”

      • Corey Dennison

        Otherwise known in military parlance as “Targets of opportunity”

  • Trey_F

    Why is the FLOTUS endorsing a group that discriminates? Having separate awards for male and female professionals who are doing the same work? Is this the 14th century? The barbarism! Is Daniel Day Lewis a better actor that Quvenzhané Wallis? Why the separate-but-equal…nay, apartheid between male and female actors. ONE award, Best Actor, where men and women compete against each other. Oh dear, I hope female actors are paid 100% the pat male actors receive – I dread to think that the FLOTUS would honor a dscriminatory industry with her presence. Don’t Cry For Me, Argentiiiiiina…

  • Guest

    Everyone knows that the left only views the military as props. Why should that have changed last night? My question is why did anyone on the right even watch? Anyone who claims to be a conservativve and yet finances leftist propaganda by attending movies or watching network television needs to truly question if they are truly conservative. Yes I know Limbaugh watched it last evening, and in my humble opinion he should not have.

  • Christopher Hayes

    there are five classes of liberals:
    1. wackos: the left fringe elements intent on imposing their ‘religious’ agenda on all of humanity.
    2. entitlements: people who believe it’s the government’s job to support them cradle to grave with every desire they have. Sandra Flukes who want everyone to pay for her personal condom budget.
    3. victim: they believe the white business man (or any person who succeeded on their own) is out to get them and if the government doesn’t protect them they will ultimately lose.
    4. elitist: those who feel they are morally and intelligently superior to you because they were educated in a liberal silo college, mostly lawyers and career politicians.
    5. jellyfish: those who feel their race, religion or creed infringes on others and so as to not offend they vote against their better judgement.

  • stellatruman

    Isn’t it nauseating to ponder how much taxpayer money was wasted on her night at the Oscars while sequester looms and real people are faced with loss of income ..and her husbands endless campaigning to support his dictatorship

  • $48245650

    And furthermore, her dress revealed an unacceptable amount of black

  • JustMyOpinion


    Narcissist like her loser husband

  • Smitty 

    Yes, I am sure those members of the armed services were just so angry to be included in an Oscar ceremony.

    • Seola

      You’d be surprised… there are multiple stories detailing how when Obama speaks at a base, a soldier is ORDERED to come, stand around and look thrilled. Some have even detailed threats of violating the UCMJ for not doing so.

      • Smitty 

        WHAT?! Someone is ordered to come to listen to their commander in chief? Which is covered under the UCMJ? How dare the Military listen to the CIC, and look interested. I am sure every president has had the same people who either enjoy or can’t stand their CIC. Problem is, that he has been elected, and is their boss, you have no choice in this matter.

        • Corey Dennison

          Problem is, that he has been elected, and is their boss, you have no choice in this matter.
          Doesn’t mean we respected Clinton, or this moron we currently have.

          Mary and mike_in_kosovo are correct. You should listen to them.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        That happened over here when Biden visited… nobody was allowed out during his ‘speech’.

    • Corey Dennison

      Don’t speak for us, okay?

      • Smitty 

        Were you there? Standing behind Mrs. Obama? No? You’re complaining on Michelle Malkin’s Website? Then Shut up.

        • Corey Dennison

          Did you serve, punk? The don’t think that you are in any way qualified to speak on the opinions of military members.

          So shut up, then.

          • Smitty 

            Yes I did. So Kiss my ass.

  • GMA213
  • ratizbad

    Here is the problem with America right now..My list of corruption:

    Barack Hussein Obama (Dictator)

    Joe Biden (Vice Dictator)

    Valerie Jarrett (Senior Communist Advisor Shiraz, Iran)

    Eric Holder (Second In Command DOIJ)

    David Axlerod (Communist Spokesperson)

    Leon Panetta (Anti- Defense Secretary)

    General David Howell Petraeus (Corrupt Intelligence Agency)

    Harry Reid (Senate Majority Communist)

    Nancy Pelosi (Minority Communist Leader)

    Janet Napolitano (Head of Homeland Insecurity)

    The Lame Stream Media (Communist Journalist)

    The Liberal Communist Party (Also Known As Democrats)

    I promise the most corrupt AD the US has ever seen,Just think what it will be like in 4 more years…Please all be prepared ..It is going to be one hell of a ride…

  • John Clement

    how do we know those people weren’t dressed from some hollywood studio?

    • Roto

      From FLOTUS Office: “The first lady’s office said Monday night that the service members were White House military social aides who worked at the Governor’s Dinner earlier in the evening.”
      Two men from left are Marines (eagle, globe & anchor on collar, and blood stripe).

  • GMMI

    It would be nice if the troops and vets weren’t just props for the WH and the Obamas. They use them, abuse them, misuse them, and then throw them away.

  • leftwingthom

    I can’t wait until we have another Republican president/first lady who does the exact same thing as this, so I can listen to you all stand up for him/her.

    • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

      Hey….the last president who did this was Billie and Hillary Clinton…No…the liberal Media and the hollyweirds hate the Republicans…so….who cares?…Obama bashes them all day every day and then those stupid idiots vote for them anyway….Why? They get the big perks and the $Millions in subsidies…they are a bunch of two face slops…Like the Clintons…these two Obamas cannot stand the military…they are way below their standards…

    • Corey Dennison

      Yeah, because that has happened zero times so far.

      • Smitty 

        Really, I seem to remember “Mission Accomplished” on the deck of an Air Craft carrier 10 or so years ago….

        • Roto

          ^^ you’re gonna need some hernia mesh from that stretch….

    • Douglas White

      I can’t wait for a conservative too. So you lefties will shut up and go away, hopefully.

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    The biggest mouth and the uglier dress ever seen…she needs all the help she can get…so Obama… bring me some young handsome well dressed soldiers…I, like you need some props…

  • gaylib

    Why do you wing nuts hate the military so much? You really think they are so stupid and vapid to be used as “props”. Your disrespectful use of our military to take cheap shots at Obama is what’s REALLY disgusting.

    • Corey Dennison

      Please don’t speak for me, or the others I have served with, okay?

    • TomJB

      Right, and you aren’t using the military as a pawn to make your “point,” are you?

      I am active duty and have never been the target of any anti-military hate here
      except from the trolls in posts like yours.

      • Douglas White

        Thank you for your service Tom. My years were 1985-92 US Army, 54E NBC

    • Douglas White

      For the office of Commander in Chief to demonize the military constantly, it obviously speaks for itself. No respect for the military whatsoever, unless it is a talking point and drama for sequestration that HE initiated. What a bunch of posers on the left.

    • Douglas White

      Ever serve gaylib? If you had, you would know that they are doing as they are told. It is called following orders. By the way, it is You’re (as in you are) not your. You lefties are usually the grammar nazis. Funny when it works the other way.

  • Orlando Cee

    Imelda Marcos must have been Moochelle’s idol when she still a young girl.

  • SaraB55

    Michelle and Barry would have made excellent dictators for some third-world banana republic.

    • $27789750

      Or barnstorming, blow hard black preachers and wife fleecing the foolish out of their money in a leased Crystal Cathedral. Flim flammers, both.

  • $27789750

    I did not know until this AM that it was feed from the WH. That’s even worse..That pair cannot do anything without flaunting themselves. They disgust…yes, disgust.

  • Prairie_W

    She could have been on an aircraft carrier wearing a flight suit…

    • Corey Dennison

      But given that she’s not the CinC and has absolutely ZERO role in military affairs, that probably would never happen.

      Just sayin’ is all.

  • VerminMcCann

    Say what you want about Dear Leader and his wife, but none of those grinning dildos look upset about being there. Conservatives have an inexcusable blind spot for the moonbattery that has saturated our military. I was officially discharged last year, and for the rest of my life, I’ll wake up grateful that I’ll never have to take another order from or pretend to respect people like that.

  • ArtieThe1

    But she has such great arms. Sigh.
    /sarc off.

  • $35072932

    Another example of the BSM protecting the regime from itself:

    ABC broadcast edits out Michelle Obama claim that Chicago teen was killed by an ‘automatic weapon’

    “She was caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons they didn’t need,” the First Lady explained. “I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.”

    It is extremely unlikely that the murder weapon was an automatic handgun, an extremely rare occurrence, even in the streets of Chicago.

    For the broadcast, ABC’s Good Morning America producers edited out the First Lady’s “automatic weapon” line.

    She was standing out in a park with her friends in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grow – grew – up, where our house is. She had just taken a chemistry test. And she was caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons they didn’t need. I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.

  • Cynthia Flanagan

    Moochelle realy takes being first lady to the enth degree. Why did she preach “good nutrition, when she knew right well the percentage of families could NOT afford it.
    Barry took from the ppl and she was his co-hort. What a joke both of them are!

  • John Beam

    I’m not the least surprised by this. In fact, it is rather fitting of her to have ONLY WHITE service men and women there, because, as I have read about her behavior in the White House, M.O. treats military and secret service personnel like SERVANTS.

    I’m sure that when it was over, and the cameras were off, she dismissed them with “you all can go now…I’m through.”

  • StarDust5062

    Are those even real Military personnel? Or the Obama’s personal little Army?

    • Roto

      yes, they were “White House military social aides.” But if it weren’t for Jill Biden suggesting that Michelle work with military families for good PR cover, Michelle wouldn’t have had anything to do with servicemen….

  • Kalya Rosenauer

    It makes me want to throw up.

  • Kalya Rosenauer

    It makes me want to throw up.