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More human prop-aganda: Children call for federal #StrongStart pre-K program


Proponents of universal federal preschool are uniting behind the Strong Start for America’s Children Act, cosponsored by  Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif). The legislation would create a federal preschool program for all four-year-old children from low- to moderate-income families in the country. Heritage estimates the program would cost federal taxpayers $26.8 billion over […]

‘Line-up puppet show': Obama recruits more human prop-aganda to push for UI extension


That’s a rhetorical question, right? All rested and refreshed from his Hawaiian vacay, President Obama took to the podium today to inform us that extending long-term unemployment benefits would boost the economy. For reals! But talk is cheap, so he turned to some human prop-aganda for help: President being introduced by unemployed woman who is […]

More human prop-aganda: Dems display ‘faces of hunger’ in food stamp debate

Michelle Obama

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Texas Rep. Steve Stockman’s interns were reportedly barred from bringing photos of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods to the the Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Benghazi. There was apparently no problem bringing photos of the “faces of hunger” — not to mention a steak, a bottle […]

‘They’re gonna look good next to us': President Prop-aganda recruits Marines to hold umbrellas [pics, video]

obama umbrella

Out: I support the troops. In: The troops support my umbrella.

President Prop-aganda taps Newtown mom to push ‘gun responsibility reforms’ in weekly address


More exploitative political theater from President Prop-aganda. Well how about that. #obama is using Newton Parents as pawns to war on behalf of all #Americans against the 2nd Amendment. Thanks 4 nothing. — Shaughn (@Shaughn_A) April 13, 2013 Instead of delivering his usual weekly address, Obama turned over the mic to Francine Wheeler, mother of a […]

First responder on stage with President Prop-aganda: I ‘felt like a potted plant’


After Obama’s sequester event, one of the first responders on stage told me that he “felt like a potted plant.” — Brian Hughes (@BrianHughesDC) February 19, 2013 Washington Examiner White House correspondent Brian Hughes reports that one of the first responders who joined President Obama on stage at this morning’s fear-monger-palooza “felt like a potted […]

Human prop-aganda: Obama to announce gun control measures flanked by kids

Let him be clear: President Obama does everything he does for the children. And tomorrow, when he reveals his gun control plans, he’s going to make sure you all know it — by surrounding himself with kids. Endless campaign: WH to trot out “the children” for Obama’s gun grab — JWF (D) (@JammieWF) January 15, […]

‘Blinded by your ideology': Man used as Wendy Davis’ prop should rethink his support

Wendy Davis

This man deserves better.

Hey, media! Does this genius Wendy Davis truth-snark prove you are beyond parody? (Yes) [photo]


You might want to take a look at THIS, lapdogs. Advocacy journalism backfire!

Baby got gaffe: Was this Hillary Clinton’s most ‘garbage snake’ idiocy yet?


Predictable politicization.

‘Vastly more respectful': Sally Kohn’s ‘giant AHEM’ on latte salute fails to impress

sally kohn


‘Freaks!’ Joe Bastardi retweets photo of ‘ideological child abuse’ at #PeopleClimateMarch


Children as pawns.