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‘No plane wreckage had been found’: Authorities deny report that MH370 discovered in the Philippines

Not a shocker.

‘#InstantClassic’: CNN attempts to shatter irony record with latest #MH370 story [pic]


In continuing Flight MH370 news, CNN has ‘garbage man’ explain trash; Corrected

In its coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, CNN has already had experts on to explain black holes and zombie planes. Today, as searches of the Indian Ocean turn up only trash unrelated to the plane, CNN went straight to the garbage man for an expert opinion. CNN has a garbage man on right […]

‘That’s terrible!’ New York Times’ cringe-worthy ad placement above #MH370 story [pic]

“VERY awkward”

‘How is this OK?’ Relatives of MH370 victims grief-stricken when informed by text [photo]


‘Crass in the extreme’: MH370 families notified of passengers’ awful fate via text message [pic]

As Twitchy reported, the Malaysian prime minister recently announced that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean. Families of the missing passengers found out a bit sooner than the rest of us — via text message: Malaysia Airlines sends families text message to say they have to assume aircraft went down in sea […]

Malaysian PM: Flight MH370 crashed in Indian Ocean

No survivors.

This is CNN: Flight MH370 speculation moves from black holes to ‘zombie plane’

Seriously? CNN's Wolf Blitzer about to reveal "a chilling new theory" about that Malaysian airliner that rendered it a "zombie" plane. I'm speechless. — kerry dougherty (@kerrydougherty) March 20, 2014 Please tell me I have horrible hearing and wolf blitzed did not just say we are going to explore a zombie theory re: plane — […]

Did missing flight MH370 ‘shadow’ Singapore Airlines 777 to evade detection?

Plenty of theories about the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 have been making the rounds, but one new theory is generating a lot of chatter today. Keith Ledgerwood, who calls himself a hobby pilot and aviation enthusiast, wonders if Flight 370 possibly shadowed a Singapore Airlines 777, following closely enough to appear as a single […]

#MH370 watchers asking questions about Diego Garcia

Stay tuned.

‘Fishy’: Suspicions mount after bizarre, alarming Malaysia PM’s #MH370 revelations

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak’s press conference on missing airliner #MH370 raises more questions than it answers.

‘Did she also do sound FX?’ CNN host breaks out toy airplane for #MH370 segment [pic]


‘Thank you God’: Amazing tweets tell story of missed Flight MH370 to Beijing

The tweets tell the story.

'Dear CNN': Viewers beg for less crazy in coverage of Air Asia crash

“CNN is going full crazy”

No, CNN didn't win an award for its coverage of the Malaysian 'zombie plane'

Who hasn’t mixed up a flight number?

Mockery that never gets old! This 'psychological test' for plane-obsessed CNN is gold [pic]

Mockery perfection.

‘Class move’: Anderson Cooper will not show images of grieving family members

In its coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, it might seem as though CNN is running footage of devastated family members 24 hours a day. Thanks to Anderson Cooper, the number is actually closer to 23 hours a day. Cooper has pledged not to show video of shattered family members, deeming it intrusive. For the […]

Flight 370 ‘flew directly to heaven’: Dupes fall for Daily Currant’s Sarah Palin satire

Satire is hard.

Dennis Miller: Left now playing ‘six degrees of global warming’

Is the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 being hampered by climate change? CNN jumped the global warming shark already this year by asking if climate change was responsible for an approaching asteroid. Is there anything that can’t be blamed on global warming? @DennisDMZ there’s no win for us deniers anymore. We will be beat […]

‘Wow’: Is this missing 777 plane’s ‘breaking’ black box news CNN’s most ridiculous yet?

So this happened.

Bam! Melissa Joan Hart has had it with CNN’s missing plane obsession; Here’s how to switch focus to Ukraine

This is CNN.

Melissa Joan Hart asks CNN to mix it up a bit

Nearly 100 people so far have favorited Melissa Joan Hart’s tweet asking for some CNN to cover something other than the missing Flight 370. Some news about Ukraine, perhaps? @MelissaJoanHart @CNN Can't talk now. #Aliens #BlackHoles #SharkJumping — J. Keller (@Thunderous_Nerd) March 22, 2014 @MelissaJoanHart I was just thinking the same….. — Janelle Singh (@janellejeevan) March […]

‘Not fiction nor funny’: ‘Gilligan’s Island’s’ Dawn Wells not amused by Flight 370 Photoshop

Now that CNN is entertaining theories of black holes and “zombie planes” in its coverage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, it’s almost too much to hope for some dignity for the 239 people on board and their families. Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island,” took exception to a Photoshop making the rounds […]

CNN entertains theory missing airliner swallowed by black hole; Cosmic mockery ensues [video]

So that just happened.

‘Now THAT’S funny!’ Jonah Goldberg knows where the missing 777 plane’s flight data is


Brilliant! Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson has some #HelpfulHints for S.E. Cupp

Why didn’t we think of that?

‘Seems legit’: More CNN presenters get to play with toy plane

It was strange when one CNN anchor held up a toy Boeing 777 as part of the network’s Malaysian Airlines coverage, but either CNN has bought enough for everyone, or the on-air staff have learned to share their toys. Coverage of Malaysia Airways flight #MH370 story hits a new low as some CNN presenters resorts […]

‘Really, CNN?’: Viewers are certain it’s not a ‘Bowing’ 777 [pics]

This is CNN.

Malaysia Airlines has ‘lost contact’ with plane carrying 239 people; Updated

Boeing 777-200 scheduled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing