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Ah, the tolerant Left! Bill Maher gay-baits Michele Bachmann’s husband


Surprise! Pig Maher’s gay-baiting again. Today’s target: Marcus Bachmann. Congrats to Red Sox – they have fans all over the country. Michele Bachmann loves them cuz she feels camaraderie with people who have beards — Bill Maher (@billmaher) October 31, 2013 Jackass. @billmaher on the funny meter..that is a big fat 'zero" like most of […]

Angry lefties spew bile, death wishes in case SCOTUS rules against gay marriage


The Supreme Court has yet to issue a ruling on same-sex marriage, but that’s no reason vicious lefties can’t get preemptively nasty.

Hillary evolves on gay marriage, mysteriously avoids getting Portman’d by lefties

Hillary Clinton

Gay-lo and behold! In a new video, Hillary Clinton officially came out in support of gay marriage: This is, of course, a truly unprecedented event, and one that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that when it comes to gay rights, liberals are waaaaay ahead of conservatives. Or not: […]

Sexist heckling! Gun rights proponent Gayle Trotter mocked by media, attacked by Left; Medea Benjamin calls her ‘crazy'; Update: Sexist parody account


As Twitchy reported this morning, attorney Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women’s Forum spoke at the senate gun-grabbing hearing. Speaking out and thinking for oneself? That doesn’t suit, according to Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin and other “feminists,” including members of the media.

Leftist bigotry: Pig Maher gay-baits Ryan, says ‘Obama is too white,’ minorities are poor, take bus


Yes, Bill Maher, Obama’s “Million Dollar Man,” let his racist mask slip once again. According to Pig Maher, President Obama is “too white.” But, it’s kind of okay because “when it comes to knowing how to fight, he’s black.” But, of course, it’s not racist if a million-dollar-donating liberal does it. It’s okay if Senator Reid says that Obama sure does talk purty. For a black guy and all. And it’s totally fine when Bill Maher doubles-down on his racism. This isn’t the first time he has complained that President Obama isn’t black enough for his lily-white, idjit self.

Rick Santorum hits Chick-fil-A before Ted Cruz rally; Left says, ‘You’re gay!’


Last time Rick Santorum tweeted about eating at Chick-fil-A, vile progressives suggested he had a gay, incestuous relationship with his own children. Today Santorum thumbed his nose at the hateful Left by stopping at Chick-fil-A on his way to a Ted Cruz rally.

Predictably, the oh-so-tolerant Left couldn’t wait to insinuate that Rick Santorum is a vocal supporter of Chick-fil-A because he’s secretly gay. How original. As always, leave it to Left to use “gay” as a slur.

Rick Santorum tweets about Chick-fil-A; Left responds with sexual slurs, gay-baiting


As tolerance tyrants attempt to block Chick-fil-A franchises in Chicago and Boston, former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum tweeted his support for eating “mor chikin.”

The Left’s tolerance bullies immediately suspended their No H8 campaign to assail Santorum and his children with sexual slurs, accusations of bigotry and the always popular “You’re gay!”

Gay ex-Romney aide Grenell breaks silence; ‘most hateful’ comments from left

The gay fomer foreign policy and national security spokesman for Mitt Romney has broken his silence and is now speaking out about his resignation. Grenell is now saying that he was not forced out. Instead he decided to resign because he felt he had become too much of a distraction.

Left makes hay over Grenell resignation yet responds to Romney with predictable gay slurs


The Left has been busily spinning the resignation of Romney spokesman Richard Grenell as some sort of anti-gay agenda by icky old Rethuglicans!!111 Some, like Cher, aren’t just spinning but are outright lying by claiming he was fired.

But how does the Left stand up for and ‘support’ gay people? Oh, by hurling gay slurs at anyone with whom they disagree. See, to them, being gay is a bad thing and worthy of insult.

Romney spokesman Grenell resigns, Left spins as ‘anti-gay’ but were tweets the real reason?


Romney spokesman Richard Grenell resigned today and, of course, the media is in full spin. They are trying to claim he was forced out by the “anti-gay right wing.” Because, haters or something. This doesn’t quite pass the smell … or the tweet … test. But, there is the Tweet Scandal Du Jour; Grenell had been frantically scrubbing tweets because the Left was jumping on them as “sexist.” And many are upset at once again being accused of bigotry as a matter of course.

‘Gay bike conspiracy’? Alec Baldwin’s biking arrest is ‘fun for everybody’! [pic]

Alec Baldwin arrest

“Doesn’t NYPD have a “Drunk Baldwin” squad in place?”

‘Ignorance on so many levels': John Fugelsang ‘jokes’ Michele Bachmann in gay marriage


Manufacturing hypocrisy by creating a fictional scenario