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Roger Ebert’s wife tweets from his account: ‘I wonder if he knew something we didn’t’

The late Roger Ebert celebrated his twentieth wedding anniversary with wife Chaz last year. Early this morning, she tweeted about the upcoming memorial for her husband and thanked those who reached out as she mourns. CHAZ HERE: Gratitude to many. Thank you Andy Davis, Michael Barker, Ava Duvernay for coming to Memorial Tribute — Roger […]

RIP: Legendary film critic Roger Ebert has passed away

Ebert was an entertainment industry power player for decades. He will certainly be missed.

Two thumbs up: Roger Ebert tweets support for Rand Paul

Liberals coming out in support of a politician with an (R) after his name? It’s happened a lot over the past two days, but it’s making people uncomfortable.

Two thumbs up: Roger Ebert tweets support for Rand Paul

Liberals coming out in support of a politician with an (R) after his name? It’s happened a lot over the past two days, but it’s making people uncomfortable.

Crackpot history: Roger Ebert tweets ‘The 2nd Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery’

No, really. Roger Ebert said that the 2nd Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery. The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slavery. — Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) January 16, 2013 While delusions and nonsense from Ebert are nothing new, Twitter users were swift to react to his absurd claim. Crackpot history: RT @ebertchicago: The […]

Roger Ebert: Obama blew the debate because he ‘was stuck with the truth’

And now we know Roger Ebert is a tool. Harry Shearer blamed the wimmenz. Michael Moore thought it was a loud boom. Ebert thinks it’s The Truth. @ebertchicago is that really te best you can do as an apologist? — Dennis Magnusson (@DennisMagnusson) October 4, 2012 Evidently. Ebert just doesn’t get it. Mitt Romney didn’t […]

Roger Ebert revives 5-year-old review of Mormon massacre film for 9/11

Remember “September Dawn,” that movie that came out in 2007 about a mid-19th century massacre of settlers by Mormon fanatics? No? Well, Roger Ebert does, and on 9/11, he wants you to remember it too. We’re not sure who was questioning the fairness of his zero-star review, exactly, but Ebert tweeted today that he stands […]

Roger Ebert takes biblical swipe at Mitt Romney

We’d heard a rumor somewhere that Mitt Romney is rich, and there have been rumblings about his faith as well. Roger Ebert, previously curious about the possible “gayness” of Romney’s garments, now takes a shallow dip into the Bible for a cheap swipe at the GOP candidate.

Shameful: Roger Ebert uses Sally Ride's death to bash Mitt Romney

Following in the muddy footsteps of Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, movie critic and leftist tool Roger Ebert is politicizing the life and death of astronaut Sally Ride, who passed away yesterday at 61. Like the typical liberal, Ebert fancies himself an intellectual, sensitive to political nuance and feminist issues. So what does it say about him […]

Roger Ebert links theater shooting to need for publicity, 'insane' gun laws

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Ebert ponders why a public that is so well armed didn’t fire back at James Holmes as he allegedly fired upon a packed movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

Bigots: Roger Ebert, Salon: 'So what's the deal with magic Mormon underwear? Gay?'

Ah, the tolerance bullies are back with their intolerance and bigotry. Last night, it was Salon and Roger Ebert, both taking a page from Cher’s anti-Mormon bigot book. The oh-so-enlightened, Smarter Than You Roger Ebert tweeted out the despicable Salon article and was quickly taken to task by Twitter users.

Roger Ebert writes something unfortunate

As if his political tweets weren’t bad enough, Roger had to go and sprain our imaginations. Thanks a lot.

Film critic Rogert Ebert commits #copypastefail

@ebertchicago Thinking about buying a Jeep? Or should we be? #copypastefail — Jesse Wallace (@TheJesseWallace) March 31, 2012

Tweeters wonder who CNN reporter Miguel Marquez was talking to on his phone all day long [photos]

Can you hear me now?

#GlobalCitizenEarthDay concert leaves quite a footprint on National Mall [photos]

Who could have predicted this mess?

'Touching' tribute: Flashback from Byron York launches search for Joe Biden's self-awareness

Exception to his own rule?

Vox: ‘Selma’ was ‘snubbed’ because of old, white men; Twitter: You ‘tools.’ It was nominated for Best Picture

“Or… maybe it’s just a really good movie without a lot of elite individual components.”

So NOW Mayor Rahm Emanuel is getting tough on crime?

“More empty election year promises.”

Students 'traumatized' by non-indictments of cops may reschedule exams


Where's the global warming? Third earliest snow since 1884 strikes Chicago

Maybe all the ice from the North Pole is headed to Chicago?

'Blood on their hands': Kristen Johnston slams RadarOnline for posting Robin Williams AA photo

“Addicts are NOT amusing. Addicts are NOT salacious. Addicts are NOT your entertainment.”

‘The nerve’: Flippant Dems mock search for Lerner emails with ‘birther,’ Area 51 comparisons

Obama administration’s loyal congressional guardians working hard.

‘Screw the censors’! Elaine Stritch drops the F-bomb on the ‘TODAY Show’ [Vine]

Who says little old ladies have to be prim and proper? Annnnnnnd an F bomb on the today show! — Kaleigh (@OurRejubilation) February 18, 2014 This morning, 89-year-old actress and singer Elaine Stritch got a bit saucy on “TODAY”: NBC censors should have been more on the ball with Elaine Stritch on. She just dropped […]

Photoshoppers have fun with President Obama’s ‘Promise Zones’

Thursday morning, President Obama announced the creation of five “Promise Zones,” in which the federal government “will partner in helping local leaders develop policies that improve education, protect the most vulnerable, and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.” One thing the president’s speech did encourage was the creative spirit. The US is a broken promise zone because of […]

Awesome: George W. and H.W. Bush lead Houston Texans onto field in salute to military

Very cool.

Madder than heck? Whatever! It’s a day ending in ‘y,’ so guess what Obama is doing

Nothing to see here, guys. Move along. Pres Obama Golfing at Joint Base Andrews. Golf partners Joe Paulsen, Walt Nicholson and Marvin Nicholson. (@Majchrowitz) — FOX News Radio (@foxnewsradio) November 17, 2013 Fore-ward! @markknoller Golf? I didn't know he likes to play golf! <snicker> — Laura Y (@XLaura61) November 17, 2013 “@markknoller: Pres Obama […]

Juan Williams: GOP’s ‘massive opposition’ to blame for broken Obamacare website

Blame game.

James Carville brings the predictability: Lack of support for war in Syria is Bush’s fault [video]

How many years is too many to keep blaming Bush for Obama’s problems? Appearing on The O’Reilly Factor, James Carville has let us know that “coming up on five years” isn’t the correct answer. Ah ha. It IS Bush's fault. B/c of how he messed up Iraq, ppl r skeptical about going into Syria…so sez […]

‘Deviant’: Weiner melts down on Rosh Hashana [video]; Update: Weiner mounts his defense

OMG. Anthony Weiner. — Maeve Reston (@MaeveReston) September 4, 2013 If Anthony Weiner doesn’t like people scrutinizing his behavior, measuring his character, and comparing his words with his creepy deeds, maybe he shouldn’t be, you know, running for public office again. What's better? Anthony Weiner's stupid aggressiveness, or yelling at a voter with food […]

Wife of Ft. Hood victim says Defense Department issued gag order to victims’ families

Stories about the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre being denied combat veteran benefits are not new. The classification of the terrorist attack as “workplace violence” and the refusal to issue Purple Hearts to the wounded have been widely aired. What is new, however, is the claim that the Department of Defense has ordered the families […]

Deleted tweet from Rolling Stone editor: ‘I guess we should have drawn a dick on Dzhokhar’s face’; Update: Apologizes for tweet

Apparently, Rolling Stone does not train its editors in crisis communication. That, or maybe Senior Editor Christian Hoard fell asleep during that meeting.

Texas House Dems pose with coat hangers to protest abortion restrictions

Coat hangers are a common prop among abortion activists, and this week’s debate in Austin, Texas, over legislation restricting abortions after 20 weeks has no shortage. We’ve already seen young children holding signs featuring coat hangers, and comedian and A Is For… co-founder Lizz Winstead urged her follows around the country to ship wire hangers to the […]

Pope Francis implies that capitalism causes unemployment

In a not-so-veiled attack on capitalism, Pope Francis tweeted this morning that his thoughts were with “all who are unemployed, often as a result of a self-centred mindset bent on profit at any cost.” Some conservatives said that the Pope’s remarks were probably directed at Bangladesh factories that pay very low wages and provide dangerous working […]

Bottom line in the sand? GE Capital cuts off lending to gun shops; Gun rights advocates react


The twisted tweet lust for Boston bombing suspect: ‘Jahar is hot,’ can ‘blow me up with babies’


Joyce Carol Oates: ‘Gun issue is a race issue’; NRA members are totally racist; Updated

Ah, the race card!

Pics: Dana Perino, Andrea Tantaros best the boys at 'The Five' bowling party; Smack talk ensues

Heh, nice one, Dana! The cast of Fox News’ “The Five” had a bowling party last night. And Dana Perino and Andrea Tantaros proved the old smack-talk adage “girls rule, boys drool.” The big bowling showdown. @ericbolling @robertgbeckel… — Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) December 20, 2012 Let the record show i won the first round […]

Sen. Chuck Grassley says tradition of public Nativity scenes should stay

Sen. Chuck Grassley’s tweets are alternately amusing and infuriating to his followers. While bizarre tweets about roadkill have earned him an enthusiastic Twitter following, his political posts seem to draw out a disproportionate number of trolls. Today, Grassley tweeted simply that public Nativity scenes are a longstanding tradition that deserves to continue. @chuckgrassley god is […]

Robert Reich not concerned about height of debt ceiling, says 'O' should ignore

Students in former labor secretary Robert Reich’s classroom must not speak up very much; what else drives him to Twitter to be schooled so often? Piers “Musket” Morgan knows he can always turn to social media when he needs to brush up on the U.S. Constitution, so why not Reich? Interesting selective use of the […]

CBS takes heat for its insensitive coverage of the Jovan Belcher tragedy

CBS is taking strong criticism for waiting until 5 minutes into its pregame show to mention the Jovan Belcher tragedy. Belcher reportedly killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide Saturday. Miklasz, Woj, etc columns on Majerus tremendous tributes. CBS’ head in the sand approach to Belcher story on pregame show embarrassing. — David McCoy (@DavidMcCoyWSBT) […]

Obama’s old friends: Of course he lost the debate … he’s just that awesome

The liberal post-debate spin on behalf of President Eye Candy has been nothing short of hilarious.

Even the president’s old friends have theories on why Obama’s awesomeness held him back. Naturally, the New Yorker couldn’t wait to breathlessly report them.

Hankygate! Lefty media, Twitterers obsess over Romney cheat sheet conspiracy

BREAKING: WOW! Did Romney bring cheat notes into the debate? – Democratic Underground // #YESHEDID! — liberalease (@liberalease) October 4, 2012 Well, it was inevitable. Lefties have spent the last two days twisting themselves in intellectual knots trying to explain their Dear Leader’s miserable debate performance. Their excuses have run the gamut, from high […]

Jason Alexander: I suspect that shifty Mormon Romney is stiffing his church

The Hollywood Left’s bigoted “Mormons are bad” line of attack continues to backfire. So actor Jason Alexander has proposed a new theory for the “reality-based” Left to run with: Mitt Romney is a bad Mormon. Oh, and if the Mormons find out Romney’s squirreling away his cash? “Damn Dog, it’s on!” Not a peep from Alexander […]

Citizens exercise their freedom of speech, blast anti-American, anti-Christian UPenn prof Anthea Butler

As Twitchy reported this morning, University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler embarked on a mind-bogglingly idiotic tirade in which she blamed the director of an anti-Islam film for yesterday’s atrocities in Egypt and Libya. Butler had tweeted about the importance of understanding that words have consequences, but she was clearly unable to face the consequences […]

Adam Levine flaunts anti-Mormon bigotry in tweet about Romney's 'magic underwear'

As Mitt Romney took the stage to accept the Republican presidential nomination, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine couldn’t resist putting his anti-Mormon bigotry on full display. Oh-so-tolerant libs like Cher, Ellen Barkin, Michael McKean, Roger Ebert and countless Twitter leftists revel in their ignorant disdain for Romney’s Mormon faith. Levine dutifully added his bigoted voice to Hollywood’s seething […]

More lies: Obama for America coordinator continues anti-Mormon bigotry; Lies about being Republican Joined GOP last week, deletes tweet; Update: OFA coordinator 'apologizes'; Corrected

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Samuel Cook III, a coordinator for Obama for America, Louisiana, hopped aboard the anti-Mormon bigotry train. He then bravely ran away by deleting his tweet. But, of course, bigots can’t ever resist continuing to spew their garbage. Mr. Cook also bravely ran away from his role as an Obama for America coordinator and has now changed his Twitter bio to reference “Republicans for Obama.” But, what’s this? Lookie here:

Obama for America coordinator takes anti-Mormon swipe at Romney's Armstrong tribute

The passing of American hero Neil Armstrong would seem to be the sort of event that would transcend politics. Instead, some are using Mitt Romney’s brief tribute as a means of attacking the candidate for his religion. Along with several others, Samuel Cook III, a coordinator for Obama for America – Louisiana, decided to take […]

Following campaign joke, opponents brand Mitt Romney with #Birther label

After Mitt Romney offered up a joke about his birth certificate this morning at a campaign event in Michigan, opponents seemed split on just how much outrage they could realistically feign. Members of the media, composing themselves after gasping in shock, got as much mileage out of the remark as they could, with MSNBC’s imagination-challenged Michael […]