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Free press? Sharyl Attkisson blasts bullying Obama admin’s ‘chilling effect’ on reporting [video]


Did the White House threaten and intimidate?

‘Truth is going to bury you': Richie Incognito blasts Jonathan Martin; ‘Bullying’ report pending


Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is on indefinite suspension pending an investigation into alleged harassment and bullying of teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito began by discussing the upcoming report from an independent arbitrator: RT @68INCOGNITO What's up TWITTTER!!!!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!! > We're getting close to report day Richie. You excited? — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly) February […]

MSNBC ‘reporter': Criticism of OFA #PajamaBoy is cyberbullying; Mockery dons a onesie


Where to start? MSNBC reporter Adam Serwer wrote a column about conservatives “freaking out” about #PajamaBoy. For starters, the claims included this: "Pajama Boy is yet another emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate" Uh, okay — Philip Klein (@philipaklein) December 19, 2013 “Emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate”? Yeah, he wrote that. Here's […]

‘Weird for a grown man': Reporter accusing another reporter of cyber-bullying sparks mockery


Reporter Mike Elk of “In These Times” magazine has been challenging “Daily Beast” reporter Eli Lake to a debate. Apparently Elk doesn’t like how Lake reacted, because Elk is accusing Lake of “cyber bullying”: Over the last day cyberbully @EliLake has sent me emails & tons of tweets but still won't say yes or no […]

Benghazi Boom! Dennis Miller puts Incognito ‘bullying’ scandal in perspective

Dennis Miller


Delusional: Cenk Uygur suggests ‘GOP hawks’ are bullying Obama into war in Syria


Let’s twist again! Earlier this week, the certifiably insane Ed Schultz falsely asserted that conservatives are pushing for war in Syria. Now, it’s Cenk Uygur‘s turn: Obama has a clear out of Syria bombing given the UK vote. But he won't take it. More scared of what GOP hawks are going to say about him. […]

Chris Brown, charged with hit-and-run, will not tolerate bullying


Chris Brown has made it very, very difficult to feel sorry for him, but he hasn’t given up yet. Prosecutors today announced they would charge Brown with hit-and-run and driving without a valid license in connection with a fender bender in May. Brown is charged with hitting a woman … in a car in front of his […]

It gets better? ‘Anti-bullying’ bully Dan Savage bashes ‘batsh*t’ Bachmann; Heal thyself, dude


New tone.

Dan Savage: Wishing cancer on people best left to anti-bullying experts


We confess: we don’t understand how the rules work in Dan Savage’s universe.

NYT buries story on IRS bullying conservatives; Flashback: Editorial board applauded witch hunt in 2012


Want to read about the IRS’ harassment of conservatives in the New York Times before lining your bird cage? Try page A11, or see the Fishwrap of Record’s fawning editorial from last year.

Sarah Palin’s tobacco dip shows anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage the ‘upsides of oral cancer’


Tolerance brigade.

Slam! Kirsten Powers takes on NYT, anti-bullying bully Dan Savage for Christian-bashing

Kirsten Powers Yes, they did. You can read Savage’s predictable review here. Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers wonders what other reviewers the New York Times has lined up: Twitter users, including the book’s author, agree with Ms. Powers. Heh. That’s right. The anti-bullying […]