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‘This is PATHETIC!’ Hillary chokes back crocodile tears over being a ‘bullying’ victim [video]

“@HillaryClinton KNOWS bullies. It’s probably her 2nd favorite thing in the world behind extortion.”

Wow. Just … wow. Did Hillary Clinton seriously just say THIS about #SpiritDay and bullying?

Yikes! What’s self-awareness, huh, Hillary Clinton?

Video of vicious 7th grade bullying — allegedly over Disney’s ‘Frozen’ — goes viral; Almost 7 million views


Somebody need a safe space? Katie Pavlich accused of bullying student reporter over fake noose report

“No wonder young people are unemployed & living with mom and dad.”

Great news, Hillary: Monica Lewinsky re-entering public life as a cyberbullying activist

She’ll deliver a TED Talk just before Clinton’s scheduled campaign announcement.

Free press? Sharyl Attkisson blasts bullying Obama admin's 'chilling effect' on reporting [video]

Did the White House threaten and intimidate?

‘Truth is going to bury you’: Richie Incognito blasts Jonathan Martin; ‘Bullying’ report pending

Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito is on indefinite suspension pending an investigation into alleged harassment and bullying of teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito began by discussing the upcoming report from an independent arbitrator: RT @68INCOGNITO What's up TWITTTER!!!!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!! > We're getting close to report day Richie. You excited? — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly) February […]

MSNBC ‘reporter’: Criticism of OFA #PajamaBoy is cyberbullying; Mockery dons a onesie

Where to start? MSNBC reporter Adam Serwer wrote a column about conservatives “freaking out” about #PajamaBoy. For starters, the claims included this: "Pajama Boy is yet another emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate" Uh, okay — Philip Klein (@philipaklein) December 19, 2013 “Emblem of an increasingly non-white electorate”? Yeah, he wrote that. Here's […]

‘Weird for a grown man’: Reporter accusing another reporter of cyber-bullying sparks mockery

Reporter Mike Elk of “In These Times” magazine has been challenging “Daily Beast” reporter Eli Lake to a debate. Apparently Elk doesn’t like how Lake reacted, because Elk is accusing Lake of “cyber bullying”: Over the last day cyberbully @EliLake has sent me emails & tons of tweets but still won't say yes or no […]

Benghazi Boom! Dennis Miller puts Incognito 'bullying' scandal in perspective


Delusional: Cenk Uygur suggests ‘GOP hawks’ are bullying Obama into war in Syria

Let’s twist again! Earlier this week, the certifiably insane Ed Schultz falsely asserted that conservatives are pushing for war in Syria. Now, it’s Cenk Uygur‘s turn: Obama has a clear out of Syria bombing given the UK vote. But he won't take it. More scared of what GOP hawks are going to say about him. […]

Chris Brown, charged with hit-and-run, will not tolerate bullying

Chris Brown has made it very, very difficult to feel sorry for him, but he hasn’t given up yet. Prosecutors today announced they would charge Brown with hit-and-run and driving without a valid license in connection with a fender bender in May. Brown is charged with hitting a woman … in a car in front of his […]

It gets better? ‘Anti-bullying’ bully Dan Savage bashes ‘batsh*t’ Bachmann; Heal thyself, dude

New tone.

Dan Savage: Wishing cancer on people best left to anti-bullying experts

We confess: we don’t understand how the rules work in Dan Savage’s universe.

NYT buries story on IRS bullying conservatives; Flashback: Editorial board applauded witch hunt in 2012

Want to read about the IRS’ harassment of conservatives in the New York Times before lining your bird cage? Try page A11, or see the Fishwrap of Record’s fawning editorial from last year.

Sarah Palin’s tobacco dip shows anti-bullying advocate Dan Savage the ‘upsides of oral cancer’

Tolerance brigade.

Slam! Kirsten Powers takes on NYT, anti-bullying bully Dan Savage for Christian-bashing Yes, they did. You can read Savage’s predictable review here. Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers wonders what other reviewers the New York Times has lined up: Twitter users, including the book’s author, agree with Ms. Powers. Heh. That’s right. The anti-bullying […]

British celeb Helen Flanagan accuses The Sun of bullying her

Helen Flanagan, British soap celebrity and former cast member of “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!” is not feeling the sunshine today.

Hey Nickelodeon, how's that anti-bullying campaign going?

Associated Press reported on Nickelodeon’s on-air public service campaign when it launched last year: The popular children’s television network Nickelodeon is the latest voice to raise awareness of digital bullying. Nick, the most-watched TV network among kids ages 2 to 14, will begin an on-air public service campaign Monday featuring some of its stars offering advice […]

Project too much: Citizens continue to appreciate Chick-fil-A; Left, media frame as day of intolerance while bullying

Ah, yes. There was a lot of intolerance: Wishing that people would choke on chicken, bomb threats and reprehensible hate-filled harassment of young Chick-fil-A workers. Oh, wait. That was all from the Left. Freedom-lovers? They peacefully, and patiently, came out in tolerant and loving droves to support speech and the rights of business owners. The Left is projecting their own intolerance and hate, as always. But citizens are refusing the cave; The bullying stops here.

New tone: Bullying anti-bully Dan Savage wants to see Romney's 'liver and spleen'

What, no gay people to bully today, Dan? Instead, today he responded to a Rupert Murdoch tweet from February. Gee, obsessively stalk much, Dan? Will the Left condemn him, an Obama supporter, for his “violent rant”? You know, like how they demanded from their hypocritical fainting couches that Mitt Romney condemn Ted Nugent. They also […]

#ItGetsWorse: Anti-bully Dan Savage uses gay slur to bash GOProud; Update: New video showcasing Savage's bullying

File under: Unexpectedly! Self-proclaimed gay rights advocate and anti-bullying crusader Dan Savage laid bare his intolerance once again, this time hurling the f*ggot-bomb at gay conservative organization GOProud. GOProud, you see, had the gall to stray from the Gay Left’s plantation and announce its support for Mitt Romney: “The Board of Directors of GOProud voted […]

Progressive bully appeasers: Wal-Mart cravenly caves to anti-ALEC bullying

Wal-Mart caved to the likes of Color of Change, vicious opponents of free speech, joining other cowards like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Coca-Cola. Did they fall for the lies and scare tactics of Van Jones and his anti-free speech thugs who repugnantly claim that voter ID laws are “voter suppression?” Pesky facts and truth are irrelevant to race-baiters, freedom of speech quashers and shake-down artists. Conservatives need to stand their ground. No more appeasement for bullies.

Poor little mean girl: Meghan McCain hurls insults, whines 'Meany pants wingnuts are bullying me'

Oh, Meghan McCain. Will her fifteen minutes of fame never end? Not as long as she keeps being a useful idiot for the Left, it won’t. Sadly. Meghan McCain went on Al ‘blood on his hands’ Sharpton’s show recently and she predictably blasted the GOP and Michelle Malkin and called Andrew Breitbart a ‘hateful extremist.‘ […]

Drinking the Skool-Aid: Bullying NC teacher says 'Shut up and love Obama or go to jail'; Update: Teacher suspended

A teacher in North Carolina was caught bullying a student and threatening the student with jail time for the horrible crime of questioning the president. Our public education at work! Dissent was patriotic under President Bush, now it’s Crimethink.

Pig Maher: Romney bullying is way worse than child molestation

Appearing as a guest on Conan O’Brien’s TV show last night, comedian Bill Maher thought it would be a good idea to say this: But as far as this bullying, you know, this made me think of of of the Michael Jackson situation. Because, you know, he was accused of being a child molester. We’ll never know […]

WaPo is full of it, says family of Romney's alleged bullying victim

Hear that? It’s the sound of another liberal narrative crumbling to pieces. Mitt Romney’s reign of terror over a gay classmate wasn’t so much bullying as just plain bull.

No Bullying? Unless it is aimed at Bristol Palin: 'someone needs to kill Bristol palin stupid ass lil CUNT'

This beautiful young mother must be punished according to the Left. Those who offer lip service to anti-bullying (while embracing bullies) and who cry foul at the drop of a hat or the word slut (so bad, it requires a Presidential phone call) have no such qualms when it comes to Sarah Palin or her children. View the Left in all its disgusting, misogynist, hate-filled glory.

Bully, heal thyself: Backlash for 'anti-bullying' speaker Dan Savage

“It gets better” project head Dan Savage rightly drew fire for his latest display of reprehensible behavior yesterday. This may be the straw that breaks the hypocritical camel’s back and it has sparked the #FireDanSavage hashtag on Twitter. Others don’t want him fired; they want him to keep talking. Exposure is the best way to handle the contemptible sometimes. People are also asking why their senators support this reprehensible bully.

Anti-bullying speaker Dan Savage heckles high school students, calls them 'pansy asses'

As many as 100 teens at the National High School Journalism Conference walked out in protest when sex columnist-turned-anti-bullying crusader Dan Savage launched an anti-Christian, profanity-laced rant. But since the kids were probably those icky Bible-thumping Christo-fascists, Savage bullied and heckled them, calling them “pansy asses” as they left the room.

Obama to star in Cartoon Network anti-bullying PSA President Obama is clearly comfortable with bullies. As we pointed out this week, it appears that comic bully Louis C.K. has visited the White House; so will Trig Palin birther Andrew Sullivan. President Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, used to send dead fish to political opponents. Obama’s administration consistently leverages those who […]

Report: Mizzou safe space enforcer Prof. Melissa Click charged with 3rd degree assault

“Can a holding cell be a safe space?”

‘Go get ’em’! NRO’s Kat Timpf is ‘NOT SORRY’ for pissing off ‘totally insane’ Star Wars fans

“May the farce be with you.”

Video of Calif. high school student punching bully beating on blind student goes viral [video]; Update: New link added

Best thing you’ll see today.

Bryce Williams blames racism, sexual harassment and Dylann Roof for today's murders

So tragic.

Clinton campaign has no problem pulling 50-year-old 'nerd' photo; Other documents, not so much

The old yearbook looks like it’s been wiped, like with cloth or something.

New York Times' account of Reddit CEO's resignation too factual, rewritten as 'funhouse distortion'

Straight account of firing, resignation sexed up with focus on sexism.

Rep. Mark Meadows regains chairmanship, will 'continue to vote … in accordance with my conscience'

Meadows told Breitbart he was being punished for “voting his conscience.”

‘I love IA too but he is right’: Jonah Goldberg goes after the Iowa GOP and the 'Liz Mair firing'

“The Iowa caucuses are an undemocratic joke.”

'Epic': Curt Schilling impresses Dana Loesch, others by nuking trolls on 'Hannity' [video]

if you don’t stop trolling his daughter, he will look for you and he will find you.

War on (conservative) women: Meet @DarshunKendrick, the Georgia state rep who wants to 'slap' Stacey Dash

Bonus: Tweet deleted, but Twitchy is forever!

Feminist writers besieged by online abuse? Washington Post overlooks conservative women completely

News flash: Conservative women face abuse too, but they’re not quitting.

Shocker: Cher isn't a fan of Gov. Chris Christie

The “most obnoxious” man in the United States?

Vox gets reminded that there's hate directed at conservative women, too

“Lib racism, it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Cretin crushing! Here are Andrea Tantaros, others taking sicko sexist lib troll to task [foul photo]

This offering from a sexist lib troll will make you sick.

Blue Dress Blues: See who Monica Lewinsky blames for 'ruining her life' (Hint: It's not Clinton) [photos]


O'Malley turns Ray Rice situation into 'horn tooting political moment'

Self-serving hack.

Bully pulpit bam! Question for media, Obama about Ferguson journo arrests reveals their utter lack of self-awareness