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Memory Lane: Eric Boehlert didn’t mind taking aim at these political ‘children’


How do you spell “hypocrisy”? B-O-E-H-L-E-R-T.

‘Gotta be kidding me': Eric Boehlert laments NYT ‘attacking’ Bill and Hillary Clinton’s ‘child’ Chelsea



‘Gutsy’ Eric Boehlert attacks Fox’s James Rosen for ‘smear’ against US soldier


Remember that time Boehlert called Navy SEALS “gutless?”

‘Head of the glue sniffers’ Eric Boehlert sneers at calls for Shinseki to be fired over VA scandal


“How many vets need to die before YOU call for Shinseki to be fired, Eric?”

‘Irony is hard': Eric Boehlert once again shows his lack of ‘self awareness’


If Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert is looking to call out internet trolls, he doesn’t need to look far.

Eric Boehlert: O-care awesome because it will give workers ‘choice’ to work less


Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert tweeted something beyond ridiculous again. A recent CBO report found that the Affordable Care Act will cut hours and force 2 million people out of the labor market by 2017. If all workers at a particular business are forced to work fewer hours or laid off because of the inevitable reaction […]

Eric Boehlert: Time to get Chris Christie under oath; Citizens re-arrange priorities


Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert is of the opinion that since there are apparently no major scandals or problems to address on the national level, it’s time to get Chris Christie under oath to get to the bottom of #Bridgegate. “First things first” according to these tweeters: *** Related: ‘Partisan hypocrite’: Eric […]

‘Partisan hypocrite': Eric Boehlert slammed after criticizing Christie for Obama-like explanation


Yes you read that right. Media Matters’ Dem flack Eric Boehlert is criticizing Chris Christie for borrowing President Obama’s signature move: that "blind sided" quote will come in handy in future attack ads against Christie. (claiming yr clueless isn't best strategy) — Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) January 9, 2014 again, ALL these allegations were made MONTHS […]

Eric Boehlert’s ‘proof’ Media Matters won war against Fox News gets mega-mocked

Eric Boehlert

As Twitchy reported, Media Matters has laughingly declared itself victorious in the so-called “war on Fox News.” As if the world needed any additional evidence, Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert offered this as “proof” of MMFA’s self-proclaimed victory: this is what we mean when @mmmfa says we've won the war vs. Fox: it's now routinely treated […]

Snark attack! Ron Fournier has a very ‘special’ tweet for Eric Boehlert


For the uninitiated, #FF stands for “follow Friday.” We’ve always kind of wondered if @EricBoehlert was a parody account. For example: congrats to @ron_fournier! his incessant Obama basshing finally got him an invite on Fox News tonight where he compared O'care to Iraq War — Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) November 21, 2013 Aww…poor @EricBoehlert. He has […]

Eric Boehlert dismisses Benghazi ‘derp beat,’ coverage of Obamacare victims


What? How dare CNN devote any airtime to coverage of Benghazi, which still haunts the survivors and families of the victims?! Could CNN possibly stoop any lower? Maybe after it's Benghazi update re: 'lingering questions', CNN can interview someone who "lost" insurance cus of Obamacare? #RNCtv — Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) October 31, 2013 Heaven forbid! […]

Eric Boehlert refuses to acknowledge armed citizens involved in stopping 1966 Texas Tower shooter; Instapundit schools


“Willful dishonesty”