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WaPo’s Chris Cillizza pins end of Rand Paul’s presidential hopes on rise of ISIS

Maybe Paul could have upped his presidential cred with the liberal media if he’d have blamed terrorism on climate change.

Hillary who? WaPo’s way too busy digging up dirt on teenage Marco Rubio

“U guys r so desperate.”

Tough crowd: WaPo’s Kathleen Parker calls Sarah Palin ‘this strange creature from Alaska,’ ‘insane’

Parker’s words were unnecessarily harsh, but Sarah Palin’s speech endorsing Donald Trump was panned by many conservatives.

‘Entering acceptance phase’: WaPost reports GOP donors ‘privately reaching out to Trump’

“Basically tells you everything you need to know about the GOP donor class.”

GOP debate preview: Jeb Bush tells the WaPost exactly how he’ll attack @RealDonaldTrump on Thursday

Unforced error?

Paging all men! WaPo’s Chris Cillizza thinks it’s ‘a good thing’ Obama cried today

“Umm how about no.”

‘Stop the presses’! WaPo offers up proof that Marco Rubio is ‘a terrible person’

“These schmucks think that makes him look bad??”

‘This guy can’t catch a break’: WaPo makes US soldiers’ deaths all about Obama

“He’s the bride at every wedding, the casualty in every conflict.”

‘Love it when they squirm’: Ann Telnaes posts response to WaPost pulling her monkey cartoon

“Hi @JeffBezos: why are you still paying this person? “

Good for him! Ted Cruz shames WaPo cartoonist for cruel attack on his daughters

“Stick w/ attacking me–Caroline & Catherine are out of your league.”

‘Fearmongering’: WaPo’s ‘deliberately misleading’ headline indicates gun-related fatalities are on the rise


‘You’re kidding, right?’ WaPo’s The Fix suggests GOP do what to court minorities?

“Who’d you poll: Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal & Joan Walsh?”

‘Embarrassing pandering’: WaPo invokes Jesus on Syrian refugee question

“Would Jesus approve of the Washington Post using him to try to make a tortured point?”

Seriously? WaPo’s Chris Cillizza informed why something about Hillary isn’t ‘bigger news’

That’s a toughie!

If the GOP had done this…: WaPost reporter removed from meeting with John Kerry over tough question

Hypocrisy watch.

‘People are afraid to make Roger mad’: WaPost reporters live-tweet the GOP debate summit

How the sausage is made.

Clinton rapid response team agrees with WaPo, Bernie Sanders: America tired of Hillary’s emails

Maybe the State Department could stop stonewalling; that would save money and add some excitement.

WaPost report says team Trump has connections to ‘a big-money super PAC’

Team Trump: “There is no sanctioned super PAC.”

‘Probably too mean’? WaPo’s Kathleen Parker compares Lincoln Chafee to Grandpa Munster [photos]

Nailed it!

‘Did you really just do that’? WaPo headline about Paul Ryan is more than ‘slightly sexist’

“Are you kidding me with this headline right now”?

‘Good dog’: WaPo writer spotted going ‘full Vox’ in defense of Hillary

Long form applications to be Hillary’s press secretary continue to pour in.

This again? WaPo’s Chris Cillizza still milking bogus ‘stuff happens’ story


Brace for facepalm: Socialist utopia cheerleading in the WaPo is ‘hilarious and sad’

“Can hardly wait for the op-ed from Loki.”

‘Truly bizarre’: WaPo’s Glenn Kessler sinks deeper into Fiorina ‘fact check’ pit

“Here’s why we’re hacks.”

‘Doctor, heal thyself’: WaPo’s Chris Cillizza blames distrust in media on WHAT?

C’mon, man. Seriously?

Howard Kurtz ‘dismantles’ WaPo fact-check about Carly Fiorina’s career path [video]

WaPo’s three Pinocchios awarded four Pinocchios.

'Dear Leader will be OK': WaPo 'hackery' puts America's fears at ease during market plunge

“Patient died, but the doctor’s doing just fine.”

Illegal alien activist Jose Antonio Vargas rats out WaPost reporter for using 'illegal immigrant' in a tweet

Word police.

Joe Biden given prominent role in WaPo's Beltway beauty tips (and it's a little creepy)


Shot/Chaser: WaPost wonders about Florida manatees and global warming, but misses THIS

Is it the heat or the cold that’s making this manatee so sad?

'This is garbage': WaPo op-ed actually suggests Amy Schumer's comedy 'inspires monsters like Dylann Roof'

“This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.”

Did the WaPost just accidentally prove Donald Trump is right about illegal immigration? [Spoiler: Yes!]

Swing and a miss.

'How is this not racist?' WaPo gives airtime to blatant bigotry about Bobby Jindal


‘Mother of all retractions’? Falsified gay marriage study has Vox, WaPost, HuffPo and others issuing retractions


'New elitist code?' Attempts made to decipher WaPo columnist's white privilege primer

Oh to heck with it … reeducation camps for everybody!

'Accused her of being a woman': WaPo's Ruth Marcus slammed for 'absurd' comments about Carly Fiorina

“Obviously @RuthMarcus inhabits the same tank as @MarkHalperin.”

Does the WaPost want Pam Geller to apologize for getting attacked by terrorists? Sure sounds like it…

Blame the victim.

‘Most backward thing I’ve ever read’: This criticism in WaPo of mom who smacked her rioting son is unreal

“They think she should have let him riot??!”

‘You learned nothing from the 90s’: WaPo reporter gets help determining if Clintons have ‘ethical blind spot’

This is funny stuff!

‘Comedy gold!’: WaPost editorial tears into presidential candidates 'who mock the law,' but GUESS who they missed

Hint: Rhymes with “Schmillary Mitten”

David Petraeus unloads on Iran in WaPost interview: Shiite militias, not ISIS are the bigger threat

Petraeus to Iranian general: “Pound sand.”

#HandsUpDontShoot mob turns on WaPost's Jonathan Capehart for admitting 'Wilson was justified in shooting Brown'

“You just demean this child to be accepted by white people.”

'Tweeting her ire’: Amanda Carpenter shreds WaPo's Ted Cruz 'fact check'

They labeled Cruz’s true statement WHAT?

Paging WaPo! Al Sharpton heads to the White House — again. Question: Will he pay past due taxes?

“Any chance you can drop off a (certified) check for your back taxes????”

Muslim stabs two for being non-Muslim; WaPo headline writer just can't say it

“Why is this so hard, Washington Post?

Activists react to WaPo piece on ‘delusional megalomaniac’ Al Sharpton

“If I didn’t exist, they’d have to invent me.”

‘Good lord. So lame’: Obama fandom has WaPo’s Chris Cillizza ‘reduced to’ this


Q-pac poll shows New Yorkers don’t like Al Sharpton, but you won’t read that in Vox, NYT, Mother Jones or the WaPost