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‘You learned nothing from the 90s’: WaPo reporter gets help determining if Clintons have ‘ethical blind spot’


This is funny stuff!

‘Comedy gold!’: WaPost editorial tears into presidential candidates ‘who mock the law,’ but GUESS who they missed


Hint: Rhymes with “Schmillary Mitten”

David Petraeus unloads on Iran in WaPost interview: Shiite militias, not ISIS are the bigger threat

David Petraeus

Petraeus to Iranian general: “Pound sand.”

#HandsUpDontShoot mob turns on WaPost’s Jonathan Capehart for admitting ‘Wilson was justified in shooting Brown’


“You just demean this child to be accepted by white people.”

‘Tweeting her ire’: Amanda Carpenter shreds WaPo’s Ted Cruz ‘fact check’


They labeled Cruz’s true statement WHAT?

Paging WaPo! Al Sharpton heads to the White House — again. Question: Will he pay past due taxes?


“Any chance you can drop off a (certified) check for your back taxes????”

Muslim stabs two for being non-Muslim; WaPo headline writer just can’t say it


“Why is this so hard, Washington Post?

Activists react to WaPo piece on ‘delusional megalomaniac’ Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton

“If I didn’t exist, they’d have to invent me.”

‘Good lord. So lame': Obama fandom has WaPo’s Chris Cillizza ‘reduced to’ this

Obama basketball dunk


Q-pac poll shows New Yorkers don’t like Al Sharpton, but you won’t read that in Vox, NYT, Mother Jones or the WaPost



‘WTF?’ ‘Did the Jews have guns?’ WaPo says Paris hostages were murdered in ‘shoot-out’

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

“Pretty sure the shooting was only in one direction.”

WaPo writer: Hostage crisis in US, with ‘universally available’ guns, would have led to ‘a lot more carnage’


Guns, guns, everywhere!

WaPo ponders: Why didn’t France’s strict gun laws save #CharlieHebdo victims?

Captain Obvious

Is an explanation really necessary?

‘I will never write something this good': WaPo Express wins raves for this headline [photo]


“One hell of a headline.”

Must read: Montel Williams smacks down the WaPost’s Paul Farhi

Montel Williams

Go Navy!

Fox, WaPost, Slate, Newsweek duped by @DPRK_News parody account


Fact-check, people.

‘Politicize all the things!’ WaPo gets a jump-start on ruining Santa for everybody

sad Santa


WaPo significantly ‘softens’ headline on ‘automatic’ presumption of guilt in all rape claims

Zerlina Maxwell

“Softer,” but still wrong.

Rapist? What rapist? WaPo assigns ‘worst week in Washington’ to … Elizabeth Lauten


“Keep pumpin’ that chicken.”

WaPost’s Wesley Lowery gets nuked while defending MSM coverage of Dem rapist


“He’s about to accuse you guys of not being able to read or something.”

‘Is that how it works?’ WaPo reveals stunning factor behind drop in oil prices

Captain Obvious

You don’t say!

WaPo columnist says black Friday brawl videos are how the rich shame the poor


“Only poor people shop on black friday?”

Check out these other mocktastic #WapoFactChecks [photos, video]


#WaPostFactChecks: A “Landshark” is not an actual aquatic predator.

‘Well, you have my attention now’! Behold the WaPo headline we wish we’d written

you bet uranus it's good

“Promote whoever wrote this.”

Richard Grenell: WaPo’s Greg Sargent mocks voter ID and ‘proves point’ of proponents


Mockery with unintended consequences?

Liars! The WaPost gives Dems ‘4 Pinocchios’ for saying the GOP cut Ebola funding



‘Racism?’ WaPo’s Dana Milbank asks why Obama commands ‘little loyalty’ from Panetta, Clinton and Gates


Go figure.

‘Insane! Seriously.’ Did WaPo push the most outrageous Ebola angle yet? (Spoiler: Boy, did it)


This is truly pitiful and outrageous.

‘You’re embarrassing yourself': WaPo reporter defends Vox’s Hong Kong/Ferguson knee-slapper


“Some people don’t know how to stop digging.”

Alec Baldwin sees Dick Cheney influence on Iranian official detaining WaPo reporter



‘Dumb, or juvenile?’ WaPo fumbles with this Adrian Peterson headline [screenshot]


“Hey WaPo! This? Don’t do it.”

WaPo, Obama lament ‘political theater'; These reminders for Pres. Theatrics are bam-tastic! [photos]

julias cult

Obama loathes political theater? Here is some photo-schooling for you, WaPo.

WaPo, Politico reporters in Twitter fight: ‘Black people don’t work for Politico’



WaPo reporter: Mocking reporter for misidentifying ear plugs is a ‘cheap shot’


Leave the “courageous” Ryan Reilly alone.

‘Bottomless ego': WaPo’s Sally Quinn makes Lauren Bacall’s death ‘about her’

All about me narcissist

“What the hell is this tweet”?

‘Take a guess’! WaPo reporter wonders: What if Schweitzer were a Republican?


Double standard.

‘He encouraged it': ‘Humanitarian crisis’ has WaPo’s Greg Sargent fretting political impact on Obama


For the MSM, worrying about how a crisis impacts Obama is job one.

‘That is really offensive': WaPo’s Greg Sargent lambasted for trivializing VA scandal to ‘snipe at GOP’


Lapdogs gonna lapdog.

Selective secrecy? WaPo reporter busts WH for covering up Obama-Hillary lunch

Top secret

Most Transparent Administration Evah™

‘Who gives a prancing crap’? Priorities-challenged WaPo covers poll about Obama’s blackness


“Slow news day?”

‘A pleasant surprise': WaPo’s Erik Wemple issues ‘an apology to Fox News’


“Here’s something you don’t see every day.”

‘Two papers in one': WaPo fact check destroys same anti-Koch ad WaPo blogger praised

Washington Post

The “all-in-one” news source

How is WaPo’s ‘In the News’ like Chris Farley’s character in ‘Black Sheep’? [pic, video]


Lapdog snickers.

Amanda Carpenter explains WaPo’s ‘incredible’ congressional O-care enrollment story in 5 words


The Washington Post published a story yesterday which says 12,000 congressional staffers have enrolled in an Obamacare plan. Is that “incredible,” as the WaPo’s Ed O’Keefe tweeted? As Sen. Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter pointed out, it’s not incredible, but rather inevitable: Bc we had no choice RT @edatpost: Incredible: biggest customers for DC's health […]

Sochi snickers: How does figure skating make WaPo journo, Megyn Kelly ‘horrible’ people?


“Horrible” or good-humored fun?

‘You’ve got to be kidding': WaPo editors claim Obamacare is just the free market at work

dunce cap

Doesn’t seem like a point that anyone would need to make, this is the world we’re living in: You've got to be kidding me. — Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) December 26, 2013 The geniuses on the Washington Post editorial board have weighed in on the economics of the Affordable Care Act, and here’s what they’ve […]

How long was the gov’t shut down? Poorly worded WaPo tweet causes confusion

Washington Post

Either the government shutdown lasted a lot longer than we remember, or the Washington Post’s Twitter person left a word or two out of this tweet: D.C. reopens after 34 years years — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) December 16, 2013 Well, that would be one way to save a lot of money. The tweet caused […]

WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart: Martin Bashir’s apology to Sarah Palin ‘class personified’


Martin Bashir’s apology today to Sarah Palin (and others) for his disgusting commentary last week received plaudits from Washington Post op-ed columnist and MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart. However, wouldn’t the epitome of class personified be to have not made the comments in the first place? @CapehartJ @BashirLive @NoahCRothman About as Classy as an apology for […]