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‘Mitty Fitty’? Romney meets 50 Cent and it’s everything you hoped it’d be [photo]

Mitt Romney 50 Cent

“OK, my head just exploded.”

‘True class': Mitt Romney graciously schools Obama in congratulating Bibi

Romney Netanyahu

See? Was that so difficult?

Ouch! So, Mitt Romney just flogged Obama over #Netanyahu speech with THIS crushing truth-boom

romney obama

It takes just ONE Mitt Romney tweet to destroy Obama and his “presidential malpractice.”

Mitt Romney drops out of race, Jeb Bush suddenly exposed as ‘pot-smoking bully’

Jeb Bush

Also, President Obama’s transcripts released. (Just kidding.)

‘A touch of class!': George H.W. Bush praises ‘true friend’ Mitt Romney


Now could you have a talk with your son about dropping out?

‘Never get past 2012’: Creepy Jim Messina’s day ‘ruined’ by Romney announcement


“What are you, 12 years old?”

Rep. John Dingell greets Romney announcement with congratulatory zinger


Shots fired.

In (again) or out? Mitt Romney to announce 2016 plans in call with supporters; Update: Out


Third time’s a charm?

Romney fires back at poverty cheap shot from Food Stamp President


“Obama loves poor people. So much that he made more of them.”

Paul Begala trolls Mitt Romney on poverty


“I’m at a loss for words. Comical? Cynical?”

Paul decries ‘same old candidates,’ gets a reminder from Romney camp; Updated

Rand Paul


‘Shots fired': Rand Paul pokes fun at the Romney-Bush Utah confab


“Shade: thrown”

‘Excited to welcome another blessing': The Romneys announce arrival of grandchild number 23 [photo]



‘Mitt does de Blasio': On USS Midway, ‘Romney 3.0′ talks income inequality


Which candidate would be OK with everybody getting richer?

‘How would a Romney 2016 bid survive’? Mitt once praised Jonathan Gruber [video]


“After last year, you can’t praise Gruber and then be the GOP nominee.”

Mitt’s ‘Mission Accomplished’? Rumor Romney to arrive on USS Midway via helicopter denied


A senior advisor denies it, thank goodness.

Energized? Mad Magazine zings another potential Mitt Romney WH run [Photoshop]


“Well played.”

‘Third time is NOT the charm': Romney reportedly mulling another POTUS run


“I like you, Mitt, but no.”

CNBC’s John Harwood blasts media corruption, unaware of NBC’s deceptive Mitt Romney edit


CNBC’s political reporter apparently doesn’t watch the news.

‘Second coming of Mitt Romney.’ The media really wants you to know about Jeb Bush and his offshore investments


Who is ready for 2016?

Photo fun: Who would better protect us from a viral epidemic? Obama or Romney?


President wages airstrike on Chipotle toppings bar.

Ann Romney squashes the idea of Mitt running in 2016. Or does she…


Never say never!

‘Great. Just great.’ Romney 2016 speculation sparks déjà vu, facepalms

Michael Scott no

“Stop. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop running for President.”

Wanna see something truly ‘gag’-worthy? Check out Laverne Cox’s backtrack on Romney

Laverne Cox

“Maybe it’s an lgbt thang.”

Poor baby! Being on a plane with Mitt Romney makes actress Laverne Cox ‘gag’

Laverne Cox

“So much for being classy huh?”

‘Romney predicted this': Time Magazine cover sparks mockery of Obama’s mockery


Mock fail.

‘Thanks for admitting Romney was right': David Axelrod’s memory jogged after Putin criticism

David Axelrod

“The 80’s called…”

Mitt Romney, Jimmy Fallon meet for Independence Day #BurgerSummit


Who couldn’t use a burger this weekend?

Settled sneeze science! Does this prove Romney ‘was right about everything’? [photos]


Chipotle case closed.

‘Has to answer hard questions about Iraq and Obama’s golfing': MTP ‘grills’ Romney over Obama’s failures


More shamelessness from the media.

Mitt Romney hangs with Mark Cuban, Peyton Manning


This weekend is the E2 Summit.

Did OFA delete tweets about Romney and Iraq? No, but you might need this trick to find them


And check out these gems we uncovered.

Oops! Colo. gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez doesn’t realize Romney-themed joke is on him

deleted tweet of the day - square version

Bob Beauprez shows off his social media skillz.

‘Dude, that was like two years ago': WH spokesclown Jay Carney faults Mitt Romney for politicizing Benghazi



‘We’re screwed': Obama won’t concede Romney was right, writes off Russia as ‘regional power’

Obama shrug

Good. Lord.

‘You spelled Obama wrong': Donna Brazile corrected after claiming Mitt Romney ‘default position’ is to criticize


In defense of “the Cold War is over” administration

Lapdogs, unite! Obama’s ‘team of merry manchildren’ mocks Romney Russia op-ed

Robin Hood Men in Tights


‘Holy precious!’ Look who Mitt Romney ‘bumped into’ at the airport [photo]

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at Airport

Mitt Romney ran into his former presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, and family today while traveling.

Flashback: Guess what Arianna Huffington warned would happen if Romney was elected



‘Et tu, MSNBC?’ Are Obama lapdogs who mocked Romney’s validated Russia comments turning on their hero?


MSNBC (and many other “news” outlets) spent a great deal of time helping the 2012 Obama re-election effort by mocking Mitt Romney’s belief that Russia remained a geopolitical foe of the United States. Now it appears MSNBC might be trying to distance themselves from story line they helped Team Obama sell: Wow. MSNBC playing Obama's […]

‘Astonishing discovery’! The New Republic: Romney was ‘exactly right’ about Russia

it's about time

Better late than never, though, right? Guess we’ll take what we can get. Back in 2012, libs mocked presidential candidate Mitt Romney mercilessly after he called Russia “our number one geopolitical foe.” It only took well over a year and a diplomatic clusterfark to prove him right, and today, it’s The New Republic’s turn to […]

OFA alumna Lis Smith: Mitt Romney should ‘never talk about foreign policy again’


Yes, that’s the former director of rapid response for Barack Obama’s campaign machine, advising Mitt Romney to never talk about foreign policy again. That tweet was from Sunday, though, before Russian troops began their “uncontested arrival” in the Crimean region of Ukraine — exactly as Romney had warned during the presidential debates. Awkwarddddd RT @lis_Smith […]

Flashback: Candidate Mitt Romney ridiculed for ‘Cold War thinking’


Sarah Palin wasn’t the only one to foresee the events now unfolding in Ukraine. Quite a few remember the third presidential debate in October 2012, during which Mitt Romney was ridiculed for his “stuck in the 1980s” foreign policy. Remember when Obama accused Romney of "trying to drag America back to the Cold War"? Oops. […]

Mitt Romney urges veto of Arizona’s ‘Turn the Gays Away’ bill, gains new fans


Mitt Romney doesn’t tweet often, but today he joined Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake in urging Gov. Jan Brewer to veto SB1062, which would expand the definition of  “exercise of religion” to protect businesses, corporations and individuals from lawsuits after denying services based on a sincere religious belief. Opponents have deemed the legislation […]

‘Liberal media got something wrong?’ Mitt Romney corrects Helene Cooper regarding his comments on Russia

mitt-romney (1)

Liberal media doing what they do.

‘Creeping!’ ABC journo tails Mitt and Ann Romney in NYC; Where did they go? [pic]

Mitt and Ann Romney Thanksgiving photo

Sunday stroll.

Obama for America $3 million underwater; Romney campaign debt-free


President Obama’s campaign machine, Obama for America, owes just a hair under $3 million according to Federal Election Committee filings released today. On the other side of the aisle, the Mitt Romney campaign has no debt and more than $1 million cash on hand, Time’s Zeke Miller reports. The former Romney campaign had $1.18 million […]

Romney selfie update: Actor Zach Braff really wants you to know he’s not an icky Republican


The “Scrubs” actor wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.