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Mitt Romney tells ABC: ‘Put @CarlyFiorina on the debate stage!’

What do you think?

According to today’s NYT editorial, somebody owes Mitt Romney an apology (again)

Remember when the Left mocked Romney for what is now being reported as a simple fact?

‘Add that to the list’: ANOTHER foreign policy issue Romney was right about spotted

Somebody tell the White House that 2012 called and wants its foreign policy back.

‘Not so funny now’: Vox’s Matt Yglesias among those who mocked Romney for Mali terror warning

Another lib mockery fail.

‘You going to apologize’? Politico’s Roger Simon REALLY shouldn’t’ve mocked Romney for this

“So it turns out that Romney was pretty much correct on everything ever?”

Washington Post sets off Drudge siren: ‘Some’ in GOP talking about drafting Mitt Romney

Is the liberal Washington Post engaging in some wishful thinking by reporting on a new push to draft Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney gives a big sign that he’s never running again (not as a Republican anyway)

“That should deflate the #DraftMitt bubble.”

First Russia, now this? DNC’s warning about Romney and Afghanistan earns #TBT mockery

“Irony is a cruel mistress.”

Paging Mitt Romney: Kremlin ‘openly mocking the White House’ by releasing secretly taped meeting

“They really don’t take this administration seriously.”

Ann Romney deserves an apology: Michelle Obama met Pope Francis in a $2000+ dress

Capitalism at work.

'Oops': Former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer's attempt to mock Mitt Romney backfires

Does Pfeiffer really want to go here?

Romney was right AGAIN? Turns out Big Bird can survive without public funding

First Russia, now this.

Ouch! Ted Cruz's response to Romney criticism of #IranDeal comments gets an 'amen to that'

David Limbaugh likes Cruz’s comeback to Romney.

‘Stay classy’: FNC’s Janice Dean calls out odious Oliver Willis for nasty swipes at Ann Romney

Bam. Go Janice!

‘Got it great, despite her illness’: Oliver Willis attacks Ann Romney for writing a book about her struggle with MS


Media muzzle: Let's compare NY Times reporting of Planned Parenthood video with Romney vid (it's enraging)

Well, this says it ALL about media bias and the media muzzle.

Oops! That awkward moment when this journo was reminded that he mocked Romney over hacking threats

Schadenfreude-filled giggles! We LOVE the schooling that this journo is getting.

SO GOOD: Don't miss this MTV star's flashbacks of 'chumps' mocking Romney for Chinese hacker warnings

This is priceless! The biggest chump of all? Barack Obama.

Security-illiterate OPM director accused Mitt Romney of having 'little understanding' of 21st century

At least Romney understood that hacking was a serious threat to national security.

Who's laughing now? We are! At the twerps who mocked Romney for warning about Chinese hackers

“Well … this sounds pretty stupid right about now.”

Mitt Romney: Take down Confederate flag at SC Capitol

“Symbol of racial hatred.”

'Extra double standards’: This pitiful pro-Hillary spin means somebody owes Romney an apology

Romney wealth bad. Hillary wealth good!

At bout with Holyfield, Romney saved best jabs for Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and Candy Crowley

Romney 3 – Hillary, Harry and Candy 0.

Video: Watch Mitt Romney absolutely DESTROY Evander Holyfield in pre-fight warm up*

*We’re totally making that up…

Mitt Romney, Evander Holyfield weigh in for Friday night's 'Fight for Sight' [photo]

The event is expected to raise $1 million for sight-saving surgeries.

'Trolling level: Expert’: Mitt Romney regrets not betting on his NCAA bracket

Rick Perry remembers the amount of THIS wager.

Jorge Ramos: Harry Reid won't disclose 'extremely credible source' on Mitt Romney's taxes

He must continue to protect his extremely credible source, for some reason.

'First Russia. Now this.' Urge to compare Romney's NCAA bracket to Obama's is irresistible

“March Madness savant.”

'Mitty Fitty'? Romney meets 50 Cent and it's everything you hoped it'd be [photo]

“OK, my head just exploded.”

'True class': Mitt Romney graciously schools Obama in congratulating Bibi

See? Was that so difficult?

Ouch! So, Mitt Romney just flogged Obama over #Netanyahu speech with THIS crushing truth-boom

It takes just ONE Mitt Romney tweet to destroy Obama and his “presidential malpractice.”

Mitt Romney drops out of race, Jeb Bush suddenly exposed as 'pot-smoking bully'

Also, President Obama’s transcripts released. (Just kidding.)

'A touch of class!': George H.W. Bush praises 'true friend' Mitt Romney

Now could you have a talk with your son about dropping out?

'Never get past 2012’: Creepy Jim Messina's day 'ruined' by Romney announcement

“What are you, 12 years old?”

Rep. John Dingell greets Romney announcement with congratulatory zinger

Shots fired.

In (again) or out? Mitt Romney to announce 2016 plans in call with supporters; Update: Out

Third time’s a charm?

Romney fires back at poverty cheap shot from Food Stamp President

“Obama loves poor people. So much that he made more of them.”

Paul Begala trolls Mitt Romney on poverty

“I’m at a loss for words. Comical? Cynical?”

Paul decries 'same old candidates,' gets a reminder from Romney camp; Updated


'Shots fired': Rand Paul pokes fun at the Romney-Bush Utah confab

“Shade: thrown”

‘Excited to welcome another blessing’: The Romneys announce arrival of grandchild number 23 [photo]


‘Mitt does de Blasio’: On USS Midway, ‘Romney 3.0’ talks income inequality

Which candidate would be OK with everybody getting richer?

‘How would a Romney 2016 bid survive’? Mitt once praised Jonathan Gruber [video]

“After last year, you can’t praise Gruber and then be the GOP nominee.”

Mitt’s ‘Mission Accomplished’? Rumor Romney to arrive on USS Midway via helicopter denied

A senior advisor denies it, thank goodness.

Energized? Mad Magazine zings another potential Mitt Romney WH run [Photoshop]

“Well played.”

‘Third time is NOT the charm’: Romney reportedly mulling another POTUS run

“I like you, Mitt, but no.”

CNBC's John Harwood blasts media corruption, unaware of NBC's deceptive Mitt Romney edit

CNBC’s political reporter apparently doesn’t watch the news.

'Second coming of Mitt Romney.' The media really wants you to know about Jeb Bush and his offshore investments

Who is ready for 2016?