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Important warning for NRA employees: Moby says Satan is getting ready for you


Well isn’t that special?

‘American Al Qaeda’: Progressive nuts want the NRA classified as terrorists


Also Fox News

‘Complete BS’: With WH unraveling, David Plouffe descends into shameless spin mode


‘Spitting out lies like rabies foam.’

Misfire: Anti-NRA ‘candidate’ Mike Dickinson tweets article praising concealed carry


Um, what?

Geraldo Rivera: NRA’s definition of Second Amendment is stupid


The NRA seems to take it as written. Is that the problem?

‘What about the knives?’ Albert Brooks gets pushback after blaming NRA for Santa Barbara murders


Actor/comedian gets called on predictable scapegoat attempt.

‘Craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA’ blamed for Santa Barbara mass shooting


Who else could be to blame?

‘What in holy hell?’ Someecards walloped for ‘demented’ caption about NRA finding school shootings ‘adorable’ [pic]

someecards school shooting

“Are they trying to be funny?”

‘You don’t want to go there’: Sarah Palin brings down the house at NRA speech [video]

Palin NRA Speech

She did not disappoint.

‘Scent of a Dead Fish’: Chicago mayor coordinating his image with CNN sparks ideas for #CNNRahmComs


“The Shady Bunch”