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It takes just two (buried) generic ballot polls to prove CBS’ Dem lapdoggery; It’s enraging


That awkward moment when CBS gets caught burying its own floundering Democrats polling. Again.

‘This is how @NRA guys have sex': Has Rob Delaney heard of ‘projection’? [photo]

Rob Delaney

“I thought comedians were supposed to at least try to be funny.”

Here’s the real, repugnant reason Dems and media still go after Sarah Palin; It’s enraging

Sarah Palin

War on women? You betcha.

‘Despicable!’ Kirsten Powers slams use of child in foul ‘F-bombs for Feminism’ video (Spoiler: It’s enraging)

Kirsten Powers

Wow, you’ve come a long way, baby! All the way to … child exploitation. This video will enrage you.

‘Even the NRA likes’ Pres. Obama’s pick to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division?


We shall see.

Here are two photos that capture CDC’s enraging incompetence, contradictions


Spot the differences!

Michael Moore blames Ebola on Texas, GOP, NRA, and Wall Street bankers

Michael Moore

‘Self-monitoring’ snafus: Is THIS the most enraging aspect of latest Ebola case? (Boy, it’s up there)


Dangerous incompetence? Nailed it!

Some people noticed a now ‘CREEPY’ Stephen Collins retweet and it is enraging in hindsight


If the child molestation allegations are true, this retweet is beyond horrible.

‘Frothing bull': This schooling of Ben Affleck’s enraging terrorist appeasing snit fit kicks ass [video, photo]


You have to see Ben Affleck destroyed after his enraging Radical Islam apologist snit fit.

News chopper caught Ebola clean-up crew; Um. Notice anything missing? (It’s enraging) [photo]


This is beyond frightening and enraging. Feel safe, America?

TV Guide weighs in on Jessa Duggar’s abortion comments and it’s as enraging as expected

got hate