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What Obama said about Ted Kennedy today wasn’t just outrageously idiotic; It was enraging [photos]


How sickening were Obama’s remarks about Ted Kennedy today? THIS sickening (you will fume).

‘#StopLynch’: Rand Paul, NRA say it’s not too late to stop Loretta Lynch’s AG nomination

Rand Paul

Can it be done?

‘Moronic naïve’ Sen. Chuck Schumer somehow finds a way to tie the NRA to homegrown terrorism


“Do u know how stupid that sounds?”

Clap-less, classless? Some people notice something enraging about Jason Bateman’s ‘American Sniper’ Oscars snub [video]; Update: Video pulled over copyright issue, screenshot added


Purposeful snub? You be the judge.

Richard Dawkins: #ChapelHillShooting result of ‘parking dispute in NRA-land’


“People are DESPERATE to blame atheism.”

‘Exercise in epic stupidity’: TPM’s Josh Marshall hawks article blaming NRA for killing of NYPD officers

josh marhsall

“Found an uninvolved organization to take the blame for the gross ineptitude of the Democrat in charge.”

‘I can see why’: Does Shannon Watts really wonder why the NRA blocked her?


Serial annoyance can’t figure out why people are plugging their ears.

Shirty business: ‘Did @SenRandPaul just announce he’s running for POTUS?’ [photo]

Rand Paul

“Strangest way to announce you’re running for President, achieved.”

Ismaaiyl Brinsley executed two cops — naturally the NRA is to blame


“Did he get the gun legally?”

How enraging is this cultish @BarackObama holiday card? It needs a ‘trigger warning’ for violence [photo]


More creepy cultism for Christmas!

Media pushing deranged ‘lone wolf’ narrative in Sydney; This flashback reminder will enrage you


It takes just ONE flashback to expose media malpractice. Again.

Cher: NRA lobbyist’s head should be mounted next to elephant he shot


If she could turn back time.

Enraging: Some people notice something curious about media coverage of Zemir Begic murder


This is maddening and unbelievable.

S.E. Cupp attracts the anti-gun hate after linking to NRA Christmas stocking


“Hell yeah”

In case you missed it, Michelle Malkin NAILED Obama on his outrageous and enraging Ferguson response

Michelle Malkin

It takes just ONE tweet to utterly nail the Hypocrite in Chief.

For Veterans Day, Salon writer returns to Twitter, doubles down on enraging ‘heroes’ jackassery (He’s vile); Update: Bravely ran away AGAIN?


You won’t believe the bile coming out of this guy’s mouth (or keyboard) now.

Salon sneers in disdain at veterans, but look who it called a hero (It’s enraging) [photo]


You won’t believe who Salon praised as a hero.

Vile: This Jimmy Kimmel endorsement of Lena Dunham and ‘incest and abuse’ is beyond enraging

Jimmy Kimmel

Wow. How sick is Jimmy Kimmel? THIS sick.

It takes just two (buried) generic ballot polls to prove CBS’ Dem lapdoggery; It’s enraging


That awkward moment when CBS gets caught burying its own floundering Democrats polling. Again.

‘This is how @NRA guys have sex': Has Rob Delaney heard of ‘projection’? [photo]

Rob Delaney

“I thought comedians were supposed to at least try to be funny.”

Here’s the real, repugnant reason Dems and media still go after Sarah Palin; It’s enraging

Sarah Palin

War on women? You betcha.

‘Despicable!’ Kirsten Powers slams use of child in foul ‘F-bombs for Feminism’ video (Spoiler: It’s enraging)

Kirsten Powers

Wow, you’ve come a long way, baby! All the way to … child exploitation. This video will enrage you.

‘Even the NRA likes’ Pres. Obama’s pick to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division?


We shall see.

Here are two photos that capture CDC’s enraging incompetence, contradictions


Spot the differences!

Michael Moore blames Ebola on Texas, GOP, NRA, and Wall Street bankers

Michael Moore

‘Self-monitoring’ snafus: Is THIS the most enraging aspect of latest Ebola case? (Boy, it’s up there)


Dangerous incompetence? Nailed it!

Some people noticed a now ‘CREEPY’ Stephen Collins retweet and it is enraging in hindsight


If the child molestation allegations are true, this retweet is beyond horrible.

‘Frothing bull': This schooling of Ben Affleck’s enraging terrorist appeasing snit fit kicks ass [video, photo]


You have to see Ben Affleck destroyed after his enraging Radical Islam apologist snit fit.

News chopper caught Ebola clean-up crew; Um. Notice anything missing? (It’s enraging) [photo]


This is beyond frightening and enraging. Feel safe, America?

TV Guide weighs in on Jessa Duggar’s abortion comments and it’s as enraging as expected

got hate


This enraging Valerie Jarrett Obama-swooning sparks mock-tastic response [photo]


Absurdity, thy name is Valerie Jarrett. Don’t look now sweetie, but you are being schooled!

‘Pathetic!’ See why Urban Outfitters’ lame ‘apology’ for outrageous Kent State shirt is also enraging [photos]


Was Urban Outfitters’ lame apology even worse than the outrageously offensive Kent State shirt?

Cover-up unraveling? Brit Hume sees ‘big deal’ in Sharyl Attkisson’s Benghazi ‘bombshell’


“The after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C.”

What other idiocy did Obama spew during speech? Oh, just this (it’s enraging)

confused obama

Seriously, Mr. President? How could you forget THIS?

Here is what the yoga studio with the enraging 9/11 promo may as well have said


“Never tweet, yoga studios.”

DiGiorno Pizza enrages with outrageous hashtag tweet; Politicians can learn from its apology



‘HE DIDN’T KNOW?!’ Obama’s reason why he shouldn’t have golfed after Foley beheading will enrage you

Obama laughing

What a disgrace.

Don’t look now State Dept.’s Marie Harf, you are being schooled! (Her latest idiocy is enraging) [photos]


State Dept. sets its laser-like focus on … (Hint: Not ISIS)

Oh yeah, tough guy? Piers Morgan has a message for the NRA

Piers Morgan

“We’re all really scared.”

Whoa! Enraging: Fox News reports Obama briefed on ISIS for A YEAR. Still no strategy?



Sad, enraging summation: How ‘appalled’ by Foley beheading was Obama? THIS appalled


THIS is “appalling.”

‘Depraved': Let’s compare David Cameron’s response to Foley beheading to Obama’s (It’s enraging)


Shake fisty.

‘Normal people would say ‘enraged”: PBS News Hour ‘sorry’ about Foley’s death

james foley as he lived

“God forbid you take sides in the beheading of a journalist.”

Important warning for NRA employees: Moby says Satan is getting ready for you


Well isn’t that special?

‘American Al Qaeda': Progressive nuts want the NRA classified as terrorists


Also Fox News

‘Complete BS': With WH unraveling, David Plouffe descends into shameless spin mode


‘Spitting out lies like rabies foam.’

Misfire: Anti-NRA ‘candidate’ Mike Dickinson tweets article praising concealed carry


Um, what?

Geraldo Rivera: NRA’s definition of Second Amendment is stupid


The NRA seems to take it as written. Is that the problem?