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The NRA reimagines ‘Little Red Riding Hood’: Red’s got a gun

“Little Red Riding Hood isn’t defenseless anymore.”

‘No logical argument’ against Obama? Judd Apatow speculates why NRA didn’t attend president’s town hall

Does the Hollywood Left get to decide what’s “sane”?

Josh Earnest says Congress should close gun show loophole for good, answers NRA criticism

Press Secretary Josh Earnest faced quite the grilling during his Twitter Q&A on guns, addressing tough questions from Everytown for Gun Safety.

Is this photo from the NRA an ‘act of terror’? Mayor de Blasio seems to think so [photo]

“Unhinged lunacy,” continues.

Obama the ‘Great Uniter’ gets reminders after urging citizens to stand up against NRA

“As though the NRA’s members weren’t citizens.”

‘Special kind of dumb’: Gun-grabbing ‘idiot’ Shannon Watts coins ‘new @NRA motto’

“Shannon Watts beclowns herself yet again.”

‘Enraging and confusing’: Users trash Twitter’s experimental out-of-chronological-order timeline

“Just don’t ruin this thing, OK?”

‘How can he lie like this?’ Harry Reid blames GOP, NRA for threat of more Islamic terror attacks

Predictable partisan lunacy.

Attn. NY Daily News: San Bernardino terrorist reportedly ‘pledged allegiance to ISIS,’ not NRA

Will the Left keep pushing the NRA narrative?

New York Daily News continues its descent into ‘unhinged lunacy’ over NRA

The New York Daily News continues to insist that NRA president Wayne LaPierre is the real terrorist, long after the shock value has passed.

Martin O’Malley already blaming San Bernardino shooting on the @NRA


French ambassador ‘harassed by NRA fans’ but doesn’t care to emulate them

Ambassador Gérard Araud has a great three-part argument for French-style gun control, but unfortunately left out the second part.

‘Huge gift for the NRA’: D.C. Police Chief calls for citizens to attack terrorists … with a chair?

“Huge gift for the NRA.”

Half-witted harpy Shannon Watts suggests NRA wants terrorists to have guns

With all due respect, Shannon, you’re out of your intellectual depth. Either wise up, or shut up.

NY Daily News cover calls the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre ‘Jihadi Wayne’ [photo]

Just like ISIS, heh?

Shameless Sen. Reid calls on GOP/NRA to keep terror suspects in US unarmed (here’s a better idea, Harry)

Awful Harry Reid continues being awful.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom lib-splains how the NRA works and it’s moronic

Clueless in California.

‘SICK JIHAD’: NY Daily News says the NRA, GOP are helping terrorists in the U.S.

Delete your account.

Epic trolling in progress: NRA mocks @Everytown, @MikeBloomberg over failed gun-control push in Virginia

Boom goes the narrative.

‘Take a NRA class’: No, Gizmodo, Ted Cruz is not holding his gun ‘backwards’ [gif]

“I for one am shocked to see angry, ignorant blowhards who posture as experts turning out to be know-nothings.”

SHATTERING perspective: Obama says death penalty ‘deeply troubling’; Yet he supports THIS? (it’s enraging)

What Obama just said about the death penalty, but not about THIS will make you fume.

‘Gutless NRA cowards’ respond to Salon’s proposal that gun buyers be shot first

What’s the chance of finding common ground with anti-gun rights liberals who fantasize about gun buyers being shot?

Enraged by plea deals in gay bashing case, Margaret Cho dresses down … Philadelphia police

The police explained to Cho that they just arrest people; they don’t prosecute them.

Harry Reid longs for NRA of old, refuses to answer when reality calls

Nice try, Harry, but no.

‘Not very Constitutiony, is she?’ Hillary wants to ‘take back the 2nd Amendment’ from NRA ‘extremists’

Trade “the 2nd Amendment for the 5th and see if she does it.”

Mia Farrow accidentally shows how little the NRA spends in D.C.

Facts matter.

Adam Baldwin diagnoses Lucas Neff after actor calls NRA ‘domestic terrorist organization’

A maniac targets Christians in his mass murder spree and the NRA is the terrorist?

Somebody needs a nap: Bro-for-Hillary caught yawning during Clinton’s big speech attacking the NRA [photo, video]


Ahem: Here’s some HARSH perspective for anti-gun nuts raging at NRA over UCC shooting

Every time there’s a shooting, we can count on the rabid anti-gun brigade to forgo the prayers and reflexively jump up to point their fingers straight at the NRA. They can’t help themselves: The #nra sure is busy! #UCCShooting #Oregon #gunviolence — Jay Mayhem (@legalmarystrain) October 1, 2015 Random citizen exercising their gun-toting rights. How proud […]

MONSTROUS: What Hillary Clinton just said about Planned Parenthood will enrage you [video]

FUME: How repugnant is Hillary Clinton? THIS is what she is “proud” to support …

Alarmists enraged: 20 climate scientists ask Obama to use the RICO act to go after global warming skeptics

“Debate no more!”

YOO HOO, Hillary! Instapundit has 1 question that crushes your latest pathetic (and enraging) pandering

“Better put some ice on that,” Hillary! See the question her latest jackassery sparked.

Zowie! Did Hillary Clinton really just say THIS about rape? (Hint: It's enraging)

Wow. Just … wow.

'Does no such thing': Shannon Watts called out for 'misinformation' about NRA ad featuring Dana Loesch

“Happy Days” reference perfect for somebody who’s jumped the shark long ago.

'Absolute ghouls': Dana Loesch slams Shannon Watts for mocking NRA's tribute to officer killed on 9/11

Stay classy, gun grabbers.

Police detain protester who approached Sarah Palin at the #StopIranRally [photos, video]

Too close for comfort.

NY Post columnist blames the NRA for the #WDBJ shooting in Va.

You just knew this was coming.

NRA, two other pro-Second Amendment groups file suit against Seattle's new 'gun violence tax'

A tax on all guns and ammo sold in the city would allegedly go toward “gun safely research.”

'Hope this unraveling takes months': James Woods sees latest revelation as beginning of the end for Hillary

“Her coronation is not going to happen.”

Watch Hillary's email talking points unravel before your very eyes [video]

This is what a collapsing narrative looks (and sounds) like.

Los Angeles just banned large-capacity 'clips' for guns; @NRA plans lawsuit

Clips are different than magazines, you know…

How low can he go? This photo of Obama and Jon Stewart will seriously enrage you; Here’s why

Stomach-churning: Can President Obama sink any lower? Evidently so …

ICYMI: You're about to see why Katie Pavlich's enraged reaction to Chattanooga shooting has 1K retweets

Well, the White House sure helped prove Katie Pavlich’s devastating point HERE, didn’t they?

Media muzzle: Let's compare NY Times reporting of Planned Parenthood video with Romney vid (it's enraging)

Well, this says it ALL about media bias and the media muzzle.

Here's how Planned Parenthood's vile 'humanitarian' spin unravels with 2 simple questions

Hey, Planned Parenthood: Care to answer THIS about your fume-inducing spin?

Planned Parenthood's newest spin after video exposed its butchery is the most pitiful and enraging one yet


Enraging: How low can the WH go? What race-baiting Josh Earnest just said will make you FUME

We dare you to read what the White House said about the ENTIRE GOP without becoming shake fist-y.

ICYMI, what happened to Fox News' Father Jonathan at gay pride event will enrage you (his response should shame libs)

#LoveWins? If by love, they mean hateful spite … and spit.