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Besieged by #ZaynDefenseSquad, Daily Show walks back One Direction joke


Today, the Daily Show issued a non-apology.

Anger over joke about One Direction and terrorism gets #TheDailyShowGoneTooFar trending [video]


Wait, what?

One Direction’s Zayn Malik tweets #FreePalestine hashtag

zayn malik

One Direction’s Niall Horan says Ashton Irwin of 5SOS is God

ashton irwin


Piers Morgan briefly loses pants to One Direction’s Harry Styles [Vine]


Pantsed? De-pantsed?

One Direction fans freak out over Harry Styles’ ‘haircut’


Maybe Harry cut his hair. Maybe not.

One Direction shoots video for Arapahoe shooting victim


As Twitchy reported, friends and supporters of Claire Davis, the 17-year-old shot in the head at Arapahoe High School, began a Twitter campaign to convince One Direction to visit her. #Get1DToClaire didn’t actually get 1D to Claire, but the band did shoot a brief get well message for Claire, who remains in a coma. THANK […]

#Get1DtoClaire: Movement to convince One Direction to visit Arapahoe HS shooting victim


Arapahoe High School senior Claire Davis remains hospitalized in critical condition with severe head trauma after being shot in school during Friday’s shooting. A prayer vigil was held, and once word got out that Claire Davis was a fan of the group One Direction, the hashtag #get1DtoClaire got moving. Here’s a small sample of the […]

Miley Cyrus’ butt follows One Direction’s Liam Payne


I think I ass follow people sometimes. — Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) September 27, 2013 Aw, so cute! Miley Cyrus’ rear end, last seen by approximately 159 million people in a music video, has decided to follow One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne on Twitter. It’s so romantic! If you’re thinking of “Love Me Tender” right […]

Best night ever (not): One Direction booed at the VMAs


Are we looking at British boy band One Direction’s 15th minute of fame?

Rihanna and One Direction’s reactions to Miley Cyrus twerking [Vine]

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 8.30.10 PM

There really is nothing else to say, is there? HAHAHA rihanna's reaction to miley's twerking — gayathrieee ♥ (@gayathriestyles) August 26, 2013 Rihanna's face says it all when Miley performed — (@RoyalBri) August 26, 2013 The boys and Rihanna's face during Miley Cyrus' performance lol — 1D Updates (@1DUpdatesFrance) August 26, 2013 […]

Forgot the ‘I': One Direction fans trend misspelled version of the band’s name

Z100's Jingle Ball 2012

We guess you can chalk this one up to popularity.

Westboro Baptist Church crosses line, pickets One Direction concert


Apparently we’ve all been letting the Westboro Baptist Church get away with too much for too long. Picketing the funerals of fallen soliders and victims of natural disasters is one thing, but tonight the WBC chose to cross the line and picket a One Direction concert in Kansas City, Mo.

One Direction’s Harry Styles tweets ‘RIP Baroness Thatcher'; Fans confused, angry

Z100's Jingle Ball 2012

While many clueless young people around the world were asking “Who is Margaret Thatcher?,” One Direction pop star Harry Styles was thankfully not one them.

His fans, alas, are another story.

One Direction fans melt Internet, send ‘Internal Server Error’ trending

Fans expecting to watch One Direction’s Niall Horan on Twitcam tonight saw nothing but the message “500 Internal Server Error” — and promptly sent the error code trending worldwide.

Fans thank Simon Cowell on second anniversary of One Direction’s creation

And on the 23rd day (of July 2010), Simon Cowell said “Let there be One Direction,” and the fans saw that it was good. If that sounds blasphemous to you, you might want to avoid Twitter today as fans celebrate — to the minute — the second anniversary of the creation of British boy band […]

Sigh: Debbie Schlussel trolls Muslim singer from UK band One Direction

debbie schlussel 3

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Dreamy U.K. boy band One Direction has spearheaded yet another British invasion and is determined to convert each and every all-American kid into a superfan—of Islam, apparently. At least that’s the theory of blogger Debbie Schlussel, whose recent claim that band member Zayn Malik is “pimping Islam on your kids” has lit up the Twitterverse and driven the otherwise cryptic hashtag #TurkishDirectionersAreProudOfZaynsReligion to the top of the Twitter charts.

Photo trending Worldwide: One Direction’s Harry Styles with baby Lux

Aussies, World obsessed with ‘One Direction’


Louis and Zayn are getting chased by Aussie fans through the streets, and Paul's running after them. And now Paul is getting chased by fans. — leeroy hMMM (@TornFor1Dx) April 10, 2012 'one day in australia has made up for 3 months in america.' — Jenna Doyle (@_jennadoyle) April 10, 2012 Louis and Zayn after […]

Marlee Matlin’s daughter almost faints after seeing One Direction

Apparently the actress and her daughter are attending the Kids’ Choice Awards this evening.

One Direction causes “controlled mayhem” in New York

2012 Brit Awards

Justin Bieber x 5

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘Gilmore Girls’ producer: ‘Israel is a racist state,’ ‘#FreePalestine’


Smart take.

‘Huh?’ 1D’s Niall Horan shows love for wax Obama on Independence Day

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.32.22 AM

One Direction pop star Niall Horan posted an Instagram photo with a wax figure of President Obama to celebrate Independence Day across the pond. #ISupportNiallAndObama huh what — CMON BRASIL (@Niallair_) July 4, 2014 What is this even? 😂😂😂😂 #ISupportNiallAndObama — wey hey america (@OhSnapItsRj) July 4, 2014 It’s the “NObama” ticket or something. it's a […]

Millions of teens in full-blown freak-out mode after Zayn Malik posts sexy selfie

Zayn Malik

That’s the sound of ovaries exploding.