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Grant Hill posts picture from Beijing with creepy Jim Messina [pic]


“In Beijing with my buddy.”

@AngryBlackLady slams Jim Messina for praising ‘free’ Obamacare contraceptives


@AngryBlackLady vs. MoronicWhiteGuy.

Jim Messina passed on these questions during #TweetThePress appearance


Former Obama for America campaign manager Jim Messina appeared on Twitter Friday with NBC’s David Gregory for an installment of #TweetThePress. It was the perfect opportunity for the public to ask Messina all of those lingering questions that the mainstream media never asks, like these. @davidgregory Ask @Messina2012 about Soros and the Steyer brothers. Assuming you've heard […]

‘Laughing and sobbing': ‘Creepy Jim Messina’ weighs in on bombing Syria ‘for all’ [pic]


Like the Sirota punch, it never gets old.

Bugger this: UK Tories hire Creepy Jim Messina as campaign consultant


David Axelrod is hoping that Messina will throw his hat into the U.S. Senate ring, but he won’t be getting his wish just yet. British Prime Minister David Cameron requires Messina’s services now: UK Tories have hired Jim Messina — Patrick Gower (@patrickgowernz) August 2, 2013 The Tories are concerned about their success against the Labour […]

Creepy Jim Messina warns Republicans against possible Sarah Palin Senate run


Stop being creepy, Jim.

Jim Messina: Support Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence, even though it won’t necessarily reduce gun violence

Yeah, we’ve seen the president’s plan. It’s not that great. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sends gun violence email: “The President believes each of us has a responsibility to take action.” — lesley clark (@lesleyclark) January 17, 2013 But let him be clear: Taking action won’t necessarily prevent future Newtowns. “We won’t stop every violent […]

Really? Eva Longoria to co-chair Obama’s inaugural committee; Creepy Jim Messina to chair parade


Are you ready for the creepiest inaugural parade evah? Obama campaign manager Jim Messina has been tapped to serve as chairman. We’re pretty sure he delivered his signature spastic air-punch when he got the news. RT @isaacdovere: Eva Longoria will co-chair the inauguration, Jim Messina will be chair of the inaugural parade — Dorsey Shaw […]

Animated GIF: Creepy Jim Messina delivers spastic air-punch at Obama weep-fest


Can Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina out-bizarre himself? Yes. He. Can. That one goes out to all Messina’s “peeps.” Obama really does complete him. Messina delivered the weird, jerky air-punch just before the narcissist in chief got all weepy over his election win. Here’s the video: The Jim Messina air-punch at the start of this […]

Hurl: Creepy Jim Messina to Obama ‘you complete me’

Oh, dear. Grab the hurl bucket! OFA campaign manager Jim Messina wins the creepster award by announcing to all that President Obama completes him. Time for another creepy Messina “it puts the lotion on” Photoshopping contest? What on earth is he going to do now that the campaign is over? We await desperate cries of […]

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sends a shout out to the ‘young peeps’ voting today

Peeps? @messina2012 “peeps”?? Does anybody still say that? — Allie Massengale (@AllieMassengale) November 6, 2012 Who still says “peeps”? Well, a few people. But we agree that this guy should never, ever utter anything about “young peeps.” Twitter agrees. “Young peeps,” huh? Such a hipster…RT @messina2012 Hearing all sorts of reports that young peeps are […]

Campaign meltdown: Creepy Jim Messina slams Romney for message of ‘revenge’


Err … who said what now?

Creepy Jim Messina: Biden laughed during debate because he’s a ‘happy warrior’


Creepy Obama campaign manager Jim Messina doesn’t just put the lotion on; he also puts the irrational cuckoo on. His brilliant spin for why Joe Biden’s creeptastic smirk during the vice presidential debate rivals his own infamous smile? Uncle Joe is a “happy warrior.” Really. Messina says Biden was a “happy warrior,” says questions about […]

#ForAll cult fail: Cutter, Natalie Portman, Leto kick off; Jim Messina’s pic creeps everyone out


Oh, no. Will they never learn? Lying liar who lies, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, kicked off the creepy cultism. All that is needed is to add #DearLeader to the #ForAll part.

Actress Natalie Portman soon followed. Then, in a horrifying turn of events, Jim Messina entered the creepy-photo zone. Warning: Hide yo’ children, hide yo’ wives!

Jim Messina hearts Julia

Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 4.27.08 PM

“Republican freak-out”? Is that what it is? Because we could swear that what conservatives have been doing is thoroughly tearing apart the mind-numbingly ridiculous and downright Orwellian Saga of Julia. Nice cover, though, Jim. Real smooth. Great coverage of Julia web tool: AND — Jim Messina (@Messina2012) May 3, 2012 That’s great, Jim, but […]

Which super-hottie still hasn’t joined the #GetCovered celebri-cult? [pic]


What’s taking him so long?

‘HA HA HA’ #ForAll: ‘Priceless. The man who elected Barack Obama bitching about … poor customer service’


Self-awareness is so very hard.

‘It puts the ObamaCare on its skin': Best (and creepiest) description of 404care yet? [pics]


Nailed it. It’s creepy ’cause it’s true. @iowahawkblog sorta like this? — Cave Monkey (@MonkeyMama73) October 17, 2013 Stranger danger! There may come a day when Jim Messina’s creepster “For All” pic gets old, but today is not that day. @iowahawkblog Obligatory — Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 17, 2013 It’s the gift that keeps […]

Obama cultism: Did actor Adam Baldwin spot the creepiest C-SPAN caller ever?

adam baldwin day break

Wait, what? Well, it appears that this happened: heard that, gawd! @AdamBaldwin: C-Span caller: "It's a sin" to dislike Obama. ~ #PersonalityCult — HollywoodBoy (@MobileNeil) September 29, 2013 Forward! To more creepy cultism. The immediate response was, “WTF?” WTF? "@AdamBaldwin: C-Span caller: "It's a sin" to dislike Obama. ~ #PersonalityCult" — Jen Ennenbach (@JenEnnenbach) September […]

‘What in the name of hell is this?’ OFA Fla. ups the creep factor for Obama’s birthday [pic]

Obama as crucified Christ

Forward! Into more creepy cultism.

That’s a clown candidate, bro: Check out Axelrod’s sidesplitting pick for US Senate


Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina for Senate? There’s only one worthy response.

President Obama rallies troops for #ActionAugust, plans Martha’s Vineyard getaway


President Obama appeared at a Washington hotel Monday to rally some of his closest supporters as they prepare to kick off “Action August.” Unlike regular August, Action August begins on the 4th, which happens to be the president’s 52nd birthday. Organizing for Action is urging volunteers to use the month to pressure legislators during their […]

Pic: Twitter users creeped out by Obama mural in Burma


Creepier and creepier. Now, with more mural!

Seriously: Obama calls Biden ‘America’s Happy Warrior’

It was the stand-out line of the night in President Obama’s victory speech. Not for its soaring eloquence or unifying theme, but for its bizarre cooptation of the nickname made most famous by Ronald Reagan and for its conferral of said nickname upon a man who has earned less weighty monikers over the past four years. […]