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Does he ‘live on another planet’? Creepy Jim Messina calls Biden ‘one of the greatest VPs ever’

“If groping women determines greatness, surely he’s got it locked up.”

'TRYING to out-creep Jim Messina?' John Podesta goes all-out to promote Hillary [photo]

“Life in the Hillary Brooklyn Bubble.”

'You're high’: Jim Messina bids adieu to Harry Reid, one of the 'greatest public servants' ever

Isn’t he overdoing it just a bit? We thought so.

'Seriously?' Jim Messina's explanation why Hillary Clinton should be the next president is hack-tastic [video]

It’s “her turn.”

'Never get past 2012’: Creepy Jim Messina's day 'ruined' by Romney announcement

“What are you, 12 years old?”

Grant Hill posts picture from Beijing with creepy Jim Messina [pic]

“In Beijing with my buddy.”

@AngryBlackLady slams Jim Messina for praising ‘free’ Obamacare contraceptives

@AngryBlackLady vs. MoronicWhiteGuy.

Jim Messina passed on these questions during #TweetThePress appearance

Former Obama for America campaign manager Jim Messina appeared on Twitter Friday with NBC’s David Gregory for an installment of #TweetThePress. It was the perfect opportunity for the public to ask Messina all of those lingering questions that the mainstream media never asks, like these. @davidgregory Ask @Messina2012 about Soros and the Steyer brothers. Assuming you've heard […]

‘Laughing and sobbing’: ‘Creepy Jim Messina’ weighs in on bombing Syria ‘for all’ [pic]

Like the Sirota punch, it never gets old.

Bugger this: UK Tories hire Creepy Jim Messina as campaign consultant

David Axelrod is hoping that Messina will throw his hat into the U.S. Senate ring, but he won’t be getting his wish just yet. British Prime Minister David Cameron requires Messina’s services now: UK Tories have hired Jim Messina — Patrick Gower (@patrickgowernz) August 2, 2013 The Tories are concerned about their success against the Labour […]

Creepy Jim Messina warns Republicans against possible Sarah Palin Senate run

Stop being creepy, Jim.

Jim Messina: Support Obama’s plan to reduce gun violence, even though it won’t necessarily reduce gun violence

Yeah, we’ve seen the president’s plan. It’s not that great. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sends gun violence email: “The President believes each of us has a responsibility to take action.” — lesley clark (@lesleyclark) January 17, 2013 But let him be clear: Taking action won’t necessarily prevent future Newtowns. “We won’t stop every violent […]

Really? Eva Longoria to co-chair Obama's inaugural committee; Creepy Jim Messina to chair parade

Are you ready for the creepiest inaugural parade evah? Obama campaign manager Jim Messina has been tapped to serve as chairman. We’re pretty sure he delivered his signature spastic air-punch when he got the news. RT @isaacdovere: Eva Longoria will co-chair the inauguration, Jim Messina will be chair of the inaugural parade — Dorsey Shaw […]

Animated GIF: Creepy Jim Messina delivers spastic air-punch at Obama weep-fest

Can Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina out-bizarre himself? Yes. He. Can. That one goes out to all Messina’s “peeps.” Obama really does complete him. Messina delivered the weird, jerky air-punch just before the narcissist in chief got all weepy over his election win. Here’s the video: The Jim Messina air-punch at the start of this […]

Hurl: Creepy Jim Messina to Obama ‘you complete me’

Oh, dear. Grab the hurl bucket! OFA campaign manager Jim Messina wins the creepster award by announcing to all that President Obama completes him. Time for another creepy Messina “it puts the lotion on” Photoshopping contest? What on earth is he going to do now that the campaign is over? We await desperate cries of […]

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sends a shout out to the ‘young peeps’ voting today

Peeps? @messina2012 “peeps”?? Does anybody still say that? — Allie Massengale (@AllieMassengale) November 6, 2012 Who still says “peeps”? Well, a few people. But we agree that this guy should never, ever utter anything about “young peeps.” Twitter agrees. “Young peeps,” huh? Such a hipster…RT @messina2012 Hearing all sorts of reports that young peeps are […]

Campaign meltdown: Creepy Jim Messina slams Romney for message of ‘revenge’

Err … who said what now?

Creepy Jim Messina: Biden laughed during debate because he’s a ‘happy warrior’

Creepy Obama campaign manager Jim Messina doesn’t just put the lotion on; he also puts the irrational cuckoo on. His brilliant spin for why Joe Biden’s creeptastic smirk during the vice presidential debate rivals his own infamous smile? Uncle Joe is a “happy warrior.” Really. Messina says Biden was a “happy warrior,” says questions about […]

#ForAll cult fail: Cutter, Natalie Portman, Leto kick off; Jim Messina’s pic creeps everyone out

Oh, no. Will they never learn? Lying liar who lies, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, kicked off the creepy cultism. All that is needed is to add #DearLeader to the #ForAll part.

Actress Natalie Portman soon followed. Then, in a horrifying turn of events, Jim Messina entered the creepy-photo zone. Warning: Hide yo’ children, hide yo’ wives!

Jim Messina hearts Julia

“Republican freak-out”? Is that what it is? Because we could swear that what conservatives have been doing is thoroughly tearing apart the mind-numbingly ridiculous and downright Orwellian Saga of Julia. Nice cover, though, Jim. Real smooth. Great coverage of Julia web tool: AND — Jim Messina (@Messina2012) May 3, 2012 That’s great, Jim, but […]

Hillary for America chairman John Podesta continues campaign to quietly unnerve us

The competition to “out-creep Jim Messina” continues apace.

‘What?’ In UK election news, ‘Axelrod concedes to Messina’

Hope vs. Change.

Which super-hottie still hasn’t joined the #GetCovered celebri-cult? [pic]

What’s taking him so long?

‘HA HA HA’ #ForAll: ‘Priceless. The man who elected Barack Obama bitching about … poor customer service’

Self-awareness is so very hard.

‘It puts the ObamaCare on its skin’: Best (and creepiest) description of 404care yet? [pics]

Nailed it. It’s creepy ’cause it’s true. @iowahawkblog sorta like this? — Cave Monkey (@MonkeyMama73) October 17, 2013 Stranger danger! There may come a day when Jim Messina’s creepster “For All” pic gets old, but today is not that day. @iowahawkblog Obligatory — Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 17, 2013 It’s the gift that keeps […]

Obama cultism: Did actor Adam Baldwin spot the creepiest C-SPAN caller ever?

Wait, what? Well, it appears that this happened: heard that, gawd! @AdamBaldwin: C-Span caller: "It's a sin" to dislike Obama. ~ #PersonalityCult — HollywoodBoy (@MobileNeil) September 29, 2013 Forward! To more creepy cultism. The immediate response was, “WTF?” WTF? "@AdamBaldwin: C-Span caller: "It's a sin" to dislike Obama. ~ #PersonalityCult" — Jen Ennenbach (@JenEnnenbach) September […]

‘What in the name of hell is this?’ OFA Fla. ups the creep factor for Obama’s birthday [pic]

Forward! Into more creepy cultism.

That’s a clown candidate, bro: Check out Axelrod’s sidesplitting pick for US Senate

Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina for Senate? There’s only one worthy response.

President Obama rallies troops for #ActionAugust, plans Martha’s Vineyard getaway

President Obama appeared at a Washington hotel Monday to rally some of his closest supporters as they prepare to kick off “Action August.” Unlike regular August, Action August begins on the 4th, which happens to be the president’s 52nd birthday. Organizing for Action is urging volunteers to use the month to pressure legislators during their […]

Pic: Twitter users creeped out by Obama mural in Burma

Creepier and creepier. Now, with more mural!

Seriously: Obama calls Biden ‘America’s Happy Warrior’

It was the stand-out line of the night in President Obama’s victory speech. Not for its soaring eloquence or unifying theme, but for its bizarre cooptation of the nickname made most famous by Ronald Reagan and for its conferral of said nickname upon a man who has earned less weighty monikers over the past four years. […]

Reuters runs cover for president’s ‘vote for revenge’ statement, attributes to Romney also

When President Obama told supporters in Ohio on Friday that “Voting is the best revenge,” even members of his campaign knew how small and petty it sounded. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina earlier today made a pathetic attempt to turn the comment around on Mitt Romney, tweeting that “the Romney campaign’s message today is revenge.” […]

Oh, dear: Hip-hop Messina? Brags about Obama victory, says ‘Axe’s mustache is safe, we have math they have myth’

Oh, dear. Is Obama for America campaign manager, creepy Jim Messina, rapping now? He should use the stage name Creepy Cold Messina. Also, he might want to change up his lyrics. As everyone knows, math is hard for Team Obama. Messina held a conference call this morning and Twitter was buzzing. “You can trick or […]

Eww: In OFA video, actress Lena Dunham likens voting for Obama to losing virginity

Actress Lena Dunham has lent her talents to a new video for OFA encouraging young women to vote for President Obama. And, well, she does Sandra Fluke proud.

Chuck Woolery: AARP/White House emails show covert effort to pass Obamacare against members’ wishes

First, note that Chuck Woolery is a paid spokesperson for Generation America, a membership organization in direct competition with the AARP. If you follow Woolery’s Twitter account, though, you also know he’s a proud “tea party guy” and libertarian conservative, so it’s no surprise he’s not just taping commercials and cashing the check. Woolery’s tweet […]

Morgan Freeman lends voice to Obama ‘Challenges’ ad; ‘Few have faced so many’

The last time Twitchy checked in with Morgan Freeman, the actor was trending for his controversial remarks to NPR that Barack Obama was “not America’s first black president — he’s America’s first mixed-race president.” Freeman also expressed his disappointment with the Obama administration’s lack of accomplishment, the blame for which he laid firmly at the […]

Why so serious? Biden’s debate grimace creeps out, angers viewers

Is there something funny, Joe? We’ve been having fun at the vice president’s expense all week in the lead-up to tonight’s debate, but things have turned serious over the last couple of days as the State Department has broken ranks with the White House and admitted that there was no protest which led to the […]

#DinnerwithBarack hashtag fail; Receives RSVPs of mockery

  From the campaign’s website: Watch this video of the last Dinner with Barack, then make a donation to be automatically entered to be at the next one. Once the deadline’s passed, you may not have this chance again, so enter today—we’ll cover your airfare and hotel. Big spender! He’s really pushing this last supper […]

Rasmussen poll shows race tied; Obama campaign says ‘national polls aren’t relevant’

A quick scan of Twitter earlier this week, shortly after Mother Jones released that super-secret tape of a Romney fundraiser, would have convinced just about anyone that the election was over. So what to make of a new poll, then, which shows the race in a dead heat nationally?

#ObamaCultRequirements: How to become a member of Obama’s creepy #ForAll cult

President Obama’s creepy #ForAll cult won’t admit just anyone. There are standards! And requirements! Sure, you could tweet a terrifying zombie-faced pic of your Sharpied hands grasping your chest, but not everyone has the clammy looking skin and cold, vacant eyes of Jim Messina and David Axelrod … yet. Cult membership has its privileges, you know. […]

#ForAll: Cult of Obama gets creepier and creepier; #Obamerican flags, brainwashed eyes, Julias, Longoria and Alba

They said if we voted for McCain, the Zombie Apocalypse would come … and they were right! As Twitchy reported yesterday, these particular zombies pledge allegiance to the Flag of Obama. And, they write things on their hands and take creepy pictures of themselves to profess their loyalty to the cult. Look at the blank, brainwashed stares! The attempted meme fails as citizens take to Twitter to ridicule it. Hard.

Messina’d: David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz tweet hilariously creepy #ForAll pics

Oh my. Despite brutally hilarious mockery of the bizarre, cult-like #ForAll campaign, Team Obama is still at it.

Yesterday Twitchy was certain that OFA campaign manager Jim Messina took the creepy cake. But not to be out-creepster’d, David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz submitted new, chest-caressing reasons for you to hide yo’ kids and yo’ wife.

It puts the lotion on: Creepy Messina Obamacare #ForAll pic inspires mockery, photoshops

As Twitchy reported earlier, the Democrats began a creepy cultist #ForAll campaign. OFA campaign manager Jim Messina took the creepy cake. His photo was so disturbing that Twitter users could not help but turn the creep into hilarity.

‘Arr you in?’ Oh, bless his heart: Obama talks with pirate, humiliates self with pic

Oh, yes, he did, matey. Perhaps President Obama didn’t want Jim Messina to steal all the humiliating and creepy picture thunder? Hey, genius, it’s talk like a pirate day. Maybe the pirate is giving him an intel briefing? As we know, he usually skips those. Maybe this was a way to make him actually pay […]

Shocking secret video of Romney fundraiser reveals what conservatives already knew: those who pay no income taxes favor Obama

Mother Jones magazine this afternoon posted a super-secret video smuggled from a Mitt Romney campaign event that they hope will really disturb you. In the video, shot secretly at a private fundraiser earlier this year, Romney says that much of Obama’s support in the election will come from those dependent on government.

Cloudy with a chance of Eastwooding: Obama’s DNC speech moved to smaller venue due to ‘weather’

Can’t have President Empty Chair Eastwooding his way through a speech at “Panthers Stadium,” a venue that seats 73,000. The president thought the thousands of empty chairs might confuse tv viewers. "Wait, who's speaking right now?!" — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) September 5, 2012 There would have been enough empty chairs at Obama's speech to keep […]

Team Obama uses Paul Ryan's Janesville plant comments to brand him a liar in new ad

What Obama campaign manager Jim Messina doesn’t realize is that he’s just characterized his boss’s own campaign. After Paul Ryan’s knock-it-outta-the-park speech last night at the Republican National Convention, the rabid Left worked itself into a frenzy. How dare Ryan drop facts that make President Obama look like he’s misled the American public! The gall! […]

Romney and the RNC post a $100 million haul in June

Uh oh, Democrats, great news for Team Mitt and the RNC! BOOM! Romney raises 100 million in June! — ComfortablySmug (@ComfortablySmug) July 5, 2012 No doubt Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and the crew will be sweating a bit over this news. .@messina2012, check this out bro, we raised north of $100 million in June. […]