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‘I wanna scalp her’: Palin haters fall for obviously fake ‘Indian’ quotes, hurl nastygrams

New tone! Also, Sarah Palin said what now? Typical racist bitch: Sarah Palin: “Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians” — Myles (@Myles_Courchene) November 26, 2013 So Thanksgiving is not for the people who saved our sorry white immigrant asses? #facepalm — Stacey Dunn (@dunnclan) November 22, 2013 That’s right. It’s not The […]

Sophia Bush: Ann Romney, like, totally believes in women’s inferiority

The actress and proud lady part fancies her self a political pundit of sorts. Twitchy has documented her forays into political discourse, which all seem to revolve around Republican men keeping the wimmenz down. Yesterday, Bush widened the target of her foot-stompage to include Republican women, namely Ann Romney. You see, Bush thinks Romney believes […]

Romney ‘tampon ban’ hoax inspires ridicule from conservatives

What “tampon rumor?” We learned from Twitter that known enemy of lady parts Mitt Romney will ban tampons if elected president. Some say the rumor was started by a lame political satire published months ago on the parody site Free Wood Post, but you can’t fool Ace and friends. First they came for the Kotex, […]

Lady parts panic: Libs claim Romney will ban tampons; threaten to kill him, ‘bleed on his face’

Lefties’ fantasies about Mitt Romney’s “War on Women” have gotten a whole lot bloodier.

Evidently Romney is no longer content to meddle with their precious lady parts. They’ve bought into the lie that he’s coming for their Tampax. And now liberal women are tweeting their vile, unhinged plans to teach him a lesson.

Left falls for fake Romney quote: ‘I can relate to black people, my ancestors once owned slaves’

Once again, the Left disseminates a fake quote to make the Romneys look bad.

Oops: Anne Rice uses fake Ann Romney quote to blast GOP for 'irresponsible extremism'

Uh oh. What did that “shameful and irresponsible extremist” Ann Romney do to get author Anne Rice all worked up? The Free Wood Post “reports” that Mrs. Romney told a group called “Moms for Mitt”: Why should women be paid equal to men? Men have been in the working world a lot longer and deserve to […]