From the Australian Broadcasting Company:

Queensland businessman Clive Palmer has accused green groups of being funded by America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Mr Palmer has referred to a paper produced by environmental group Greenpeace which calls for action to stop the expansion of the Queensland coal industry.

He says it is tantamount to treason.

Greenpeace’s plans were leaked to the media earlier this month as it organises a campaign to raise $6 million to fund legal battles against controversial coal mining projects across Australia.

“This is a serious matter indeed because it goes to the political independence of all Australians,” Mr Palmer said.

“Whatever the views are, whatever the issues are, whatever the Greens want to raise, it should be raised by Australian Greens by Australians Greens supporters.

“We don’t want domination by a foreign power and that’s what we’ve got here.”

Mr Palmer says former Greens candidate Drew Hutton, who was consulted about the document, should be concerned.

But Mr Hutton says the mining magnate’s claims are bizarre.

“I just think that’s a bridge too far,” Mr Hutton said.

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