From Fox News DFW:

Get out of my way!” she screamed.

“Someone come help us, please?” someone else said.

Ritch’s iPhone kept recording and capturing audio after he put it down.

“There were three of us really subduing her, leaning on her and somewhat sitting on her, primarily leaning,” he said.

In and out of riveting rage, at one point the flight attendant referred to  those around her as military.

“This has not happened to me since 9/11 and I’m not putting up with this!” she screamed. “You’re with the Navy Seals. Seal Team 6. Back off!”

Another rant involved religion.

“I haven’t been to church in 10 years. I’m going to go to hell,” she said.

“You’re not going to hell, we’re all good. Why would you be going to hell, ma’am,” someone asked.

“I didn’t pray before I shut the doors during cross check,” she said.

The 15 minutes of rambling turned to threats.

“Somebody call 911 security system. I’m about to kill passengers before take  off,” the flight attendant said.!/ertme/status/179694400513900544!/demos4congress/status/178189703873437696!/kcornwall/status/179660640808468480