The U.S. Army Times ran a story on two petitions dealing with Rush Limbaugh:

With more than 21,000 electronic signatures so far on a petition calling for conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to be banned from the Armed Forces Network radio station, Limbaugh supporters have launched a counter-petition to keep his three-hour show on AFN.

It had just two signatures as of Monday afternoon, but it has been posted for only two days on the White House’s public petition website, We The People.

Under that website’s guidelines, petitioners have one month to collect 25,000 electronic signatures. If they meet this threshold, the White House promises an official response

The anti-Limbaugh petition needs less than 3,900 more signatures by April 3 to meet the requirement.

The pro-Limbaugh petition needs to get 24,998 more signatures by April 10 to get an official White House response to the petition.

The Pro-Rush Limbaugh Petition.