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Jon Hamm, cast talk 'Mad Men', Kim Kardashian on Today Show

From The Clicker on MSN:

“It’s an unfortunately long hiatus,” said Slattery. “But I think now you can DVR shows, you can actually find the show in ways you couldn’t before. So we’re actually hoping it whetted peoples’ appetites more.”

Weiner noted that one of the show’s appeals is that it never shows people in black-or-white shades; everyone lives in a world of gray. “It’s also not judgmental,” he said. “There’s something about it that embraces on some level that we are flawed people…. People behave badly; it’s why the 10 commandments are there.”

Speaking of people behaving badly on TV, Hamm discussed his recent dust up with Kim Kardashian and reality TV in general (he called reality TV stars “idiots”; Kardashian retaliated by saying his remarks were “careless”). Hamm stood by his comments, and even got some support from a co-star.

“It’s a part of our culture that I certainly don’t identify with and I don’t really understand the appeal of it other than that car-crash sensibility,” said Hamm. “It’s not something that I partake in or enjoy, but it is what it is and here we are.”

Kartheiser added, “I agree with everything he said. I mean, I think our society enjoys to turn on the television and seeing someone who is awful; they can say, ‘At least I’m not as terrible as that person.’


Read the rest and watch the group interview, if that’s your cup of tea.!/pb_hunt/status/181741471693668353!/thr/status/179397634140815360!/constantineclt/status/179552976019537920!/tmz/status/179287084987715584

Strangely, we couldn’t find tweets defending Paris Hilton from the charge.

Image blithely filched from The Improper.

Update: More ‘Mad Men’ mania.!/monumentsinking/status/181753560520863744

Another update: More more.!/esqstyle/status/181757456827949056

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