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Huge Amazon promotion: Half-price gift cards to promote Amazon Local

From the HuffPo: will offer $10 gift cards to its site for $5 on Tuesday through its daily deal website AmazonLocal in a bid to draw consumers to the 9-month-old subsidiary, CNN Money reports.

AmazonLocal, which uses a local deal-of-the-day business model pioneered by sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, has expanded to 90 cities in 26 states and Washington, D.C. since it was quietly launched last June in Boise, Idaho.

But the company has quickly become one of many new Groupon clones looking to cash in on the rapidly expanding daily-deals business, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Some folks, even if they’re Amazon customers, don’t know about us yet,” AmazonLocal vice president Mike George told CNN Money. “This is going to draw a whole bunch of people to check us out.”


Yeah, just the $10 ones, but if you know people who like to download digital media legally, you’ve just saved some money on gifts.

Important point of order: Whenever you do buy something from Amazon, please go to a favorite blogger who’s in the Amazon Affiliates program and jump there from the blog. We know, bloggers make big blog money, but . . . every little bit helps.

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