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Obama's 'War Against Keystone XL'; Update: Keystone amendment fails; Update 2: Carney blames Republicans


The Hoeven amendment failed to garner the required 60 votes in the Senate.  The final vote count was 56-42.

Eleven Democrats voted in favor of the amendment.


From earlier today:!/JohnCornyn/status/177755126071697408

Via John Cornyn regarding John Cornyn on John Cornyn:

Today U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) released the following statement responding to reports that the President is personally lobbying Democrat Senators to vote against an amendment that would approve the Keystone pipeline’s construction:

“Americans have heard the President profess to wake up every morning thinking about jobs, but apparently today he woke up thinking about how to lobby against them.

“President Obama’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering in his crusade against Keystone is the starkest reminder yet he’s the only thing standing between this country and more jobs.”

Just to be clear, Senator Cornyn didn’t call it a “War Against Keystone XL.” We did. Why? Because we think that’s funny.

If you don’t think so, please write and tell us why.


At today’s White House briefing, press secretary Jay Carney was asked about Obama’s phone calls to senators:!/jbendery/status/177820740765233152


Carney has a knack for deflecting questions, though he has a tendency to do so ineptly.  Those who are suspicious about Obama’s behavior are unlikely to be satisfied with Carney’s answer.



Former president Bill Clinton may be throwing a small wrench in Obama’s plans. Though he’s been out of the White House for more than 11 years, Clinton still has a lot of political pull.!/DanaBashCNN/status/177806017361494017

To make matters more difficult for the administration, Democratic aides said reports last week that former President Bill Clinton came out in favor of building the pipeline are making it harder for Democratic senators to oppose it.

Right now, though, it’s unclear as to how much influence Clinton actually has regarding the Senate vote.  Senate Republicans still need a substantial number of Democrats to side with them.

The measure needs 60 votes to pass which means, with Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois out sick, Republicans will need to pick up 14 Democratic votes for the amendment to pass.

 via CNN

Twitter users aren’t shy when it comes to expressing their opinions on anything and everything. Keystone XL is no exception.  Here are some of their thoughts and reactions:!/MonicaCrowley/status/177817980158222336!/senatorlugar/status/177823426902360064!/ForestedStreams/status/177823895867494401!/DTCahill/status/177827227239596034!/suzyji/status/177830149465714690!/KatMcKinley/status/177830781505380354!/DeanLeh/status/177825265534238720


And then there’s this guy:!/bronlau/status/177829067582734339

Update 2:!/ROCKWITHBECK/status/178108128087392259

Daily Caller via Yahoo:

The president didn’t stop the Keystone XL oil pipeline — Republicans did.

That’s the message on Tuesday from White House spokesman Jay Carney as gas prices rise above $4.00 per gallon.

“The president didn’t turn down the Keystone pipeline,” Carney said, because the proposal to construct the pipeline was reviewed by the Department of State.

President Barack Obama’s decisions to nix construction of the pipeline has been repeatedly attacked by the GOP, and by some Democratic-allied unions representing construction workers. They say Obama cancelled the pipeline, and up to 20,000 well-paying jobs, to please his environmentalist supporters as the November election draws closer.

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