Examiner via NoisyRoom.net:

Democrat subterfuge has now risen to “infect” the judiciary in the state of Wisconsin, in the recall effort against Governor Scott Walker, in retaliation against his administration and the newly Republican dominated legislature, after they were ultimate successful in curtailing public union collective bargaining power in the area of benefits, primarily healthcare and retirement.

After a hearing on the NAACP-Wisconsin branch lawsuit filed against the new GOP-backed voter ID law, Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan issued a temporary injunction, blocking the implementation of the law, according to a FOXNews article today.

There is just one small problem–sometime prior to hearing this case, Judge Flanagan signed a petition for the recall of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who is a named defendant in the case.

Even for a first year law student, this case posed a starkly obvious “conflict of interest” for Judge Flanagan, which would normally have required the judge to recuse himself from participation in the case.

Now, after the fact, it appears as though there could also be a possible breach of judicial ethics–compelling the Republican Party of Wisconsin to file a formal complaint against Judge Flanagan, questioning the judge’s [obvious] “bias” toward the case.

The party is also demanding a probe, by the state judicial commission, into Judge Flanagan’s “failure … to maintain the appearance of impartiality” in the voter ID case.

Considering that the capital is named after James Madison, they sure don’t believe in the Federalism thing in proggy MadTown. Wisconsin legislators are looking at the possibility of changing the recall law to make it available only in cases of misconduct in office, to prevent the scenario of endless recalls on both sides, now that the Democrats and their Progressive allies have opened the Pandora’s box. I’d like to see them submit it as a ballot initiative to the Wisconsin people in April, when the elections will be held.