Can you believe they’re taking stories from fat slobs sitting in their moms’ basements in their filthy pajamas? From High Gloss and Sauce:

Although no nod to individual bloggers is given when bigger news outlets are inspired by their work, I believe it is positive for the community as a whole. When traditional media fishes for hot topics on blogs, it legitimizes the blogger and furthers the discussion. It proves the point that in 2012, bloggers are many times front line journalists, tapping into current and explosive topics. As the waters are tested in the comments sections of these posts, the gap is bridged making them “safe” for bigger media.

What is frustrating from a blogger’s perspective, ego aside, is that when a blogger writing on a major news media platform is criticized, he or she is held to the same high journalistic standards as the rest of the media network. My best example is when I made the mistake of venting on this blog about my discomfort with volunteer co-op dads taking my daughter to the bathroom at preschool. I faced harsh criticism and personal attacks from a rights group for perpetuating negative male stereotypes in the mainstream media. Blogging? Mainstream media? I suppose when it’s on the Chicago Tribune server I can see their point.

Reminds me I gotta wash my pajamas. What? I have two pairs.